Opening Ceremony for Founder Sun Myung Moon Memorial Photo Exhibition


The opening ceremony for the Memorial Photo Exhibition for Founder Sun Myung Moon was held on 7.12 by the Heavenly Calendar (August 18) at 3:00 pm at the Uni Hall, located in the new headquarters of the Segye Times at Gyeonghuigung-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, with Blue House public affairs senior spokesman Jeonghyeon Lee and Woori Financial Group chairman Soonwoo Lee among the more than 50 prominent business leaders and other important guests in attendance.


The festivities included guest introductions, a introduction to the exhibition, a congratulatory message by Bo Hi Pak, chairman of the Korean Cultural Foundation, a commemorative video presentation, the tape cutting ceremony, and reports and reflections on the exhibition.


In his introduction to the exhibition, Byungsu Kim, the SegyeTimes president remarked ‘With the relocation of the SegyeTimes to our new office building here, we were happy to be able to provide the setting for the this photo exhibition marking the first anniversary of the seonghwa of the company’s founder, Sun Myung Moon.”  He continued, “While we prepared the photo exhibition, we recognized anew the great value and vision of our founder, Sun Myung Moon.


In his congratulatory remarks, Korean Cultural Foundation chairman Bo Hi Pak spoke about the time he spent as president of the Washington Times in the first 12 years after its founding, and its affiliation the Segye Times, and the vision of True Parents in creating both newspapers as part of their work toward world peace.


After a video presentation, chairman of the Founder Sun Myung Moon Memorial Organizing Committee, Chang-shik Yang, along with nine others representing important companies and organizations participated in the ceremonial tape cutting to officially open the exhibition.

Among the works displayed in the Memorial Photo Exhibition are more than 70 historical photographs, arranged in zones with different subjects related to Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s thought and legacy, his pursuit of the ideal world, and other aspects of his life course and accomplishments.  The exhibition also includes a special collection of art works curated by Sewon University professor GwangIl Lee with frescoes and other works symbolizing the transition into the age of women.


The Founder Sun Myung Moon Memorial Photo Exhibition will run for seven days from August 18-24, and those visiting will have a chance to see photographs and Segye Times articles expressing their founder Sun Myung Moon’s lifelong dedication to his work in the interest of world peace, the salvation of humankind, the reunification of Korea.

The Exhibition has been organized in conjunction with other events as part of The First Anniversary of the Universal Seonghwa of Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, being held from August 17-24, which includes a tour of holy grounds, a memorial celebration service, the photo exhibition, ILC International Conference, a rally for peaceful reunification, a seminar on peace and security, and other events commemorating and celebrating Sun Myung Moon’s lifelong work for peace.