The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim - Hoon Mo Nim) from 2013

If we don't live a life of Principle, we have to pay indemnity

Dae Mo Nim
January 26, 2013
Unofficial notes: David Carlson

Dae Mo Nim -- January 19, 2013

Good morning, everyone. How are you? Right after a Special Great Works workshop, the next workshop is one that not so many people come to, so thank you very much for your coming. Yesterday, you must have heard about how to do Witnessing Activity, and about the Special Great Works workshop. Truly, I felt this time the Special Great Works was very successful. At the end I always worry whether it was ok or not. I always try and reflect. But, I felt this time it was very successful. In order to prepare for a Special Great Works workshop, I always try and prepare, especially a foundation of substance. [Temporary radio problem]...

If we don't live a life of Principle, always we will have to pay indemnity. We have to be grateful to True Parents, because once we live in CIG, once we make the heavenly kingdom, then we won't need to pay indemnity. Why? We can see so many different lifestyles, when we look at family members, and we can see that we have been living a lifestyle with fallen nature. But, now True Father opened the gate of heaven, so we are now going to be living in the Heavenly Kingdom. In order to have the Foundation Day, we are going to have the holy wine ceremony. Through the holy wine ceremony God will forgive everything.

In the Heavenly Kingdom, what type of people are going to be living in the Heavenly Kingdom? Little-by-little, day-by-day, people can become perfect, and live with Absolute Faith, Love and Obedience. Today better than yesterday, and tomorrow better than today. Those are the people to whom God is going to give His heavenly blessing. If, living in the heavenly kingdom, we don't live a Principled lifestyle, then indemnity is coming. We have to "see" ourselves today. Do "I" live faithfully, do I make a foundation of faith and substance? We have to think about this. Are True Parents in my heart? We have to check ourselves.

Is the way I am living my life a Principled lifestyle, or not? Whatever happens, whenever a difficult time is coming, never blame other people, never complain, but always be grateful. Because True Parents are protecting "me," the problems don't become so big. So, "I" am grateful. We should all have this kind of attitude. If we live like this, with this kind of lifestyle, then our family can become filled with peace and happiness. Cultural differences between Korea and Japan, or international, are not always so easy. We have to respect other cultures.

For example, there is a Korean/Japanese 6,000 blessed couple. The Japanese wife came to Korea, then the Korean mother-in-law always comes to mealtime. But the Japanese wife couldn't understand Korean culture. She felt the mother-in-law should eat at her own home, and that way there could be more peace. But that is not right. Because the Japanese wife must be happy to have the mother-in-law to eat a meal together. That is attendance. If you go to a bakery, the mother and daughter always buy for themselves and don't think about the other person. Parents-in-law and daughter, very individualistic. Relationship between parents and children is unity, is one. Always obedience. That obedience is most important. Obey parents, and love brothers and sisters, that is very important. Always, if you don't do for me, then I don't do for you. That way of thinking is also not good. We have to live for the sake of each other. We have to live with true love. If we all live for the sake of others, then that culture becomes a heavenly culture.

Who is a heavenly citizen? A person who is going to live a Principled way of life. If we have an evil mind, we cannot live. Because of True Parents love, True Father established Foundation Day. This is love. Always, we have to check ourselves. If we have a lazy life, then when we go to Spirit World, it is going to be trouble. If we don't think, but only act without thinking, then if we live in the heavenly kingdom, our heart is going to ache. So we have to do well.

In order to have a Foundation Day, we have to write a confession, which will soon be burned. Maybe for Korea and Japan, during the Azalea Festival they will be burned. Other countries may have a different time for burning. This confession letter has secrets known only to me, and yet we cannot so easily erase these secrets from our memory. But, if we attend the burning ceremony, then these things will be completely erased from our memory. But, if we could not attend, then the secret will remain in our memory. So, Dae Mo Nim is thinking how to help countries all over the world, for people who for some reason cannot attend the ceremony, how to erase those memories. It is very difficult to erase the body's memory, so Dae Mo Nim is thinking a lot about what kind of condition she has to make.

Whenever Azalea Festival time comes, all Absolute Good Spirits are going to be around there, so those Absolute Good Spirits will help to erase all those memories. If someone makes a sexual mistake, chapter 2, then in our spirit Dae Mo Nim can see a red color, which is not erased. Even after being forgiven, the red color remains. So, we need to totally clean this. Dae Mo Nim can see the spirit so she is very concerned. Even after being forgiven by God, still the memory is there. So, sometimes she wonders, should I invite all the people in the world to Chung Pyung, or not? If the world's people are not in the burning ceremony, she wonders how much she can erase. She wonders what kinds of conditions she has to make? So, in order to accomplish, to succeed for those missions, she has to make a Foundation of Faith and Foundation of Substance.

Also, we need to cleanse the Original sin in order to be in the Heavenly Kingdom. So, through Chung Pyung, chanyang, and Heavenly Parents and True Parents, we want to help the people 100%. In order to receive such help by God, True Parents, Chung Pyung, we have to have a life of faith, and a substantial faith. Each of us must reflect: today, do I think I made indemnity, or not? How much of a public life do I have? We have to live a public life. Individual life is not good. Some people don't have a public life. In one day, how many minutes, how many hours can we live a public life? We have to think about it.

We need to do Witnessing Activity. This Witnessing Activity is part of public life. We have to be proud of True Parents, and of Divine Principle. That is the life we should live. If we don't live such a life, when we go to Spirit World we will have regret. This is what Dae Mo Nim is concerned about. Because it is so painful to see people in Spirit World who neglected that. Are we witnessing to our tribe? To our family members? Our brothers? Our sisters? We need to fulfill our Portion of Responsibility. Before Foundation Day, when you write your confession paper, in order to erase your own mistakes, after the burning ceremony, we need to live a life of faith, Foundation of Faith and Foundation of Substance. If we do have those kinds of lifestyles, then we can erase those kinds of mistakes. So, we need to live a Principled life and a public life, and not be lazy, and do Witnessing Activity. We need to approach family members, tribe members, neighbors.

After the big festival (Special Great Works), the spiritual power still remains. So, today if you do well, you can get great benefit. So, with strong hitting, and good Jung Sung, you can receive great benefit. Light hitting is not good. Under the arms, lymph nodes are there, so hit strongly. Stomach, outside the colon, is a lot of fat, so you need to do strong chanyang. Eyes, ears, good posture, with a sincere heart of Jung Sung, hit hard. Hit the feet and the bottom of the feet, and the hand. Whenever you clap hands that opens up the cells of the body, and all the body organs are connected. Evil Spirits are going out through these gates. So, hit behind the ears, and the head, and tiredness will go away. Also do your throat, and the back of your neck, and the face, and all the palms, not just the fingers. This hand can cure disease. So, please be healthy. True Parents made a goal for the year 2020. How about us? Please be good, filial sons and daughters of God and True Parents. I will close here. Thank you very much.

God bless, itn,
David Carlson 

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