The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

World Leader's Convention for the Advancement of Korean Reunification

Hak Ja Han
December 15, 2013
Cheong Shim Peace World Center (HC 11.13)


The following is True Mother’s main address at the World Leaders’ Convention for the Advancement of the Reunification of Korea and Peace in Northeast Asia, 2013, in the first Year of Cheon Il Guk, rally was held at the Cheongshim Peace World Center in Cheongpyeong, Korea on December 15, 2013.

True Mother gives the main address at The World Leaders’ Convention for the Advancement of the Reunification of Korea and Peace in Northeast Asia, 2013, in the first Year of Cheon Il Guk” was held at the Cheongshim Peace World Center in Cheongpyeong, Korea on December 15, 2013.

Distinguished VIPs, peace ambassadors and beloved blessed families from all around the world, welcome.

Today, before the end of the year in which we received the historical and unprecedented Foundation Day, we prepare for a new era and for our hopes for 2014. But things have happened to try us and turn our hearts hard.

Why has human history always unfolded with hardship? In its long history, humans have conscientiously pursued goodness but today we are living in a complicated world with problems such as racial discrimination, religious hate crimes, ideological wars and territorial and border defense lines to separate us that are more complicated now then we could have imagined before.


We can’t just sit still. We know well that God continuously moves the providence without resting to resolve the problems that began when human beings strayed from the path. Indemnity needed to be paid for the original path to be restored. But this was difficult to resolve and humans could not uncover the answer to restoring the path by themselves. When you look at religious history—especially Christian history—Messianism is a main concept; many religions have a belief in a messiah and are waiting for their messiah to come. What is a messiah? A messiah is a person who transforms fallen people into new people. That is why the messiah needs to come as true parents as it is through true parents that re-birth can be given to fallen people. Without this process, we have no hope to fix this complicated world. But amazingly and thankfully, True Parents manifested on Earth.

I ask all VIPs, peace ambassadors and leaders who are gathered here today to fulfill their responsibilities in their field. God’s providence won’t wait for you. There is the right time for everything and right now is the time when we need to be true children and filial children.

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon educated people on the founding philosophy “Respect for God, love for humans and patriotism.” Even though you don’t know about the deep providential history, if you respect God, you will develop love for all people and become loyal to the country. I want politicians to think about how they can work for their country and love their people rather than focusing on their own benefits.

The missions of the Peace Police and the Peace Army established by peace ambassadors are very important. Not only on behalf of the peace ambassadors in Korea, but all around the world, these two forces should lead people on the path to a peaceful world.

Think about it. If not only Korea but all other countries start thinking about how they can love God and all people do you think any of them will become greedy? All our concerns right now are about the situation in Northeast Asia. So how about we all think in this way?

The Book of Isaiah, Chapter 2, Verse 4 says when we melt swords and turn them into plowshares then the world will be peaceful.

Right now our health is threatened by the yellow dust and fine dust blowing in from China. All our lives are threatened. I want to say something to China:

What do you think would happen if we just did what the bible says? We are wasting billions of dollars on the military, but if we were to use one third of that money to fertilize 30 percent of the land that is now desert the people of China would find a new way to live and the nation would become rich. There are so many reasons why we need to reveal the truth. The truth is that the True Parents that God and humankind hoped for have already arrived. All the nations should unite with True Parents as sibling nations and establish the culture of heart of loving and taking care of each other. When nations can do this, world peace will be possible. In this way, we can live in the eternal Heaven.

Our physical life spans maybe 100 years. We are borrowing our life on Earth from the original owner, the Heavenly Parent. This means that we can’t claim ownership over it. Only when we use it well and give it back to Heaven will we be able to live in Heaven with freedom, peace and happiness.

What do we need to do in order to live that kind of life?

We need to stand up. We need to run. If we can fly, it’s better. We don’t have much time left. We should fulfill all of Heaven’s will so our Heavenly Parent can say with pride, “Thank you My Sons and Daughters.”

Let’s dash forward until we fulfill the hopes of Heaven and all humankind.

Translated by Lymhwa Kim.