The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim - Hoon Mo Nim) from 2013

Oceania Youth 21-day Chung Pyung Special Workshop

Dae Mo Nim
January 3, 2013
First Chung Pyung Workshop for Oceania Youth

From 11. 22 – 12. 12 by the heavenly calendar Cheon-gi 3rd Year (January 3 – 23, 2013) 38 members including 3 staff from Oceania have been attending the 'Oceania Youth 21-day Chung Pyung Special Workshop'. It is the first official workshop from Oceania and most of the participants are 2nd generation university students. These members are also part of the OPT (Oceania Performance Team) and OLT (Oceania Leadership Team) which are active organizations in the Oceania region.

Most of the members never came to Korea before and especially during the cold winter season. However, they were really amazed of the beautiful scenery and seeing so many sophisticated buildings in the Chung Pyung Holy Ground Area. Through the Opening Ceremony and Orientation the members were able to understand the meaning and value of Chung Pyung Holy Ground and were surprised of the long history.

Although the workshop is only for 21 days it is full of great programs. They will be attending 3 Chung Pyung 2-day Workshops, birthday party with the general 40-day workshop trainees, visit to the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum, activities CheongShim International Youth Center, and attending the 'Special Great Works Commemorating the 18th Anniversary of Chung Pyung Works'. Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim also instructed so that these members could go to Cheon Jeong Won (Pine Ridge Resort) and Yong Pyong (snow activities) to relax and experience the great nature of Korea.

On January 9, the 7th day of the workshop, Dr. Rev. Dong Woo Kim, Oceania Continental Director came to the workshop and gave a speech. He talked to the members for around 30 minutes about having a clear purpose in life and that Chung Pyung Works is a place where you can achieve this.

'Thank you for attending this 1st official Oceania Youth 21-day Workshop. Before this workshop began I had a chance to meet True Mother and I reported about this workshop and she was really happy to hear it.

While you are here in Korea, I want you to understand the Shim Jung Culture (Culture of Heart). This is the heart of True Parents and the heart of God. Chung Pyung is a very spiritual place where you can build your spiritual standard and it is the best place in the world where you can understand this Culture of Heart.

I recommend you to build something for Heavenly Parents and True Parents in Chung Pyung and prepare yourselves for the Foundation Day. I want you to have an experience that will change your life for good. It will be just a moment of your time but that will definitely change your perspective and purpose of life.

I need you to focus on whatever problem or issue you may have while you are here in Chung Pyung. This is the only place where you can either solve the problem or improve on in. If you pray sincerely then I am sure that you will get an answer. That is the power of Chung Pyung. Do you believe? (Aju!)'

The atmosphere completely changed after Rev. Kim's speech and members were more focused in their workshop.

The Special Great Works to Commemorate the 18th Anniversary of Chung Pyung Works will be held from January 18 – 20 for 3 days. It will be the first Special Great Works for most members to receive great heavenly fortune and heavenly blessings. 

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