The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim - Hoon Mo Nim) from 2013

After 70 days of the Foundation Day: Fulfillment of Wishes Papers Prayer

Dae Mo Nim
May 3, 2013
2013 Purification Azalea Festival for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune, Chung Pyung Special Great Works

Determination for the Victory of Vision 2020

The 'Fulfillment of Wishes Papers Prayer' (Wish Paper Prayer) was held on the first day (May 3) at 11:00 am, 3:30 pm and on the second day from 3:30 pm during the '2013 Purification Azalea Festival for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune' at Jeongshim Won Prayer hall.

After following True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind words, 'Make sure that the members can live healthy and happy on earth without any spiritual problems and that they won't face any problems in the spirit world' the grace of the Wish Paper Prayer started from March 2004. When you offer the Wish Paper at Jeongshim Won Prayer Hall, heavenly parents will come and listen to your report prayer and quickly solve your problems. It also helps you to remove sin and fallen nature and the removing of evil spirits during the Chanyang Yeoksa.

Families and members from around the world already filled the Jeongshim Won up before the beginning of the Wish Paper Prayer. Members offered their sincere hearts when writing the Wish Paper seeking help and guidance from heavenly parents, True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim.

The Wish Paper Prayer was held in the order of singing the holy song (Grace of the Holy Garden), bowing, representative prayer by Chung Pyung lecturer, offering a unison prayer and ended with 3 cheers of eok-manse.

Families offered sincere prayers during the Wish Paper Prayer and there were several members who still offered prayers even after the Wish Paper Prayer. 

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