DAE MO NIM’s words during the Summer Special Great Works workshop August, 11, 2014

Mrs Hyo Nam Kim, called "Hoon Mo Nim" (Teaching Mother), is a spiritual medium who conveys the words of True Mother's Mother "Dae Mo Nim" (Great Mother)


“Good morning, everyone. You are feeling good, right? Many people came here, so I received strength. I have appreciation to all of you so sincerely. During SGW TPs have come together. AGS SW is here also. So, I appreciate very much all of you coming. This is the 2d anniversary of TF's Seonghwa. While, he was here on earth, he sometimes did up to 23 hours HDH time. When TF went to SW, I thought he might be more comfortable. But, he has many things to do. So, there is even more work for him than when he was in the PW. Where did I bow when I entered? I bowed to the chairs, right? If TF is here, I bow to the chairs. If he is not here, I bow to the picture. From yesterday TF came here. I have been attending TF.


We must not forget that we are happy people. This is a precious time to remove fallen nature. I have made amazing conditions, even you would not be able to understand. I received mail, I went on tours. I see the members' situations. I understand the complicated and difficult situations you have. I offered full bows to HF and asked: "please help us." TF told me: please removed fallen nature from members. TF is with me this time, offering devotions. TF is together with us. In the prayer hall, when you are writing wish papers, only write down that you want to remove fallen nature. This SGW will remove fallen nature from you. Yesterday morning, and this morning, in cys I saw how you do. I felt so thankful. There was a lot of energy and spiritual favor, and level of removal of ES from you, in so many ways. Even the staff members are busy; I wish they could do cys.


So much grace is being given. It is being given because Unification families are in a very difficult situation. It is difficult because of the culture of Unification families; it is going to the wrong side. I felt very painful. TF said that 2014 will become difficult. In Nov, 2013, TF spoke about 2014 as bringing tremendous conflict among members, and cultural aspects will change. We will win the victory because we have TPs. Don't look, listen, talk bad things. Members know Principle words well, and the providence of God well, and the motivation of AE's fall, in the mind of Lucifer, and the lack of love, etc. Because of that they fell. God's shimjung was so frustrated. HPs, when He made the world for humankind, that heart cannot be described. "Let them only live with happiness"; with such a mind He created. His heart was so happy. But, at the fall, God was........Lucifer, read messages like reading a "story book." The fall was due to a lack of love, and excessive greed.


In the past, during the creation, and without the presence of human beings, HP was like: Lucifer, this and Lucifer that. He spoke with Lucifer that way. After the creation of AE, He only called A and E. Because they were His children. If you go beyond your position, it is a problem. Eve trusted Lucifer. He explained the purpose of creation, etc. to Eve, about these things. It was like a fairy tale from a children's book. Then, they ate. They were expelled from the GE. When you go SW, you will see. They left from the mind of HP. They ran away. Did HP look for them? AE where are you? Where? God wanted them to come and ask forgiveness. But AE ran to the farthest place away from the GE. From that time, with Cain and Abel, Jesus. God has been doing His providence.


Eventually, why did all the central figures fail? Because of their fallen natures. Do you believe what I am saying? TF spoke many things to me on the bench near the Shimjung tower. He talked so many things to me then. He said to do this, and to do that...... Without fallen nature, our UC will win. The central figures in God's providence.....we must not have fallen nature......TF began the blessing from the 3 couples, now in the fifth phase (of 400 million?),......CP works opened.....The whole physical world is the works of evil, and 80% of the spirit world is evil. Liberation of the (boundaries?) of HP is possible. The creation of AGS has been important. AGS embraced and protected HP. After offering the coronation ceremony for God's kingship, the Cheon Cheong Gung was built, HP could enter, etc. God asked me to make His home on the mountain. That was the Palace. Such a dark, cold night, in winter, snowing, etc. I could even hear the ice cracking on the lake. It was so fearful that night.......In CP works, there was no money then, and we had to make the Palace. There is no such home in the whole world like that. HPs, TPs could enter that home. There was that motive to make the Palace. You members did that. You are the ones who did that.


We need to practice in our lives......TPs made the substantial proclamation.......We thought TF would live for a long time. We didn't prepare. When in the hospital, people came and asked how, what, where, what kind of coffin, what kind of clothes, etc.? TMother said that SW already prepared everything. The huge portrait of TF was painted by a Chinese painter. For the clothes, we used a special sewing tool, not by hand. That would have been very slow. The same clothes used at the time of the coronation ceremony. The clothes were made with special cloth.


Because there was no money, I thought we could not build the Peace World Center. Do you know how much the maintenance fee is for the PWC? HP told me not to worry about the maintenance fee. The PWC was made quickly, but aesthetically. In CP works, we did it all, and had to do it quickly.....


Now, even though people say I am a bad person, I don't have any worries..... My worry is fallen nature. We must not follow the path of failed central figures. We must become one in heart, mind, body, and mindset. We must not allow Satan or evil to develop. Become one in heart, mind, body, and mindset. We must accomplish by 2020. Nowadays, so many works from members. TF told me to remove fallen nature from members. TF worries about Unification family members. Achieve one heart, one mind, one body, and one mindset by 2020. A total mobilization of SW will be done this time. So work hard in cys. We must not follow the (failed) path of past central figures.....I will close here. Thank you."


God bless, itn, David Carlson