Sun-jin Nim speaks about True Mother


Rev. Sun Jin Moon, Director-general, FFWPU International speaks to leaders at the opening ceremony for the Vision 2020 Strategy Conference

August 13, 2014, Korea, Cheongpyeong International Youth Center

I’m going to read a little bit of a speech, but I’m going to next go into a testimony that is not in the script to share with you some of the amazing experiences we have had with True Mother, as we are all brothers and sisters and we want to know what True Parents are doing. We want to be close to them. So, I want to share those stories with you. But I would just like to thank you, respected leaders, brothers and sisters, on behalf of my family, I would like to extend to all of you our sincere gratitude for keeping the front line of Heavenly Parents’ providence. As the secretary-general for the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International, I will commute to the Vision 2020 Strategy Conference for the strategic and providential nations.

I am humbled standing in front of great leaders such as yourselves. I know you have been missionaries, for some forty years, starting with nothing but True Parents’ words and your passion to do their will. Some of you are working in the most difficult regions of the world, in extremely poor environments where freedom of faith is not permitted. Some of you are literally risking your lives and your families. I have deep respect for those of you who have sincerely followed and sacrificed for Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Whatever foundation we stand on has been a testimony and an immortal legacy of your lives of selfless sacrifice to bring glory and joy to Heavenly Parent, True Parents and the world. The foundations, the families, the lasting legacies of works of world peace are under the patronage and umbrella of True Parents. With Father’s spirit in the spirit world and Mother on earth, we are carrying out this great task with members of the first, second and even fourth generation.

This is where I want o share with you more than any speech that can thank you for all your great work and sacrifice. I think hearing about True Mother and what she has been going through this past year… I have had the honor of attending our True Mother in many events this past year, which are miraculous to us all. Did any of you attend today’s luncheon? Did you notice a great change in our True Mother? Not only was it a physical change but you can tell an emotional and spiritual change.

We had performances not only from our respected delegate leaders here in the front row but also True Mother’s team. They did this song called “Bounce.” It is by a very famous Korean pop singer, whom True Mother really likes and what you saw was a dance she does every morning as a course. Yes. It might be funny to you right now but if you could imagine it, she started this in Hawaii when she came in May. The change in True Mother’s physical and emotional experience has been a drastic change from May to now, in a couple of months. You can see health and amazing power when we put one foot in front of the other and follow the course of True Parents.

She started this as exercise, a morning ritual that she started in Honolulu. We would walk on the Beach Walk early in the morning, like 4:00 in the morning, because this is a time, she said, when the moon is setting and the sun is coming up. So this is the moment when the masculine and feminine energy, the energy of Father and True Mother are one in nature and in the universe. So we would go there hoping to see the moon, because True Mother felt then as if Father were smiling down upon her whenever she would welcome the moon. As she walked, she would give sincere devotion and prayer with each step saying, “I will carry this movement to victory. One step, if I have to go, no matter how my body is suffering, I will give it my all for the sake of True Father.”

She started this in the morning, walking in nature along the beach. She started walking on the beach, too, to feel the waves on her feet. She felt that True Father in nature was embracing her, not only with the moon as a spotlight, lighting her way on the road in utter darkness at 4:00 am but with the ocean waves coming to embrace her each time. This was a real spiritual and physical connection that she felt is always there when we start to open our eyes and realize that True Father is all around us.

This is the connection she made every morning as a prayer to do that. Miraculously, after the past three months—approximately three months— she has not only had physically changed (her clothes are like six sizes smaller) and she said she feels lighter, literally being lighter but internally she has felt so much strength that Father is always with her and deep within her. We carry that every morning when we bounce with True Mother. When she was telling the World Summit 건강하세요, please be healthy, she was wishing you all that same remembrance. Every day, every action, while we are still alive, no matter how young, no matter how old—wherever you are in life—anytime that you can take that step to bring success and glory not only to have the strength to go on but to actually… To many elder members that came to Hawaii, True Mother taught this bouncing course, and I see Mr. Balcomb in the front here and Bishop Kim Ki-hoon, who is an amazing super bouncer. They have all been under True Mother’s bouncing training, and they have all lost many notches on their belts. I know Mr. Tokuno-san, if he is here, she also wished that you are taking care of your health. She was surprised to see Rev. Tokuno after a year. He was carrying a lot of stress. The heaviness was physically representing itself. True Mother said, “For your health… I know you have the responsibility for all of Japan and as the mother nation nowhere has suffered as much as Japan. Maybe you are the closest to Mother’s suffering that anyone could be in the world.” She told Rev. Tokuno-san, “Every morning I know even if you want to go to church early in the morning and work until late at night, you need balance. Take care of your health. Take care of your body. You need to live a long time. You need to be strong, so that we can overcome all of these challenges.”

True Mother’s mantra for this bouncing activity is “living for the sake of others.” In America, we say, LFSO. So she is saying every day “I take responsibility. I walk and I meet True Father. I give jeonseong, sincere devotion for the sake of the world. I am living for the sake of others.” At the same time we said, “Well, Mother, the other result is that you’re getting your life.” Every day she was walking longer. At first, she could only walk for twenty minutes. Now she is walking for two hours, two hours and bouncing. So, LFSO—the F is for “faster,” because she is picking up her pace. When she started walking, it was so slow because you are trying to move something and build muscle but everything was aching. Though that course was difficult, she persevered and through the course of every day practicing, she got faster. By the end, we could barely keep up with True Mother. We are young people but we are running around trying to open doors for her but she has already walked through. That is how much faster she got. I am sure many of you witnessed that too. You see True Mother standing now, and she doesn’t need anyone’s help. So, longer, faster… Stronger is the S. For the sake of others, I need to be strong. It starts with my own mind and body.

That individual perfection is the key that True Parents teach us. It is not only going to create balance in our own bodies, but that is the cornerstone of everything we do as a couple, as a family or in living for the sake of the world. Until we can actually have that as a reality, she is teaching us again. If I have to go through this and do this, I want you all to learn. So longer, faster, stronger and the O is for Omonim, because Omonin is literally leading us to not only health and well-being but showing us the way to move forward in the future.

There is nothing I can say to all of my elder brothers and sisters that are spiritual pillars for the movement to inspire you, because you are the inspiration. You have done all that work. You have followed True Parents with ultimate sacrifice and faith. I bow down to all of you.

But I know that this has been a difficult year of transition. There was tremendous loss for our community but True Mother has shown how to persevere and still move forward with her physical change and her spiritual, internal change.

I am just going to give you my testimony of True Mother, because this whole year she has been concerned about leaving a lasting legacy, because True Parents have completed everything, they have done everything. True Mother is like the key that opened up the whole world, so that we can be free and liberated. If you look at all the religions in the world—whether it is Christianity, Buddhism, with Mohammed, Christ—any spiritual leader—it has only been a man. It has been a male figure, a father. So what is the significance of our True Parents? Why are we different? What makes our religion or our truth so much more… true? It is because it is not just a man. The whole of history has been waiting for a man and woman to be united as one, just as True Mother comes to meet the sun and the moon in the morning. This unity is what she devoted her whole life to. We can’t even imagine. I’m sure many of you are parents and mothers and leaders. Can you imagine what it’s like to be True Mother, serving True Father, indemnifying all of history’s fallen past to come to a point where they can stand united and liberate all of the fallen world through their sacrifice? So everything we are, everything we’ve done, comes from that unity. Because without man and woman becoming one in complete harmony, there is no way for us to become children of True Parents, so every blessing we have, calling ourselves a true family, a blessed family, everything with “family” the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification… Where does family start? It started with True Parents, and that is the most important, precious reality. This is something she wanted to make sure was passed on to those in the second and third generations. Because many within our community, my family too, have not been able to realize the significance of what it means to have Heavenly Parent and True Parents and our parents. We have not realized how much they still sacrifice and are waiting for us to realize that and to come together as one family with complete love and unity to offer this joy to God that he has been waiting for for all his life.

Mother has been thinking that this year she would focus all her attention on teaching the next generation. Many, of course, in the second generation have moved on, but there is a third generation that True Mother wants to witness to. This was behind the Aloha workshop she started in Hawaii when she started to invite Hyo-jin nim’s children, who are in the third generation of the True Family, and others and give them an education with two main points she said, “I want you to teach them and I want all the counselors to teach them two main things: kamsahamndia (thank you) and saranghamnida (I love you.)

If those children can just learn these two phrases, they have understood all of the Principle. That is profound. Many things that True Mother says in a short amount of time are almost poetic. I was thinking, How are we going to teach these children true love and gratitude? Turning to the first page of the Principle, you realize that the Creation was about joy. If you think about what it is to have third-generation members, second-generation members, everything you’ve done as first generation members was to follow the path of True Parents and to indemnify. So many of those in the first generation are saints. You are our amazing examples of sacrifice and you went through tremendous suffering to create what Mother called “pure water” this time.

To our forty second- and third-generation blessed children, at the workshop this time she gave the blessing, “You are pure water, which your parents had to purify to give life to something so pure, so crystal clear that it can go anywhere and shine with love and joy.” She gave that blessing to the children. When you think about it, the education we got from True Mother and True Father is very difficult. It is, as you know, witnessing, fund raising, going out on the front line—witnessing witnessing, witnessing.

To all of you, I bow down deeply, but to the next generation, many of the second generation, even though we were taught Principle, we never inherited that heart, really internalized that heart. So Mother said that to really internalize it, there is a difference, because you have been purified.

This is how I explained it to the blessed children, because I have a background in sciences and I find it clearer to explain it that way, but everything on Earth falls under a bell curve, there is a natural order of things, it is called “normal distribution.” Many things fall in the zero point under that curve and then you have two tail ends, which are the positives and the negatives. When you think of True Parents, they are the outliers on the bell curve. There are points on the graph in the data that is so unusual, so unique that is so far beyond anything that is normal, it becomes almost divine. If you think of fallen human history, we are in the negative, zero and negative points because we fell away from the original point of what God intended in the Garden of Eden. Where we were was like negative two. (I don’t know if this is confusing you but if you look up a “bell curve,” this might make more sense.) Negative two is like where human history has gone and True Parents have indemnified human history.

All of you, from negative two, with your indemnity, with your sacrifice, with your work to live for the sake of True Parents and be that light in the world, have gotten to the zero point, back to where we were supposed to be, where God intended. You indemnified with True Parents, all of that. And where the blessed children stand, because of your indemnity is maybe at the plus one point, the one beyond the zero.

When Mother said they are “pure water,” this is the culmination of not only a blessing to them but a blessing and a “thank you” to you and all the first generation, the parents.

I said to every blessed child that came this time to the workshop that one prerequisite for you to come to the workshop is that we want you to get your parents’ testimonies. Go ask your parents why they joined this church. What about the Principle moved them? What made them change their lives? Have direct parent-to-child dialogue and communication. If you can understand why your parents joined the church, more than me teaching you all the chapters of the DP, that is going to be where you understand who True Parents are, through your parents. You will also understand who Heavenly Parent is and why we are at this point, and who you are as pure water whom Mother has given that blessing.

In this way, True Mother was teaching so many things this time to our third generation, too. This is her heart. This is her absolute heart as a True Parent. She never stops being a mother to all of us. As we saw in this World Summit and True Father’s commemorative ceremony, the main point was when True Mother said, “It’s True Parents’ flu, forgive, love and unite.” Once you catch this bug, you are immune to all evil because you build immunity by fighting the flu of evil. The one thing about a flu or a virus is that it must be caught by somebody else, so that they can be restored.

It’s funny. We might make it into a joke, but forgiveness, love and unity are the only things that will bring all the world’s children together as one. When you think of True Parents, when you think about any difficulty you have in the world going forward with the heart of parents, of True Parents, only through forgiveness and love and absolute brotherly unity (where Cain and Abel become one) can no differentiation exist—man and woman are completely balanced and harmonized because of True Parents. Now it is our work to be completely united as one family, to work together, because we are all sinners, we have all not done enough. When I look at True Parents and everything they sacrificed for the world, in every country…

Being in this position, we get many reports and see many unsustainable things, while everything True Parents did was with the heart to want to save and give. But we haven’t been able to do our utmost and follow that path as True Mother is doing every day with bouncing. This time with the commemorative ceremony, Mother is giving grace to all humankind after Father’s passing. This is the heart of a parent, of the flu, the beginning. When you are able to forgive and love and bring unity wherever you go, you are honoring True Parents, honoring True Father and honoring our True Mother and remembering the precious, pure water your children are.

She actually said to first generation members that they are like beautiful gems, the most beautiful colorful gems. She said this to the Japanese elder members that came to Hawaii; she gave them that blessing. To become a gemstone, how much heat, how much suffering, how much fire, how much meticulous cutting goes into creating something that is sparkles and can reflect light in a way that can shine and bring so much joy to people? In that way, that is you.

I am sorry, because I have nothing to share with you other than my experiences with True Parents. I hope that as brothers and sisters you can feel as if you walked with True Mother and can carry that training and carry this message and this flu, this True Parents’ flu with you in everything you do.

That is what I wanted to share, and I think that going forward, the strategy, True Parents already mapped out as individual perfection. You do the work. You take that step every day to bounce, to leap forward, to move and to be well. Then from there be appreciative, thankful for who True Parents are, what they had to indemnify to come into harmony together and to liberate us from this fallen world and third, the education of our children. How we do that for the rest of the world is only through forgiveness love and unity. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Thank you all elder brothers and sisters. We wish you so much joy because that was the intention, why we were all created. So when Mother says be happy and hopeful, it is because you have been given that blessing. Thank you so much.