The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim - Hoon Mo Nim) from 2013

FAQ About Registration

Dae Mo Nim
January 11, 2013

Q. 1 How can I find out my liberation records?

Please ask for your liberation record to the following.

Tel: 31-589-7179

Please write your full name in the 'subject'

In the message include the following+ADs- country, full name of husband and wife, blessing group, other family members doing the liberation with you, and your request.

Q. 2 Next week, I am coming to Chung Pyung for ancestor liberation. Do I need to book for registration?

No need for any booking. Please come to Chung Pyung whenever you can and we will be delighted to welcome you.

Q. 3 Where do I go first when I arrive at Chung Pyung?

Please go to the International Registration Office located on the Basement 2nd Floor of Cheonseong Wanglim Palace (Heavenly Palace) for registration.

Q. 4 What time should I arrive at Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center?

The opening ceremony for the 2-Day Workshop starts from 6:30 p.m. So you should be here before 5:00 p.m. in Chung Pyung Training Center. Note that if you miss the registration, your ancestors will not be liberated.

Q. 5 What is the schedule for the 2-Day Workshop?

Please ask the Korean/International Office, located on the 1st Floor of Cheonseong Wanglim Palace (Heavenly Palace). 

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