The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim - Hoon Mo Nim) from 2013

Yesterday was Foundation Day

Dae Mo Nim
February 23, 2013
Unofficial notes: David Carlson

Good morning, everyone. Yesterday was Foundation Day, right? Congratulations! Yesterday we had snow in the morning; in one sense I was worried because it was slippery and the roads were under construction. It was muddy and I was afraid mud might get on the beautiful white dresses. 2013.1.1 we also had snow. I thought Heavenly Parents and True Parents... thank you. I don't know how you saw things. You received grace and had determination. We have to do well. From my perspective, seeing spiritually, it was good, really good.

2013.1.1 True Parents told me to prepare, so I prepared. I wondered how True Parents would conduct the ceremony. God's chair was made. The chair used in 2001 was the chair we used. The crown and robe I made as True Parents directed me. True Father is filial son of all filial sons and True Mother is filial daughter of all filial daughters. I really felt True Father was the filial son of all filial sons. The night before the ceremony, True Father asked me "is everything prepared"? I said yes. So we went to see... The space was not prepared for God to sit comfortably. True Father asked, if True Parents sit here, does God feel pain in His legs or not? In 2001 I saw that kind of situation. So, I told members to make a larger space. They wanted to leave it as it was. As I walked upstairs I felt that God's legs would not be comfortable. I had such a mind. So, True Father asked me. Make a larger space. I wondered how the ceremony was conducted.

As you see spirit think God is sitting on a beautiful seat, but before Foundation Day, evil has developed and hell has grown. Heavenly Parents are strong, but evil developed. To protect Himself. God made a light. When we fight with everything on earth, we wear armor, so it is like that. Also, Heavenly Parents were in a place after a long tunnel in spirit world. When Heavenly Parents showed me at the beginning of Chung Pyung, all things were such and such. We have to make a proper environment. On the day of the coronation ceremony for God's kingship, though we don't have so many Absolute Good Spirits, True Parents as they enter, and at the same time, Heavenly Parents come down. I wanted to shout out: Heavenly Parents are here! That much I wanted to shout out. Ancestors, angels, Absolute Good Spirits, etc. all attended. It was so taxing a moment. Like a drama. Again, the place where God created the world, such an amazing coronation ceremony. I felt I wished all members could open their spiritual eyes and shout out and bow down and feel appreciative. That was my mind in 2001.

Whenever we have such an event, I wish members could see.

Yesterday, did you see? The stage was prepared; the theme was the creation of the world, of heaven and earth. is the restored, perfected Garden of Eden. True Parents are spiritually and physically living in the Palace. Such content was there. Cheon Jeong Gung, True Parents of heaven and earth living together. So, we made the creation of heaven and earth, animals, flying birds, fish in the sea, and flowers blooming in the mountains, and cherry blossoms. The Garden of Eden and creation of the world. You saw it, right? Yesterday, I went at 9 am; I went at 5 minutes prior to 9. Who was there do you think? True Father was there! I/we came late, but True Father was there. I apologized but True Father said it was okay. 460 billion Absolute Good Spirits were there. In between the cherry blossoms. Central figures and all historical people were there. It was so wonderful.

The MC made an opening proclamation; True Father came down to enter. When the MC said "entrance of the True Parents", did you only see True Mother or True Father also? True Father put his arm around True Mother; he cried a lot. True Father here, True Mother here. Yesterday, True Mother cried a lot. Two things: True Father was there but, True Father had been talking about Foundation Day. But if True Father could be here as a physical person, how nice. That is why True Mother cried a lot. We waited a long time for Foundation Day. Yesterday we met True Mother; she cried too much I said. She said yes, and said 2 things; all members waiting for Foundation Day. She said in tears: is there any member who did not receive grace? Is there even one? I told her no. She worked for 6 months so that everyone could receive grace. True Mother made sincere devotions. A big event, True Father's mind was very happy, but like True Mother, after Foundation Day we can live a good life. After True Father and True Mother left, they waved. So happy. To receive grace, we have to do well.

At the coronation ceremony, and Foundation Day, also, I saw the light of the Heavenly Parent and the light of heavenly fortune lit and shined so strongly, and came down on us. During an historical event, all of us will be cleansed; much grace and blessing will come to us. On that day, such a mind we need. This is very important. Today, you can receive heavenly grace and blessing. Share this grace with your neighbors and relatives. Such a mind we need to have. Yesterday and the day before yesterday, True Mother saw the stage. She said until the 14th (heavenly calendar) leave the stage as it is and don't clean it up. Let all members take photos. (But) yesterday, you went up and took flowers from the stage. So, the flowers were gone. If we left it, better. Let all members take photos. All of us stood and took photos. But an environment was made about flowers. Members were racing to take flowers, so my mind was painful. I was to take photos with members in dress, but they said there were not enough flowers.

Our culture should be one of an adult. If you take flowers home they will die, but if you take a photo it will last a long time (forever). I was to take photos with members in dresses, so I thought okay, but when I returned, I saw members carrying flowers. I sent a text message: protect the flowers. So, our culture needs to be like that. After Foundation Day, by the amazing history, we need to change.

All of you did the holy water ceremony. You may think "it didn't come to me." But, as True Mother did the holy water it changed to light and came to all members, and to the main hall. As I see True Parents, I felt they are cosmic conscious (?). As True Mother sprinkled the holy water, I thought the water came only to some. But I saw spiritually that members everywhere received light. So, Foundation Day is very precious. Mistakes we did were forgiven, and now there is new light. We are heavenly born kids.

As we live life the grace given to us yesterday, we have to live life beautifully, it returns. Such great blessing and heavenly fortune we received! In our mind, if we have a mind of hatred/jealousy we have to clean it up. If with falseness, etc. we have to change. We have to clean it up. Do you understand? (Yes!) From now, we have to be careful. Don't talk thoughtlessly. Don't see, hear, or talk bad things. This is a blessed life to you. For example, one member, passing by, said "Hoon Mo Nim, how much do you spend for beauty treatments?" I did not answer. I don't play in or calculate envy. She asked: "didn't a hairdresser come"? I said, "I do myself". This kind of issue can grow and become strange words. That member thought a stylist was called by Hoon Mo Nim every day. Such strange words get bigger. This is not reality. As I could, I don't say: "you did this and this." Members think Dae Mo Nim knows everything. But, I give them time so that people can tell me. If I talk first, I infringe on the person's heart. They talk based on their thinking, and only partially. If I talk or if I understand everything, then I impinge on their heart.

We attend the same church. If we talk, we impinge on their heart. We have to be careful. We are not in a position to say "you are wrong." All of us have to make a beautiful character. Sometimes we have to (pretend) so that Satan cannot see. One day, a letter came to me: Our church leaders are like this and that. They asked me: "could you please make our church leader move someplace else"? If you look closely at a pastor, you see more things; you need to discuss with the pastor, to help the pastor not to do bad things. I gave such advice. Another day I got a letter: "I talked with the pastor over lunch, and this was a misunderstanding. So, you don't need to change the pastor! (Laughter)

All of us, from now on, love, so anyone can come and lean on us, and to neighbors, relatives, etc. We must be the ones to make the ideal of creation. True Parents want us to come back. We must become people of character!!! Yesterday, True Mother prayed and mentioned 2020. There is nothing we cannot do! We have to run. This time, there was something that made me feel very appreciative.

Hoon Mo Nim's younger sister joined the church earlier, and she did 21-day workshop, etc., but she got hurt by someone, so she went to an outside church. I spoke with a member: you have to witness to the family. After a speech, I felt sorry that I was not in the place to witness, and I went to the prayer room. I had to be here. I offered a prayer. I did Witnessing Activity. I gave these members, brothers and sisters who could not do Witnessing Activity. My father/mother could not believe, but this time they came for blessing! My younger sister opened a path for Hoon Mo Nim to join. This Foundation Day she attended. She told me: "thank you." In my mind, before Foundation Day, to members, I said do Witnessing Activity. In my mind, asking. But the situation was accomplished.

So, members who WANT to do Witnessing Activity, it can be done by Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. If you have love and devotion you can do Witnessing Activity to relatives, family members, etc. If you are wise it will be done. Now, after Foundation Day, we are citizens of CIG, and we have to show people a beautiful mind and life. Such precious members of Unification Church I hope you can become.

Yesterday, I saw the chanyang session in the main hall. Even though members would leave the next morning, they attended. I felt very appreciative. Even now, after Foundation Day, many members are attending. I appreciate that. 210 generations of ancestors will help you live a good life. If you have not done 210, please do it. During chanyang session, many absolute good spirits will be sent. 120 billion Absolute Good Spirits will be coming to the chanyang session. True Parents are very appreciative that you have stayed after Foundation Day. Beloved members work hard; be healthy, have a beautiful family. I will close here. Thank you.

God bless, itn,

David Carlson 

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