How our physical life effects our spiritual condition

There is this idea that spiritual life and physical life are separated, but that what we do physically is automatically written onto our spirit self. This view has a problem in it.
When someone lives in a materialistic manner, nothing much happens to the spirit self at all. People who live materialistic lives will have undeveloped spirits.
When we do something with the physical self that has no spiritual meaning, the spirit self will hardly be affected at all, other than that it is gradually more dumbed down. It is only when we do something in the physical body that has spiritual significance that the spirit self will change. This change can be positive or negative from the viewpoint of goodness.

When we do something being a physical person that has spiritual significance, our spirits are actively involved in these actions.

Without having awareness of the spiritual reality, most of the efforts we make during physical life will never translate into changes of the spirit self.

Many in the spirit world make misuse of the lack of understanding of people about the spiritual aspects of life. They can control people who don't believe in the spirit world or who don't try to give spiritual meaning to their lives.

Many people think that religious life is automatically a spiritual life. Nothing less is true. Religious people can be spiritually developed, but many are not. However, non-religious people who are aware of the spiritual reality will develop their spiritual abilities, though not necessarily always in good ways.

People who are creative, who use their creativity to give joy to other people, always have more developed spirits. Creativity is not only found in the arts. It is also found in science, in relating to other people, in every aspect of life.

What then is the spiritual?
It is the part of reality that is closer to the world of energy. The highest energy of all is God's creativity, which expresses in love. The spirit world operates much more directly on the level of energy than the physical world.

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