The Really BIG Service - The Reunion

June 23 at 10:45am in UTC+01

Colombia Hotel, W2 3NS

A new Unification Movement event in central London - the really BIG service. (Organised jointly by the N. London & the 43LG community)

The goal:

- to bring the whole community together and share a vision that can touch everyone's life whether they are studying, building their career, or at home taking care of their family.

- each of us has a calling for our life that is unique and personal to who we are.

What will be happening?

- music to lift the soul to a higher place, and a message that will speak to everyone beyond religion and denomination.

- people are invited to set up stalls if they have a project or a cause that they would like to promote and share.

- after the service we make the short walk to the park for the really BIG picnic. A chance for fellowship and sharing food, playing football, frisby, and just relaxing on the grass.

- activities are being organised and planned for 0 -12 year olds during the service. They will join the start of the service and then walk across with the Sunday School team to our other venue on the square at 43LG.


- three venues will be used: the main service will be in the Columbia hotel, the different childrens' program will be at 43LG, and then the 3rd venue is the park.

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