The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim - Hoon Mo Nim) from 2013

When I went to Spirit World for the first time, I met with Noah

Dae Mo Nim
January 18, 2013
Unofficial notes: David Carlson

Dae Mo Nim -- January 17, 2012

At the opening prayer for the 18th anniversary of Chung Pyung, Special Great Works workshop

Good morning, everyone. I am very grateful for your being here. Whenever we have Special Great Works, we staff of Chung Pyung gathered in front of God and True Parents. I felt it would be nice if everyone could gather. If the weather was good, we would gather at the Tree of Blessing, but due to the cold we decided to meet in the Cheong Shim Won. This is a time to report. When I went to Spirit World for the first time, I met with Noah. He was not an "old" Noah like we might expect. He said that all people spent their lives centering on fallen nature. People tend to say "Heavenly Father, please help me!" Of course, God does help, and when we do something, we think that it is because we did it. We have done it. But, actually, God does that work, and we should report that way, and we should be so grateful to God. That is what Noah said to me. So, we always offered prayers of sincere gratitude.

2012 was a year of great contents. It was a time when True Father went to Spirit World. It was a year of great contents, but members' hearts were in pain. You served True Father, and now you are serving True Mother. You are not giving up. As I see you this morning, I have a heart of gratitude. 18 years seems like I only began yesterday. This morning, I thought, in 18 years, what did I do? I did a lot externally, but even in Spirit World, I have done a lot. In 18 years I have done so very much. That heart comes to me. Workshops, from 1995-1-19, when Chung Pyung began with three Japanese members.

This Chung Pyung workshop, with no official announcement, and with Hananim (God). God told me to do so, and we opened with 3 Japanese members. They were in a difficult situation. I removed their Evil Spirits. We did registration, even for people who came at midnight. After 9 pm, we didn't, but people came later. Two-day workshops, people continued to come. All difficult problems were able to be solved. All of the spiritual problems, atope, cancer, etc. I said this last week, the training center improved all of these situations. Members now know how to live in Physical World and in Spirit World. This has become the Chung Pyung training center. This is a responsibility given to people. I have accomplished well up to now. I have been praised by people, by True Father, even Satan was amazed and surprised by what I have done. True Father said to hold Special Great Works which includes all work to now. Thus, Special great works. So, we have held this until now.

Always in my heart I am so grateful to God. Giving devotions, it is so painful, so difficult. Is it supposed to be like this? No. That is why I continue to do so for the sake of members. Truly it was difficult, through Special Great Works until now, because of your efforts, it was successful, so I have a heart of gratitude. To live a life of faith, we need a heart of gratitude. Then, everything can be completed. In our church, a culture of gratitude is being created. What is Foundation Day? 37 days away. You think, in the coming time, we can live well and it will be great. No. Foundation Day: we will be the people of Cheon Il Guk. Absolute Faith, Love, Obedience.

What to do before Foundation Day? Your conscience knows. You should offer a prayer report. You have had angels inside living with you. When you pray centering on your conscience and True Parents, all your prayer will be listened to by Absolute Good Spirits, angels, and they will solve the problems during chanyang sessions. If we live well, okay, but if we live wrongly, we will have disease. Angels will listen to you during your prayer, so it is a very important time for you. Here at Chung Pyung people are wandering around, sleeping in the lecture room, etc. I don't want you to do this. Don't do it. A long prayer is not necessary. Pray from your conscience, from your heart. We often pray to the effect that "God, you know me already, you know everything already, right? No. It is hard to remove the problems you don't report. So, you have to report well.

Know that angels will work to solve your problems. The angels will listen to your prayers. Pray hard from your conscience. During this time and during cheonyang session, more Evil Spirits will be removed from your body. And you must live according to the Family Pledge. Do your best, please! The Chung Pyung staff will serve the members. If there is no time to do cheonyang session and pray, then come here quickly and pray. Report all the many things you have done. Attend the final cheonyang session. The Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth training center is a place God has promised you. Truth, love, devotion, sincerity, without falsehood. These words I received from God 18 years ago. I never deviated. I never broke a promise, and so Chung Pyung has done well. So, even if only small works, you still come to Chung Pyung. I am so grateful. Chung Pyung will do great things for you if you do your best. May your lives be full of blessing and grace. Be filial sons/daughters of God and True Parents. Thank you.

Later, Rev. Ha spoke and mentioned: Dae Mo Nim prepared extensively. We must report for our entire life -- all of it. Absolute Good Spirits will listen to our prayer. With the coming Foundation Day, a whole new beginning. To prepare for this Special Great Works, Dae Mo Nim climbed many holy mountains as a condition of devotion. She wanted to make sure that heavenly grace would be available for members. Special Great Works is not the same as a 2-day workshop, or 40-day workshop. Coming to many 2-day workshops is a good foundation for attending Special Great Works.

God bless, itn,
David Carlson 

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