The Visible Substantial World And The Invisible Substantial World

Internal character is invisible to the physical senses and yet it is responsible for the behavior of the external reality that is observed, directly or indirectly, by humans. The implication of this is that the invisible inner world of creation is causal and therefore more important than the world known to human senses. Yet little is known about the internal, spiritual, dimension of reality. This is due, in part, to the fact that it is a realm intangible to the five senses of the body and beyond the reach of scientific instruments; consequently its study has remained the province of religion, which is the object of considerable skepticism in the modern, scientific world. Nevertheless, science itself recognizes the existence of invisible, causal forces that are only known through the impact they have on the observable world and recent extensive research into "near-death-experiences", "remote-viewing" and "the presence of spirits in madness" is bring science around to recognise the existence of the "invisible-substantial-world" and it's impact as it interfaces with the physical world

. The physical world, which is known to human beings through their five physical senses, is complemented by an invisible substantial world, or simply spirit world which is also accessable through humanity's other five senses, called the "spiritual senses". . This is not a world of fantasy or imagination but a completely real environment for the human spirit. The spirit world is a separate realm of existence, but it interfaces with the physical world.

The reality of the spirit world can best be understood by recognizing the reality of intangible forces in life, such as the power of love to influence people through the invisible bonds of family, friendship, nationality, race and religion.


Actually it is fair to say that most peoples' lives are governed by invisible influences stemming from belief, relationship, tradition and culture. The world of humanity's physical environment is shaped by these internal forces because the activities of the body are directed by the mind. The realm of mind and spirit is causal to the world of body. Religions have arisen to deal with this "spirit world's" impact upon human life and culture with a history recording1,000s of years the causal relationship like Jesus holding a conference

(Mt 17:1-3) And after six days Jesus took with him Peter and James and John his brother, and led them up a high mountain apart. And he was transfigured before them, and his face shone like the sun, and his garments became white as light. And behold, there appeared to them MOses and Elijah, talking with him.

meeting with the "spirit personage" of Moses and Elijah and Christ's laughing at Peter's suggestion to construct a tent for the "spirit bodies" of these two Prophets physically dead. While most people believe in some kind of life after death, few are conscious that even during our physical lifetimes we are existing in two realms simultaneous-a material one and a spiritual one. Thath there is an invisible spiritual world that surrounds and interpentrates the physical one and is inhabited by those who have passed on. Because the two realms do


interpenetrate each other, the spirit self of a person near death can float out of his body and then return later on. For this same reason the spirits of Moses and Elijah could could converse with Jesus and appear to Peter.


Spiritual Self and Physical Self


(I Cor 15:44) It is sown a physical body, it is raised a spiritual body. If there is a physical body., there is a spiritual body.

The physical person is created at conception and continues to live until physical death; the spirit person begins its autonomous existence at the birth of a baby. It exists


forever, first connected to the physical person, and then, once the body dies, in the spiritual world. An awareness and proper understanding of this reality is important in the shaping of one's physical life to serve the larger purpose of eternal spiritual existence.


The spirit person has both a spirit mind and a spirit body, which responds to the desires of the spirit mind. The spirit person is completely substantial in the sense that it appears as a distinct shape (visible to the spiritual eyes of others) and functions much like the physical person, though without the limitations of time and space. The physical person has a physical mind, which operates through the brain and central nervous system, and a physical body, which responds to the desires of the physical mind.

The spirit mind is the core of the spirit person, controlling the eternal life, love and ideals of individuals. Through it, human existence gains value as emotion, intellect and will pursue, respectively, beauty, truth and goodness. It is the place in humans where God can dwell. The physical mind is similar to an animal's mind, manifesting rudimentary intellect and instinctive desires for nourishment and exercise, self-protection and comfort, and for reproduction - thereby maintaining life.


The human mind, then, essentially is an invisible, spiritual aspect of humans that is subject over the physical person and provides direction and purpose to human existence. In an individual who is alive physically, the physical mind interacts with the spirit mind to create the human mind, the causal aspect of a human being. The union of spirit mind and physical mind centered on giving true love and returning joy to God is the original mind. The original mind is the voice of God in human beings.

In an ideal state, the strong desires of the physical person are naturally subordinate to even stronger desires of the spirit person, and they are harmonized through the perfection of the mind-body relationship. But when people are separated from God through the violation of His principles, the desires of their minds are dominated by those of their bodies in an inversion of the first blessing. These disordered human desires create the type of chaos and suffering seen in the world today where rampant physical lusts are pursued at the cost of spiritual values.

The conscience exists to guide people towards a proper relationship between spirit and body. The conscience guides according to what one believes to be true, but the conscience is subordinate to the original mind and is to be educated by it. The conscience seeks to direct humans towards fulfillment of their true purpose as beings of absolute value, guiding them according to their levels of maturity. Only a perfected mind can fully comprehend absolute values of beauty, truth and goodness and thus direct humanity in a life of perfect oneness with God. In the fallen world relative standards prevail, hence the diversity in moral codes and ethical systems. It is the role of religion to educate the human mind to develop ever more accurate and profound understanding of absolute values, going beyond the limitations of relative standards. In this way religious truth serves as the basis for the true working of conscience. The more the original mind dominates human thinking and behavior, the closer the conscience comes to directing people according to absolute standards of beauty, truth and goodness.




the spiritual world and its relationship to the physical world, in particular the pivotal role of human beings who are endowed with spiritual nature and created to be the center of harmony between the physical and spiritual worlds.

what is the nature of the spiritual world? How does it relate to the physical world? How do human beings mediate between the two worlds? How does the human spirit grow? Where does an individual's spirit go at death? What are hell, paradise and heaven?