The Meaning and Value of True Parents’ Birthday


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True Parents brought to a close the history of the providence of restoration through indemnity and opened a new era, Cheon Il Guk. True Parents are the True Parents of all 7.3 billion people around the world and all of humanity must become the children and citizens of True Parents. The wish of Heavenly Parent and True Parents is the realization of one family of humanity under God. Hence we must testify about True Parents’ birthday to all of humanity around the world as quickly as possible. Therein lies humanity’s hope.


(True Parents’ words given on 11.28 by the Heavenly Calendar in the 3rd year of Cheon Il Guk - Jan. 7, 2016)


True Parents are the fruit of Heavenly Parent’s providence of restoration.


Due to the fall of Adam and Eve, the original human ancestors, humanity lost the ideal of True Parents and had to suffer. In order to save fallen human beings, Heavenly Parent led the history of the providence of restoration. A great journey aimed at restoring the true family, true tribe, true people, true nation and true world that attends Heavenly Parent unfolded. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and other chosen central figures had to pay indemnity to help the process of restoration and help realize the ideal of True Parents. In particular, Jesus, who came on earth as the only begotten son, had to restore the stature of humanity’s true father, meet the true mother who came as only begotten daughter and together, become true parents.


Unfortunately, due to the faithlessness of the Israelites of the time, Jesus could not find the only begotten daughter, the true mother, and had to walk the path of crucifixion.


Heavenly Parent, who is the incorporeal True Parent, wished to become the substantial True Parent on the foundation of Adam and Eve reaching perfection and becoming the horizontal True Parents.


Unfortunately, when Jesus, the second Adam, was crucified, Heavenly Parent’s dream was frustrated once again. Heavenly Parent’s wish is the advent of True Parents. However, this wish was frustrated twice: once when Adam and Eve fell and a second time when the second Adam, Jesus, was crucified. Nonetheless, Heavenly Parent persevered and led a consistent providence aimed at sending True Parents. When the time was ripe, Heavenly Parent once again led the providence for True Parents’ advent by sending the 3rd Adam and Eve. January 6 by the Heavenly Calendar is the birthdate of the 3rd Adam and Eve Heavenly Parent yearned for so earnestly.


True Father received the mission of only begotten son, messiah and returning Lord from Heavenly Parent. True Father, the 3rd Adam, was born in 1920 in 2221 Sangsa-ri, Deokeon-myeon, Jeongju, North Pyeongan province. True Mother was given the mission of only begotten daughter and substantial holy spirit from Heavenly Parent. True Mother, the 2nd Eve, was born in 1943 in 26 Shineui-ri, Anju-eup, Anju-geun, South Pyeongan Province. The day of True Father and True Mother’s birth is a truly glorious and blessed day. Unfortunately for them, due to the failure of the national and global-level Christian foundations prepared by Heavenly Parent, they could not receive the praise and glory they so deserved.


True Parents bring hope to the whole world


Despite their 23-year age difference, True Father and True Mother stood on the unique foundation of having offered special devotion to restore the lost national and global foundations. As the only begotten son and daughter of Heavenly Parent and as a man and a woman who represent humanity just like Adam and Eve did, True Parents accomplished the stature and value of “human beings Having raised the perfected Adam and Eve to the position of True Parents, the incorporeal Heavenly Parent came to dwell within them, thereby acquiring a substantial self. Heavenly Parent dwelled within perfected Adam, the substantial object partner representing His masculine nature and perfected Eve, the substantial object partner representing His feminine nature. The beginning of the realm of complete unity between the vertical True Parent and the horizontal True Parent was realized and the history of the marriage Blessing, the means for fallen human beings to be restored as the children of Heavenly Parent, began. As blessed families lived striving to resemble True Parents and gave birth to blessed children, the ideal of the expanded blessed family became a reality. Centering on True Parents’ substantial word, the Cheon Il Guk realm of existence expanded, firmly establishing itself into a foundation for Cheon Il Guk.


Following their birth, True Parents restored through indemnity all of human history and brought about the actual surrender of Satan. They also led humanity’s true, original revolution of culture and lifestyle. True Parents have proclaimed the words, ideals and culture needed to build the ideal world of peace. It is our duty to testify to True Parents quickly and to the furthest corners of the world. Just as True Mother said, we must teach that True Parents are the hope of humanity. Through True Parents’ birthday, we are able to celebrate the day when Heavenly Parent and humanity could be free. This is a day to celebrate, a day that must be widely congratulated.


Understanding the Recent Providence Toward VISION 2020


All blessed children of the Unification community worldwide must inherit the tradition established by True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind with absolute faith and fulfill the mission of Heavenly Tribal Messiah. In so doing, we must fulfill our mission with relation to the tribe, society and the world so that all of humanity can come within the embrace of Heavenly Parent and True Parents.


(True Parents’ Words given on 3.26 by the Heavenly Calendar in the first year of Cheon Il Guk – May 5, 2013)


Marching Forward Without Stopping Toward the Firm Establishment of Cheon Il Guk


The fifth year of Cheon Il Guk marks True Father’s 97th birthday and True Mother’s 74th birthday. It is also a turning point for the realization of True Parents’ VISION 2020. True Mother has been emphasizing that True Parents’ birthday ought to take place at the national and global levels. Centering on Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, established by restoring through indemnity the failure of the global Christian foundation, True Mother is leading the strategy of VISION 2020 to establish national and global foundations.


During the 3rd anniversary of True Father’s ascension, True Mother said, “Father, from now on please do not worry. We will absolutely fulfill our responsibility. Freely ascend to the eternal Bonhyangwon, comfort Heavenly Parent who has been lonely until now and receive glory [forevermore].” Furthermore, on November 10, 2015, True Mother mentioned the following to key leaders of Korea, “True Parents’ mission consists of embracing all of humanity as citizens (children). What then, is the mission of this people and of all humanity? It is to become the citizens (children) of True Parents.” True Mother then asked that paths leading all humanity to True Parents be laid and a substantial environment where humanity can attend True Parents be prepared.


To help fulfill this request, True Mother personally offered special devotion for three years on behalf of blessed families, who stand in the position of children. Following three years of devotion, True Mother established the tradition of the filial heart (孝情), launched the course of 4-years of hope and decreed the three great strategies for the substantial establishment of Cheon Il Guk:  Witnessing, Creating Environments for Witnessing, Raising Future Leaders of Cheon Il Guk.


Realizing the Community of One Global Family of Humanity


Witnessing refers to the process of raising citizens on Cheong Il Guk centering on True Parents’ substantial word.


After blessing the 3 couples, 33 couples, 72 couples and 124 couples, True Parents stood on a global tribal foundation.


Remembering the mission of tribal messiahship they gave us, True Parents exhort us once again to be victorious in tribal messiahship in this age and contribute to the victory of VISION 2020. To do so, each blessed family is asked to witness On the foundation of heavenly tribal messiah activities, Family Federation for World Peace and Unification must expand the blessing movement while balancing its faith-based and public aspects. A harmonious mix of quality and quantity must be achieved in the process of changing the fallen blood lineage to the true one; furthermore, a true lifestyle and culture of the citizens of Cheon Il Guk must be achieved. In particular, the true family movement must be expanded in the international community and the true family ideal must be firmly established on the foundation of purity and true love. Furthermore, just as True Mother mentioned, nations playing a central role in each region must play a key role in the true family movement.


International Peace Activities Centering on True Parents and the Power Elite


The strategy of ‘Creating Environments for Witnessing’ focuses on movements such as international peace, governance, renewing the UN, solving environmental crises, good stewardship of the environment, solving ethnic issues, resolving clashes of culture and other issues dividing the world today. Creating Environments for Witnessing focuses on healing the world through true human rights movements.


To implement this strategy, True Mother initiated the regional launchings of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace. This initiative is helping develop support for our movement and solidarity among the global power elite. Through the Sunhak Peace Prize, True Mother is leading efforts to help solve the critical challenges of our time at the international level. Henceforth, the World Peace Strategy will continue to create environments for witnessing through the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace and the International Association of Religious Believers for Peace.


In particular, on the occasion of True Parents’ birthday and the 4th anniversary of Foundation Day, one key commemorative event will be the 2017 World Summit. 700 parliamentarians, current and former heads of state as well as leaders of civil society will gather in Korea to celebrate True Parents’ birthday, host the World Summit luncheon and the Assembly of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace, the 2017 Sunhak Peace Prize Award Ceremony, the International Leadership Conference, the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, and Peace Road 2017 among others.


The Hope of Cheon Il Guk: Raising Future Leaders


The strategy of raising future leaders of Cheon Il Guk aims at helping the development of future leaders of society who can support the strategies of witnessing and creating environments for witnessing centering on True Parents’ substantial To help execute this strategy, the Sunhak Educational Foundation is leading a movement to implement the founding principles of various educational institutions such as the University of Bridgeport, SunMoon University,


International Peace Leadership College, and so on centering on the ideal of the filial heart (孝情). The Hyo Jeong Academic Center is engaging in various projects researching True Parents’ words to enlighten about the direction of the providence as well as various providential undertakings. Sunhak Universal Peace Graduate School is educating the future leaders of the mission field through experiential education. The HyoJeong World Peace Foundation is engaged in various scholarship projects, substantially investing in the development and education of gifted youth. These and various other projects aim to raise future leaders of Cheon Il Guk.


Centering on True Parents’ birthday and by expanding the foundation of the three key strategies of witnessing, creating environments for witnessing and raising future leaders, the crucial time when the firm establishment of the ideal world of peace is completed, perfected and fulfilled is rapidly approaching. Henceforth, our responsibility consists of brightly shining the light of the filial heart True Parents have shown us to every corner of the world and actively participating in the great journey that is the firm establishment of Cheon Il Guk.




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Following their Holy Wedding, True Parents completed the providence of restoration through indemnity through their 40- year course (1960–2000). Going beyond the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age, they have ushered in a providential era in which people can be separated from their fallen nature and the ideal of God’s original ideal of Creation can expand. For this reason, in 2001, True Parents proclaimed a 12-year course to establish Cheon Il Guk, and walked the path of investing every ounce of their strength at the risk of their lives on the path to the completion of the providence.


The following document provides an overview of the most important events and proclamations toward establishing Cheon Il Guk on Foundation Day, February 2013. Links take readers to the Today’s World Magazine articles of True Parents’ speeches.


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True Parents' 97th & 74th Birthday Celebration 2017


Father 1/6/1920 (lunar) -- Mother 1/6/1943 (lunar)

Mother taking notes

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True Parents' Birthday Tribute
Olympic Gymnasium
True Parents' Birthday Tribute
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February 10, 2000
Seoul, Korea