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Greetings to all !

In connection to the "100 Days of Special Activities to Commemorate the First Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa" that was recently circulated by FFWPU Int'l Headquarters, FFWPU-FILJAP (East Region) is organizing half day DP Seminars mostly on the last Sunday of the month at UC Headquarters in Shibuya.

from the circulated FFWPU Int'l HQ memo : "Objective: 100:10:1 (Bring at least ten people to Divine Principleworkshops, witness to at least one person and guide a person to become a blessing candidate.) "
You are all invited to participate in this initiative to bring along your quests. We encourage that even if you have no guest for the first attempt, you can join us as well so you can learn and practice how to do DP lectures. Many have already been participating in the 100x HDH on EDP-Ihour and it would be really nice to learn how to practically lecture it ourselves to our friends.
Here is details of the first planned half-day seminar:
DATE: May26,2013 ( Sunday)
AM = 9:00am-12pm OR PM = 2:00pm-5pm
2 schedules (3 hours each) to select from :
note: schedule depends on availability of participants based on the confirmation received.

Venue: UC Shibuya HQ, 6thfloor or Basement

Registration : 500Yen

Please contact Brian ( 090-9154-3885) or Arnold (080-4053-7158)
or send email to
If you are from West or Central District and if you have friends in Tokyo area that you want to be followed-up to join, it is a good opportunity as well. Just let us know.

Thank you and looking forward to serving your guests.

Best regards,
Brian Dirige
(Regional Secretary, Tokyo2 Leader)

Noted: Arnold Heramis
East District Leader

Dante Negre
Japan Executive Regional Director

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