43 Couples' Blessing

28 February 1969 (solar) - American
28 March 1969 (solar) - Europe
1 May 1969 (solar) - Japan

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The 43 Couples' Blessing was actually done in three parts, the first in the US at Upshur House, Washington DC, then in Europe (Essen) and finally in Japan.  This was the first blessing of non-Korean members, and was an international extension of the 430 Couples' Blessing.

The American portion of the blessing was on February 28, 1969, with 13 American couples--including Edwin and Marie Ang, Wesley and Gladys Samuels, and George and Diane Fernsler. Eight couples were blessed in Germany on March 28, 1969--Reiner and Barbara Vincenz, Teddy and Pauline Verheyen, the Martin Porters, Paul and Christal Werner, Peter and Gertrude Koch, the Johann Van der Stoks, the Kunkels, and Dennis and Doris Orme. Twenty-two Japanese couples were blessed on May 1, 1969, in Japan. Ken Sudo's and Takeru Kamiyama's couples were part of that blessing. Later Michael Runyon officially joined the ranks of the 43 couples, actually the Japanese portion, when he was reblessed to Chizuko whose Japanese 43 couple husband had left the church.

At the time of the blessing, the American couples considered the match up of the number with the number of the American founding colonies. 

(Contributed by George Fernsler, with additional information from Reiner Vincenz)  

Washington, D.C.

Essen, Germany

Edwin and Marie Ang

Peter and Gertrude Koch

Philip and Vivian Burley

Hermann and Romana Kunkle

George and Diane Fernsler

Dennis and Doris Orme

George and Sylvia Norton

Martin and Marion Porter

Robert and Vivian Oswald

Johann and Elke VanderStok

Vernon and Maxine Pearson

Teddy and Pauline Verheyen

Carl and Linna Rapkins

Reiner and Barbara Vincenz

Ken and Ora Pope

Paul and Christel Werner

Galen and Patty Pumphrey


Wesley and Gladys Samuels


John and Marie Schmidli


Jon and Sandra Schuhart


Fred and Jacque Stock