The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim - Hoon Mo Nim) from 2013

Black Heung Jin Nim

Dae Mo Nim
January 13, 2013
Unofficial notes: David Carlson

Good morning, everyone. There are many students with us now, aren't there? From South America and Oceania. Those families must feel so cold here. I did a 3-day workshop for Japanese patients in the hospital, but I felt so painful because everyone has some sickness due to Evil Spirits. Cancer, lack of appetite, painful back, mental illness, etc. I did 3 days special ansoo for 60 Japanese members. A long time ago, at the beginning of the Chung Pyung providence, True Parents told me: everything like sickness, painfulness, disease, 90% of all that is caused by Evil Spirits. I could hardly believe that so I was so surprised. But I was also worried and concerned at the same time.

At the beginning of the Chung Pyung providence, we could recognize many spiritual problems and spiritual phenomena. Right now, in the whole world, there are many mental and spiritual problems developing. There is also atope. At the beginning of, many atope students were here, and when I saw atope patients, I felt so sympathetic because of their pain and itching and discomfort. We like to see beautiful things, but they had so many scars due to itching and scratching, so it was rather ugly instead. Puss would come out and stick to their clothes and their skin. I felt so sorry for those people. I could feel how difficult life was going to be for such a person. Even for people who have a healthy spirit, it is not so easy to live in this world, but for those people with extra physical problems it is even more difficult. I felt so much sympathy.

Dae Mo Nim saw so many people with such pain, so she was very surprised. Long ago, people with such problems even had a bad smell about them, and many physical handicaps. But at the same time there were no angels or Absolute Good Spirits to help so I, little-by-little, would separate Evil Spirits through ansoo, and the person could become better.

Some people with atope could not even open their eyes, or people could not even see their ear canal. I wondered at the time what the cause of such problems was.

Some of these people were kids. At that time, even the 40-day workshop people did not want to sleep together with such people. But now, after 18 years of works, no one says such things anymore. They don't feel those people are strange or dirty. Actually, we don't see such people too much anymore. Because Absolute Good Spirits are helping us to change such situations.

Now, many pregnant sisters are here also. I can see that the baby in the womb has no ear, or one leg is shorter than the other, because Satan has grabbed that body part. But through chanyang, we can take out such an Evil Spirit and the baby can be born healthy. Through the Messiah, True Parents, Dae Mo Nim could separate the evil spirit and could make Absolute Good Spirits. Other spiritual groups cannot do this. Only True Parents can do this! Other spiritual groups cannot do this. They may take out an evil spirit temporarily, but the evil spirit always comes back. But True Parents can make these evil spirit become Absolute Good Spirits. Because Dae Mo Nim can go into the body of the person, and take that spirit out, and there is also ancestor liberation, when Dae Mo Nim can go into the Spirit World and educate them.

So, here at we have a training center. Other groups cannot do such things. Only can do such things. Even here at, we have Dae Mo Nim, but even when Hoon Mo Nim is not here anymore, she wants to make this kind of effect. So, she is preparing for such a time. A time when the same result can come even when Dae Mo Nim is not here at. For example, in Japan, Japanese people are making good Jung Sung for ancestor liberation. But one time, Dae Mo Nim could not go to Japan, so one leader felt that we had enough Jung Sung, and so everyone did the ansoo, and the leader came to be in a rather difficult situation. So, cleaning up the evil spirit is not so easy. Only True Parents can do this. If we can see Evil Spirits, then we can do it, but if we cannot see the Evil Spirits, we cannot do it.

Black Heung Jin Nim

Hoon Mo Nim asked Heung Jin Nim one time. Heung Jin Nim answered: Heung Jin Nim does not like to hit the body, as the Black Heung Jin Nim [Cleophas / Cleopas Kundioni] did long ago. Heung Jin Nim explained what happened at that time: one day Heung Jin Nim came down to the earth and visited the black brother. Then he went back to the Spirit World. But, some evil spirit stayed there and deceived the black brother into thinking that he was still Heung Jin Nim. So, Heung Jin Nim said: that was not me. Heung Jin Nim explained to the black brother that it was not him (Heung Jin Nim), but the black brother could not recognize that because the evil spirit was imitating Heung Jin Nim. Then Heung Jin Nim said: he never hits; he does not like hitting anyone. So, Dae Mo Nim knows this kind of spirituality is not easy.

Many people want to see spirits or become spiritually open, but actually we should not try and do that. Because right now, many evil spirit are always trying to deceive people. So, please be very careful of dreams, revelations, visions, and so on. Evil spirits are trying to trick us and look like Absolute Good Spirits. Only follow Divine Principle, and understand Divine Principle. Please do ansoo well when you are in, and even though your hand cannot reach some places, try sincerely to do so, all over the body, so you can liberate Evil Spirits. There are 440 billion Absolute Good Spirits which are helping us. Even body, bone, skin, every place can become more healthy.

Everyone has cancer, dirty blood in their vessels, as well as fallen nature. So Dae Mo Nim wants to have everyone hit with their hands, and it will be like hitting with a medical needle. That way you can clean up the blood in the vessels, and even every cell. Skin, bone, everything can be cleaned. At the same time, we need to have a good posture. Keep your back straight, and don't slouch; keep the back straight. Because bone, muscle, blood vessels, spine, neck, lower back, and on the side, these are very important places. Also, lungs, when a cough is coming out; then it is not so easy to catch cold. No one has clean lungs, so we need to do the chest area a lot. Do the abdomen; a healthy person has a pink color, but if not healthy, it becomes a grey color. Ansoo the hips also. If the eyes have pain, ansoo the head, and forehead, and some place has pain if the eyes have a problem. If you ansoo the head, then eye pain can be relieved. Behind the ears, that part of the head is important. Ansoo well under the chin, and the mouth and the ear, and even the soles of the feet, since that connects with all the internal organs.

So, this is a general hospital, where every disease can be cured. Right now, in a hospital, everything is done by machine, but the human hand is far better than any machine. Hospitals can only treat a local area that is painful, but everything is connected, so the entire body can receive ansoo and a cure can be achieved. Everything from head to toe, try your best to ansoo the entire body and then you can become healthy. Whenever a man has a prostate problem, it can be cured. And women who have vaginal problems, those can be cured. Hit your buttocks. If we have a good posture, then muscles can connect properly with the bones, and be in the proper position. Recently, many people seek to do cosmetic surgery, etc. but if you do ansoo you will have a much better result. Your facial skin can become much nicer too. Hoon Mo Nin is over 60 years of age, but do I look old or young to you? Through ansoo you can become healthier.

Hoon Mo Nim never sleeps or takes a nap during the daytime. So, even now, people came from far away, from South America or Oceania, so please do your best and erase your fallen nature. Every day, True Father appears to Dae Mo Nim and he told her: he wishes everyone has one heart, one mind, one body, one mindset, so that is True Father's wish for us. We need to obey True Parents, and erase fallen nature, and live a Principled life. We need to inherit a Principled way of life. That way, we can meet Foundation Day well. We have to live well in the CIG age. We can become heavenly sons and daughters of God and True Parents. Now, the Unification Church has changed to FFWPU, so we need to make lives centering on true love, and give everyone happiness, and live for the sake of others, and give heavenly fortune to other people. Dae Mo Nim wants to give much grace and great blessing during the Special Great Works workshop, so please have a repentful heart, and do chanyang well. I will close here. Thank you very much.

God bless, itn,
David Carlson 

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