Love Created Stronger Than Principle


Love is the motive and purpose for the Creation, and is the most precious aspect of all things. To the Creation it is the source of life, happiness, and joy. The creatorfs essence is heart, and the very reason creation took place was to express and experience that love. Although God created all things in accordance with The Principle, or laws, since he ultimately desired a dominion of love, he made love the strongest force.

God made man to live in the absolute and extreme love and to enjoy the utmost happiness on the earth and in the eternal world. If that love were controlled by the Principles, that love would no longer be perfect and absolute and actually not exist in the form called "true love" and humans would not be humans of emotional tempor but mere robotic lifeforms. Therefore, in order that love may have the greater value, the power of love must be created stronger than that of the Principle. If the power of love were weaker than that of the Principle, God's love would not be able to dominate man, who was created through the Principle. Rather, man would be concerned with the Principle more than with God's love. God's laws exist to guide humankind in the perfection of love: they exist to serve love.


After reaching the state of perfect maturation, man is no longer under the Principles but under the dominion of God's direct love. A perfect freedom and a supreme happiness do not exist under the law and principles, but under the rule of God's absolute love does. Man was created to grow to perfection, moved from within during the growth period, or period of indirect dominion. By the force of The Principle humankind was to freely choose to live in accordance with The Principle. This however meant that for a period of time before being dominated by the sublime love of God, humankind had the "free will" to reject or turn away from the Creator.

A train cannot run off the track by itself. For a train to run off the track, there must be a breakdown in the rail, or an external force stronger than its own running force must collide with it, coming from a different direction. No man who is under the rule of the Divine Principles can turn the wrong way of his own accord. Likewise, man can only fall away from God and absolute goodness when a certain power, stronger than that of the Principle which makes him grow, and with a different purpose, collides with him.


The power which is stronger than that of the Principle is nothing else but the power of love. Because the force of love is stronger than the force of The Principle, there is always the possibility that during his growth period a person may fall due to non-Principle "love." Therefore, man, in an immature state not knowing oneness with God, could fall because of the power of love, if it was not centered on the Principle. If man were to fall or participate in non-principled love, man could bring about the creation of evil due to his endowed "co-creative" powers.