The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim - Hoon Mo Nim) from 2013

Don't revert back to what you were doing before the 40-day workshop

Dae Mo Nim
January 16, 2013
Unofficial notes: David Carlson

At the 40-day graduation, which also included many 2nd generation members from Oceania and Latin America.

Good morning, everyone. Those attending the 40-day workshop may be having a very hard time due to the cold winter weather. We have members here from Brazil, 40-days, Oceania. Thank you very much for your coming to the workshop. I think all of you will do well after finishing 40 days. I have this confidence. Actually, a workshop is not easy; it takes time, money, and effort. 40-days is not easy.

40-day workshops have been going on for a long time. When I hear reflections about the workshops, two things stand out:

1) 40-day people, after the 40 days, are doing so well; that is reported by the pastors of the local churches.

2) For about one month after 40-days, people do well, but then they often revert back to what they were doing before.

I feel that this 40-days can be different. You take the time to hear and understand Divine Principle, you take lots of prayer time. You listened to Divine Principle, you did Hoon Dok Hae, and then you centered on the chanyang sessions. Day after tomorrow we will have the 18th Special Great Works workshop. All the problems and the Evil Spirits can be removed during the chanyang sessions. This is why 40-days is so important, and why it is so good.

I hope you appreciate having the 40-day workshop. In our lives, there are lots of misunderstanding about things and bad habits. But, if the spiritual problem is removed, bad habits can be removed also. It is the same with disease. By removing Evil Spirits, things become much better. Even the husband-wife relationship becomes better. The life centered on fallen nature (greed, complaint, anger, etc.) After removing Evil Spirits, everything becomes better. Spirits live not only in Spirit World, but also on earth, and even inside us. Some things we can't even imagine, are caused by Evil Spirits. When I looked inside our body, I could see small ant-egg like things. These were Evil Spirits. When I saw them, and when I touched them, I found they were so powerful. One Evil Spirit has the power of 10 adults in their 30s. They spoke such bad words! When I removed the Evil Spirits, it became larger and became full-sized. Even 170 centimeters or something. They can only talk with bad words. You can't even imagine! Satan tried to put Evil Spirits in us, in order to cause us problems. As I touch a member's body, the Evil Spirits are like a huge pile of sand. A huge amount were inside our body.

The number of human beings that have lived in history, we know. But the number of Evil Spirits is even larger than that. The Evil Spirits in Spirit World and in our body; history is much more than 6,000 years. As the generations go back, after 100-day (workshop) in Spirit World, the Evil Spirits can see their own image. People sometimes say/think we came from a bear, or even a gorilla. When I see the situation in Spirit World, some Evil Spirits look like a bear, or a gorilla, because they are so evil. Then, if evil, we become like a gorilla. Evil Spirits are dominating our lives and controlling us, and are giving us pain and disease. For us to be free of that domination, we must live For the Sake of others, and live by Principle. The only method for us to live free of that is to live by Principle, centering on True Parents. Live centering on Divine Principle now, and we will be free of pain/suffering. Evil Spirits in our body want us to live centering on fallen nature, and to live in pain, etc. Centering on that, Evil Spirits want to live in our lives. To live by Principle is to live For the Sake of others, live for others with true love.

In our lives, if we have a mind of living For the Sake of others, true love can be materialized. So, now, when you go home (after 40 days), you need to live For the Sake of others, with true love, centering on Divine Principle, etc. Regarding Lucifer, he fell through a lack of love, and made Eve fall also, due to excessive desire. Excessive desire and a lack of love caused greed to be made, caused anger to be made, etc. Our lineage is centering on Original sin and fallen nature. This was totally, deeply seated in our ancestors, and comes down to us. Centering on fallen nature, we received this lineage. We all have fallen nature. Disease comes due to fallen nature. Pain and suffering, all come from fallen nature and un-Principled contents. So, after 40-days, and centering on Principle and True Parents, we need to live For the Sake of others, and by the Principle, and then we can make a true family and a true world.

What we teach in Chung Pyung, centering on true love, I teach how to go to heaven. Make a true family without fallen nature. Absolutely, don't drink, smoke or take drugs. Don't commit any immoral sins. Don't look, touch, or eat. You must not! Be afraid of public money, including tithing. After 21-day and 40-day workshop, go home and don't fail to offer tithing. Teach your relatives to offer tithing. Be careful of your words. If you look, talk about wrong things it is not good. Attend your elders, and love those who are younger. We have to change ourselves! There are 37 days left until Foundation Day. Then it will be the era of CIG. Now is the era of evil, but then it will become the era of CIG. Heavenly fortune is moving with us. We have to become that kind of family. Now, heavenly fortune will be dominating us. Live a life without fallen nature. Those without fallen nature will become better and better. Those with fallen nature report wrongly, and centering on fallen nature, live well. That will change. True Father said from Spirit World: I will not let that (live well with fallen nature) happen.

Members in letter or in consultations, say they often experience tension between personalities, etc. Now, live together with them, with true love. Live life as a citizen of Cheon Il Guk. After Foundation Day, and even before Foundation Day, live centering on Principle, centering on God's will, and do Witnessing Activity. True Father said: by 2020 we have to fulfill God's will. We have to move forward. Make a witnessing culture. Do it on your own. Don't look at other members. I hope you can do better.

The 2nd generation came here for absolute matching. I appreciate that very much. That will be absolute. I hope you can trust that. Test will come after blessing. There are God's tests and Satan's tests. In developing the Chung Pyung providence I experienced both. God's test was for me to remain awake for 40 days. Satan's test was for me to melt a tub of ice with my body heat. When you receive blessing, these two kinds of tests are coming.

Life is very short. You blink your eyes and it will pass. Our short earthly life is connected with our life in the Spirit World. When you go to Spirit World, be a person centering on God. Don't see centering on yourself. The blessing centering on God and True Parents is so precious. Eternal husband and wife. Such 2nd generation members I hope you can become. Have confidence that we are a happy person. I hope you can be. After 40 days, please work harder. I will close here. Thank you very much.

God bless, itn,
David Carlson 

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