2013 - 70 Nations Peace Unification Rally

A rally to support the reunification of the Korean peninsula and the development of the Demilitarized zone(DMZ) as a world peace park was held at Imjingak in Paju, Korea on July 18 by Heavenly Calendar, the first year of Cheon Il Guk.(August 24 by Gregorian Calendar) Approximately 1,600 people, including 300 Korean residents in Japan and 600 VIPs from 70 nations gathered for the event.



Peace Unification Rally panel-display


Before the main event there were a video about the idea of a DMZ Peace Park and congratulatory performances; Arirang drum dance by One Communication, songs(In My Fantasy, Ummaya Nunaya) by Muzika Etrina meant eternal music, chorus(Imjingang, Hurusaddo) by Korean residents in Japan.


<Arirang drum dance performed by One Communication>


<Muzika Atrina(Eternal Music) sang a congratulatory song at the rally>


<Korean residents in Japan gave a choral performance>


The order of events are as follows: Welcoming remarks by emcee Mr. Kwang Seok Song, Secretary General of Citizen’s Federation for Unification; declaration of the opening and introducing VIPs; a video; greeting for the Korean-Japan cross country participants; special congratulatory performances; an opening speech; an welcoming speech; a congratulatory message; words of encouragement; a public reading of resolution for Peace and Unification; performance for prayer of unity; a song of unification; three cheers of Mansei; and the ringing of the Peace Bell.


<Mr. Kwang Seok Song emceed the rally event>


During the event, they showed the video of the 3800km cycling journey had started from hokkaido in Japan on Aug.3 and finished at Imjingak on Aug.24.


After the video, greeting for the Korean-Japan cross country participants were followed. First to celebrate the Peace Rally and as a means to connect this event to world peace, representatives from 70 nations entered the event place riding their bicycle while carrying their national flags. Then the cross-country bicyclists entered. Dr. Chang Shik Yang, practical director; Mr. Yong Su Seol, director of the rally, and Mr. Tae Su Park, vice-mayor of Paju city, presented a flower necklace and medal to the cross-country participants.


<Cross-country participants entered triumphantly on their bikes>



The Korean Team leader of the cross-country bicyclists, Mr. Hyeong Mo Lee said, “It was hard, but I rode with the hope for unification of South and North Korea” Mr. Jin Ho Yu, 700km participant, said, “It was hard at first but I finished with a joyful heart and prayed for the unification of Korea.” And one of Japanese bicyclists said, “We crossed the 38th parallel of latitude from the north in Japan as meaning of removing dividing line. I believe that the DML (Military Demarcation Line) will be removed soon.”


After that, The Little Angels performed to celebrate cross-country trip. They presented beautiful harmony to participants by singing Arirang, You Raise Me Up, and Doremi song


<Participants shared their testimonies>


 <The Little Angels Childrens’ Folk Ballet gave a special congratulatory performance>


Mr. Yong Su Seol, director of the rally, said in opening speech, “Today, this place was designed to awaken North leadership and to appeal to China and Russia to concern for Korean peninsula and to reconcile Korean and Japan. By sublimating a desire of unification, I hope we build harmonious, peaceful and unified Northeast Asia


Mr. Tae Su Park, vice-mayor of Paju city in Korea, greeted the participants, saying “Please corroborate your belief which had carried during the trip from Hukkaido to Imjingak. I wish this journey will contribute to world peace and reunification of North and South Korea. It’s been a year since dear Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Seonghwa. I do full honor to his memory and hope to fulfill his will to establish great human family for world peace.”


 <Mr. Yong Su Seol delivers opening speech>


 <Mr. Ok Su Han, former chairman of Jochongnyeon Chamber of Commerce presents words of greeting>


 <Mr. Tae Su Park, vice-mayor of Paju city in Korea, greeted the participants>


Next, the congratulatory address of Mr. Gyeong Dae Hyeon, a top vice-preisdent of National Unification Advisory Council was read by Mr. Yong Suk Shin, president of Peace Research Institution.


Dr. Chang Shik Yang explained the meaning of the event with his message of encouragement: “This rally was planned as part of the commemorative events for the on-year Seonghwa(Ascension) Anniversary to honor the man who lived his whole life for the peaceful unification of Korea. Rev. Moon sacrificed throughout his 93 years of life to build an international foundation for the unification of Korea. He suffered pain from a wounded heart because of the separation of Korea. I believe this event was very meaningful because Japan, which contributed to the separation of Korea, recognizes that reunification of Korea will bring peace in Asia. It is significant that in order to further world peace, these cross-country bicyclists crossed the Sea of Hyunhe [sovereign sea] to remove the barrier at the 38th parallel.”


 < Mr. Yong Suk Shin, president of Peace Research Institution reads congratulatory address>


 <Dr. Chang Shik Yang gave a message of encouragement>


Audience listens address


Afterwards, Mr. Gyeong Deuk Yu, president of the Youth Federation for World Peace and Unification-Korea(YFWPU). Read the Peace Unification resolution.


2013 Resolution for World Peace and Unification

1. Leaders, who desire world peace, wish for the peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula, which symbolizes the Cold War in the 20thCentury, and we envision reunification as the commencement of an era of peace in the 21st century.

2. Leaders, who desire world peace, we wish to maintain efforts to build trust and peace development between North and South Korea. We determine to cooperate internationally to build trust on the Korean peninsula and to establish a DMZ peace park.

3. Leaders, who desire world peace, will participate in the 2013 World Peace and Unification Rally and wish for fulfillment of the vision of world peace and the ideal of true family that Rev. Sun Myung Moon promoted around the world. In order to build this international network, we determine to work together.


<Mr. Gyeong Deuk Yu, president of YFWPU-Korea, read the Resolution for Peace and Unification>


Participants make a determination


After a public reading of resolution for Peace and Unification, representatives from 70 nations and cycling participants released 40 pigeons to express the collective dream of peace on the peninsula and sang unification ballad altogether. 

Finally, The rally closed with three cheers of Eog Mansei led by Mr. Ju Sup Kim, president of Seoul UPF Peace Ambassador Council and the ringing of the Peace Bell.


Performance for prayer of unity


Participants sing a unification ballad


 <Marchers carry banner expressing their hope for Peace and Unification>


<VIPs rang the Peace Bell>