The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim - Hoon Mo Nim) from 2013

Educate young talented people for world peace

Dae Mo Nim
February 20, 2013

Launching Ceremony of Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation

On 1.11 by the heavenly calendar (Fev.20,2013) the Launching Ceremony of wonmo Pyeongae Foundation was held at Cheon Jeong Gung Museum. The Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation, a non-profit organization, was announced to be founded a year before the Seonghwa of True Father in August 2011. The word 'Wonmo' means 'heavenly parents'. And 'Pyeongae' means 'equal love' as well as 'love and peace'. The foundation will support the education of talented young people, publicizing the vision and ideal of peace of True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, and the development of organizations for the practicing of dedication. It especially holds its value to support talented young people who have the dream of peace and to cultivate international leaders. 745 people were selected as the first group of students and a total of 400 million Won was given out as scholarships. The foundation is funded by the donation of over 5 billion Won gathered upon the Seonghwa of True Father. True Mother added another 5 billion Won and announced that the foundation will work with a total of 10 billion Won. True Mother said, "If we share and practice true love then the future will be brighter and the world will be a much happier place. I sincerely pray for the well being of the 7 billion people to live in happiness and full of love." Then True Mother added, "From now on, those people who are active in the society and do their best for peace in each levels of society will have great rolls. For this, I am thinking of developing the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation even further."

'Let's become People's Religion which that contributes to the Unification of Society'

'Before the Seonghwa of Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the Family Federation for World Peace Unification, the 'Foundation Day' which was proclaimed as the 'Day of Peace and Harmony' will become the biggest transition point of the development of the Family Federation' were the words of Rev. Chang Shik Yang, President of FFWPU-Korea.

President Yang talked about the future of Family Federation and said, 'Under the instruction of True Mother, the Family Federation is entering the 2nd stage of success. Through close communication between societies and nations we will change into 'Religion of Life' and 'Religion of People'. We are not pursuing profit for our movement but we will work closely with other organizations that contribute to the unification of North and South Korea and the unification of society. We will study what must be done for the nation and its people and be involved in conversations with other religions and people.' 

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