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So, now we're going to talk about the third part of our presentation, which is mind-body unity. Mind-body unity is not a simple topic to comprehend. I mean, I've had classes over an hour just discussing 'what is it?' 'What is mind-body unity?' and we wrestled with it for over an hour. It's not so easy to really answer the question; and, we'll find out why.

Father really didn't define clearly or explain clearly what He meant by mind-body unity. So, let me give you a little background on this. I heard many lectures over the last four decades talk about mind-body unity; and, every description and explanation I heard was not satisfying to me. I just felt like ... I mean, I could shoot holes in all those explanations that I heard.

So, I kinda went on a quest myself. I got hold of every passage and every statement that I heard Father spoke about mind-body unity, and I studied them over and over and over again, read them over and over and over again. I put them all together. I messaged it, worked on it, trying to understand, 'What does Father mean? What does He mean by mind-body unity?' Because it's not intuitive.

So, I eventually came up with a paper when I was at the seminary there in Korea; when I was there recently; and, I was encouraged to submit it to the Unification Thought Institute. And I did. They invited me to come and be the lead speaker at their International Symposium in Japan. They were so impressed by this paper. So, I went there; and, they really loved it. So, what I'm going to present to you is that same explanation of what I thought Father meant by mind-body unity. It is based on His Words and His explanations; and, I want to offer this to you from that.

First of all, we usually try to explain mind-body unity in the traditional sense of talking about the brain vs. the arms and legs. 'I'm tired. I don't want to get up and go out and cut the grass today and so on like that, and how our body is not cooperating with our mind. That is the traditional way we have been explaining this kind of thing; but you know, there is some real problems with that explanation.

For example, it's kind of implying that our body has a mind of its own. Let's say, you are a wife and you love your husband so much and you spent three or four hours one day cooking up this incredible dinner for your husband; and, you just put everything into it. And he works construction and is coming home. He's tired. He's dirty and he's hungry. And so, you're cooking, you have the candles out and you put so much into this meal. He comes into the door and you say, 'Hi, honey. Welcome home. Are you hungry?' and He says, 'Oh, man. I'm just starving. I can't wait. I can smell the food. It smells so great.'

So, he takes a shower and comes downstairs and sits down at the table and he started eating. After half an hour, he's still sitting there looking at the dish. And the wife says, 'What are you doing? I thought you were hungry. I thought you wanted to eat this meal. And he says, 'Well, my arm ... It just won't reach over and get the chop sticks or the fork. I want to eat it. I'm hungry; but, my body just doesn't cooperate. I mean, is that our living reality? Is that what we experience in life? I mean, if our body wasn't doing everything that our mind told it to do, electrochemical connection between our mind and body wasn't solid, how could we walk, how could we drive a car, how could we ride a bicycle? You know, there's something wrong with that kind of thinking. Our mind, our leg, our foot really doesn't have a mind of its own.

Your know, there are people who have spent their whole life on this idea that you have to repress the mind .... no I mean you have to repress the body, the desires, passions, like I told you last night. And we end up with a person who's denied their humanity. This cannot be, absolutely cannot be what Father had in mind, not what Father had in mind at all. He wanted to maximize the expression of our humanity. So, mind-body unity is very different from that point of view, that traditional point of view.

It's interesting, if you research the Divine Principle, and I was able to catch these things: It says on p. 45 (in Expositions of the Divine Principle):

"Just as every part of the body spontaneously moves in response to the subtle directions of the mind ...

and also on that same page it says:

"The body cannot act apart from its relationship with the mind; ...

Well, that sounds like the mind and the flesh. The mind and the flesh are solidly connected, right?

p. 167: "Because the body is the substantial object partner to the mind, resembles the mind and acts in oneness with the mind, it may be understood to be the mind's second self; but it is not the mind itself."

Well, there are three statements in the Divine Principle which say that there is no lack of coordination between the brain, the mind and the flesh. Okay? So, that can't be what Father is talking about. It can't be.

Listen to this. Father Himself said:

"What is the center of a person's body? It is the mind.

The body revolves around the mind and moves according to its commands.

When the mind directs the body to go east, it must do so, and likewise in the opposite direction.

The body cannot move at its own whims and fancies."

(CSG 1st ed., p555. 1985.12.20)

So, that's enough. We're going down the wrong road with this thing. That is not what Father is talking about when He says 'mind-body unity of the brain and the flesh.'

Unification Thought
San Hun Lee
Chapter 1 - Theory of the Original Human Nature
(Part II)
Section D - The Original Human Nature Viewed from the Unification Principle, p. 154

Spiritual Man (top of circle)

Spiritual Body (top circle)

Spirit Mind (inside top circle)

Physical Body (circle under top circle)

Physical Mind (inside that circle)

Physical Man (below that circle)

From the Unification Thought book, we find in the original book, it says that there is the spiritual man and the physical man, and there is the spiritual body and the physical body, and there is the spiritual mind which is controlling the physical body, and there is the physical mind controlling the physical body. So, if you look at that diagram, you can see where mind - body unity's gotta be happening. It's happening in the relationship between the spirit mind and the physical mind.


That's where it's happening right there. Its gotta be happening between those two minds. It's all happening up here (touches both sides of his forehead). That's where the conflict is going on. It's not in my arm or my leg or my stomach. It's in my mind. And that's on p. 154 of the original Unification Thought book.

So, the problem is: How many minds do we have, anyway? Actually not just one. We have a spirit mind. We have a physical mind. We have a fallen mind. We have the conscience, and we have the instinctual mind.




So, you have six minds there competing for our attention. And so, the problem is: Which one is getting our attention? Which one are we responding to at any given point in time? That's something to think about.

So here's what we need to flesh out when we think about mind and body, okay? There's a spiritual mind (remember that Unification Thought diagram); and, now we're gonna dissect that now; and, we're going to analyze that together, okay? So, the spirit mind and the physical mind. And the spirit mind is concerned with things like: truth; beauty and goodness (these kinds of invisible things, right? Ideals) and, the physical mind is concerned with things like: food; clothing and sex, right? That's what we've talked about in the past. The physical mind is concerned with those things.




If you try to categorize that, then the spiritual mind is concerned with things beyond the self. It's the spiritual mind that wants to love, the spiritual mind wants to explore the universe, the spiritual mind wants to find a cure for disease that I don't even have.

The physical mind, on the other hand, is concerned with things of the self. You can call those things, primarily, 'comforts:' food; clothing, shelter, sex. Fundamentally, it covers the world of the comforts of the self. It is about the self. But, the missing ingredient here that we haven't factored in, is that the comforts of the self, the concerns of the self are not just material, they are also internal, psychological, emotional and spiritual. The concerns of the self, the comforts that we seek are largely and mostly, actually, these things; but, we haven't included that in the definition. The physical mind is concerned with the self; but, these internal things are a big part of that, a huge part of that, the majority of that. We haven't factored that in. The internal, psychological, emotional and spiritual comforts.

For example, if we look at the four fallen natures, we can see that they go big time through the doorway of these internal comforts. For example, the first fallen nature: failure to see from God's viewpoint. Why do we not see from God's viewpoint? Because it is not comfortable. It is not comfortable to care so much about everybody in the whole world, not matter how bad they are, that you want to kill yourself to save them; or, the way God thinks about things from a true-love perspective is not always comfortable, especially in this fallen world. So, we resist that. It's very hard for us to find God's point of view; because, we are concerned about our self, our comfort zone, sort of speak. There's a big block there.

And another big doorway of the fallen nature and into the concerns for the self is leaving proper position. Why do people leave their position? Why does a man leave his wife or his girlfriend because she got pregnant. 'Oh, I'm not interested in having kids and I don't want to be around this.' or 'Oh, my husband's a drunk or he's on drugs and he's a deadbeat; and, I'm getting out of here. It's all a lot of internal, emotional, psychological and spiritual comforts that are coming in (into play). It's not just about money. And so we leave our position for these kinds of comforts.

The third fallen nature: We reverse dominion. The same kind of thing, right? We want to dominate somebody; we want to force somebody; we want to oppress somebody to do what we want them to do. This is because of our own self-centered comforts. We want things to be like unto self. Let the world conform to me. It's our fallen nature; and, we reverse dominion on people to try to force that to happen. It's because of our internal, emotional, psychological and spiritual comforts, which are concerns of the self, the area of the physical mind.

And the final fallen nature: To multiply evil. Of course, we want to multiply evi, 'Everybody's doing it. It's not just me. Hey, he did it too.' And 'What's wrong with it? That's the way everybody lives.'

So, we have all kinds of excuses for doing wrong things. We try to comfort ourselves, by multiplying our evil and dumping the blame on somebody else, right?

The point is that the four fallen natures find a huge access point, doorway into us through the lack of mind/body unity, as you will see in the end of this presentation. It is because of our lack of concern with self, what we haven't considered about that, what we haven't dealt with. And our ancestors have been living the same kind of life for thousands of years, right? ...hundreds of thousands, millions of years. So, we are influenced by those people who had the same problem, their comforts of self are driving their life. Dae Mo Nim said that 85% of our personality is not myself. It is those who are around me, influencing me.

So, this is a big deal. We are shackled, burdened with the fallen natures of all these other people people, because of their emotional, psychological and spiritual comforts (not being met), which are concerns of the self.

For example, 'I don't want this baby;' 'I hate crowds;' 'I can't stand to be told 'no'; 'I need many lovers;' 'I blame others for everything;' 'I divorced my husband for his bad habits;' 'I take the easy way in life.'

So, all these things are manifestations of the physical mind, concern for the self manifested emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and through which the fallen natures are manifested so easily.

caption: Spiritual Mind ( Sung Sang ) 
internal concerns 'beyond the self' 
the spiritual mind's more internal sung sang aspect is: 
truth, conceptual beauty, compassion, etc.

Spiritual Mind (Hyung Sang) 
'Goodness' - feed the hungry, help the poor, build highways, etc.
'Expressed beauty, etc.'
external concerns 'beyond the self'

Physical Mind ( Hyung Sang )
concerns for the self
Sung Sang aspect is internal concerns of the self
which is the internal, emotional, spiritual comforts,
internal concerns for the self

Physical Mind (inner hyung sang aspect)
food, shelter, sex, etc comforts
external concerns for the self

So, let's look at it in this little chart here: We have the spiritual mind, sung sang; and, the physical mind, hyung sang. The spiritual mind is concerned with things beyond self and the physical mind is concerned with things of the self. But, for each of these minds we have a sung sang and a hyung sang aspect.

The sung sang aspect of the spiritual mind is its focus on truth, conceptual beauty and compassion. These are internal feelings beyond the self. The hyung sang aspect of the spiritual mind is doing goodness and expressing beauty, outward expressions of the spiritual mind. That's the hyung sang aspect of the spiritual mind.

The physical mind, the hyung sang physical mind has a sung sang aspect which is the internal, emotional, psychological, spiritual comforts; and, the hyung sang expression of the physical mind is the food, clothing, shelter, sex that we've always talked about. That's the hyung sang expression and manifestation of the physical mind. That's how we can divide it up.

So, 'Who cares? I'm 65 years old. I'm going to die soon. I'm going to leave this old body in the casket in the ground to rot away; and, I won't have to worry about mind/body unity any more,right? Because I'll lose my body.'

Actually, that's wrong thinking; because, in the spiritual world we still have our mind and body, the spiritual mind and the spiritual body, right? We already had the spiritual mind and the physical body; but, what is there when our physical body drops away is that ...the problem (has not been and) is not our flesh, anyway, is it? When we go to the spiritual world from the physical world, we're still going to have our spiritual body and spiritual mind; but, that's not the point. 
The point is that we still have a spiritual body and a spiritual mind, which is concerned with the comforts of the self. Concerns of the self is still going to be active in our life after death. Our physical mind will still be actively concerned with things of the self.

So, in the spiritual world we will still be looking for comforts, right? Definitely. You read about the lower realms of the spiritual world; especially, they are all about the self-centered comforts: greed, envy, jealousy ... For example, here is a great example that Father and many other spiritualists have described to us that in the spiritual world there are these realms, right? There is a Christian realm. There is a Buddhist realm. There's an Islamic realm. There's a Jewish realm. There's a Confuscien realm. And, they don't mix. Why not? Because they don't want to. They're not comfortable with each other. They're too different.

Father said that, if you don't want to see a Black person in the spirit world, you'll never see them. You don't want to. So, that's proof positive right there that our physical mind, which is concerned with things of the self, comforts, is very much alive and active in the spiritual world. (Because) It is causing people to separate from each other in the spiritual world. It's a big thing. So, mind/body unity ... Here's the thing, folks, we have to resolve it no matter what; and, it doesn't matter whether you live or die in the physical life. It's here to stay and we have to work it out. It's essential. Like Father said, 'Essential.' Mind/body unity is essential.

So, here's what Father said about it. Let's read a few quotes. This is because we are going to come to a conclusion now, I think, and come to an understanding of what Father meant when He talked about mind/body unity.

He (True Father/True Parents) said:

"Love strives to bring the mind and body into perfect resonance so they can move forward together in oneness. Love does not go toward only one side. When the conscience and the physical mind move forward with a single purpose, love rushes along in the same direction, toward the same destination... Therefore, in order to be happy, your physical mind and conscience must resonate with each other."

(Father is using the word 'conscience' there internchangeably with mind, mind and body, physical body/conscience, mind and body ... See how He is using it there. And he says:

"If you do not attain that resonance, love does not emerge. (and as captioned) Thus, we need to pay attention to whether the conscience and the physical mind stand within the eternal realm of resonance. (as captioned)

Let's read this other quotation here:

"Love is essential for the unity of mind and body. When parents come to love their children, they willingly endure hunger, hard work, ragged garments and going places they don't want to do. While walking the path of such love, the mind and body take the same unifying direction.

(They are not in conflict with each other any more, right?) 
(and, as captioned:)

It is the only way to unity, the only means to unity. If you take this as the standard for daily life and for your entire life, you will not perish. This I guarantee. (CSG - 2nd ed., p. 861. No. 2)

And, look at this:

"We create unity when we strive over and over again with our mind and body to live for the sake of others, centered on God's love.

(notice that? 'centered on God's love' I talked about that last night.

"Unity comes when the body serves the mind as much as the mind serves the body. " (CSG, 2nd ed., p. 342, No. 33)

(Don't forget that. That's going to come out again. And here's another passage:)

"The mind wishes to serve the body, but the body does not serve the mind. This is the problem." (CSG, 1st ed., 1485)

(Don't forget that. It's all going to come together here now.)

as captioned:

Spiritual Mind - "I want to live for the sake of others so I need to take care of myself"

Physical Mind - "I want to take care of myself so I can live for the sake of others"

So, this is what I think Father meant by 'mind-body unity.' You have your spiritual mind. You have your spiritual mind and your physical mind; and, the person who's achieved mind/body unity, the spiritual mind will be saying, or living for the purpose of saying, "I want to live for the sake of others so I need to take care of myself; but, the physical mind will say, "I want to take care of myself so I can live for the sake of others."

So, what's happening here ... There needs to be repression or self denial for a while as we're growing; because, we have to develop altruism in our self, which is the foundation for love We have to develop love; but, love is going to develop first in our spiritual mind. That's where love's going to develop; but, I think what's supposed to happen is that, when true love develops first in the spiritual mind, it flows over and affects the physical mind's thinking so that the physical mind eventually become motivated by true love as well. That's the point.

So, a human being with mind-body unity means that it is a human being that is 100 percent motivated by true love, both in his spiritual mind and in his physical mind. That is what True Father was saying, right, if you read that. We just read that; but, we didn't put it together.

So, here's some examples:

"Of course, I'm hungry; but, I can't take time, I can't be bothered with that. I have to make sure my daughter has her breakfast before she goes off to school or whatever it is. I gotta take care of the other." (There's no conflict there.)

"I gotta take care of these people. There's an act of terrorism here; and, people are dying and suffering and bleeding. I gotta help these people, even though I myself are in danger, even though I, myself, are injured." (There's no conflict here. There's no conflict in that. His physical mind is totally united.)

"Yeah, I stay up late at night preparing my lessons and reading books and stuff; but, it's not so I can get a better income, a better pay check from the school I work at. It's so that I can help my students to learn more in their class and be better educated to help them have a better life." (No conflict there.)

"Yeah, I'm in the military risking my life every day; but, it's not so I can be a hero and have a statue made of myself. It's because I love my country and I love my people." (There's no conflict there)

"Yeah, I take care of myself. I eat well. I take vitamins. I work out. And it's not so I can make money or impress anybody or make more income or get a better job. It's so that I can save another life on the operating table. (There's no conflict there.)



(What is conditional love?)

So, if you consider 'love,' let's first talk about conditional love. Conditional love is love where your spiritual mind has great love for somebody or something; but, your physical mind is blocking the way or challenging that with fallen nature or conditions: 'Yeah, I love you as long as you love me.' or 'I'll stay with you as long as you don't have any real problems.' or ya know 'Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.'

We have all kinds of conditions that we put on our love. Those are comforts, spiritual, emotional comforts that we're challenging our spiritual mind with, right? But, with unconditional love, there's no such challenge. There's no such condition. Our whole being, our whole self loves that person, is focused on that person, is totally engaged and going in the same direction, with the same purpose, Father said. So, there's no conflict going on in our mind and heart in loving that person or that thing. So, the spiritual mind and the physical mind are being motivated by love.

You know, 'I wanna love that person, so I take care of myself. I take care of myself so that I can love that person.' It becomes totally united. So, it's all about living for the sake of others. 'I want to live for the sake of others so I have to take care of myself. I wanna take care of myself so I can live for the sake of others. Your spiritual mind and your physical mind are totally going in the same direction, as Father said.

Let's read these

"Love strives to bring the mind and body into perfect resonance so they can move forward together in oneness. Love does not go toward only one side.

When the conscience and the physical mind move forward with a single purpose,

love rushes along in the same direction, toward the same destination...

(as captioned) Therefore, in order to be happy, your physical mind and conscience must resonate with each other. If you do not attain that resonance, love does not emerge. Thus, we need to pay attention to whether the conscience and the physical mind stand within the eternal realm of resonance." (CSG - 2nd ed., p. 1313, No. 11)

"We create unity when we strive over and over again with our mind and body to live for the sake of others, centered on God's love. Unity comes when the body serves the mind as much as the mind serves the body. (CSG, 2nd ed., p. 342. No. 33)



So, how can you achieve mind-body unity? "Only by True Love." And we can only achieve mind-body unity as they go hand in hand, they happen together. You can't have one without the other, happens together.

So, let's look at a couple of other points before we finish tonight.


We need to express love, right? Don't you think? Right? I've noticed ... I mean, I have a dear, precious wife of another culture; and, their culture seems to be very unexpressive or held back or subdued is a word for it. So, the reluctance to express love openly, to a fault. So, but, how about God? It seems to me that the creation that God created is very expressive. Look at the flowers, spraying fragrance across the room, the trumpet flowers, the lilies; and, look at the insects at night and the forest. It's an orchestra of chirping and noises, bird making noises all the time. Do you see a flower hiding behind a leaf, saying, 'Oh, don't look at me. Don't look at me.'

Nature is very expressive, right. So, do we want to resemble our cultural heritage; or, do we want to resemble God? Here's the way God expresses Himself, don't you think? I love this little picture. You know, God expresses Himself unabashedly; and, we have to learn the same. Our children ... We're suffocating our children with this stuff. They need ... They want to see love ... They want to experience love; and, by withholding that or not expressing that openly, I don't think we've done them any service, whatsoever. I think we've done them a lot of damage. We need to repent for that; and, they need to forgive us for that.

caption: GOD



So, that's all been on the left side of this four-position foundation, the internal stuff, mind/heart and spirit. What about the other side? What about the external side of the four-position foundation, the first Blessing?

We're not going to spend much time on this, just a minute; but, how about drug use? Why don't we just live the way we want? 'It's my body. I'll do what I want with it.' Well, if you really understand that you're a son or daughter of God, it doesn't really make sense, even if you work at McDonald's, you can't just dress or be any way you want. You must be dressed a certain way and if you're not clean, you're going home. If you are not dressed the way they want you to be dressed, you're out of a job.

I mean ... If we are sons and daughters of God, we really ought to feel that and represent our Parents and realize who we are. When we walk down the street, we should feel the earth shaking under our feet; because, we are God's son and God's daughter. We're like dinasaurs, the tyranasaurus ... really the masters of this world. We're somebody.

Look what drugs can do to people ... just a montage of photos there how, in a matter of months, it can totally destroy somebody. And this woman here. I figured out how many months, just six or eight months; and, she just changed so much because of hard drug use. How about some piercing, a little piercing. I mean, this is an extreme view; but, we need to realize who we are and lift ourselves up, so that we and God can resonate with each other.

caption: BE FRUITFUL




Having said that, we began this lecture talking about resembling God. It's a big' R' word, right? Resembling God, right? But actually, resemblance is not really the goal, not the ultimate goal of our first Blessing. It's not really just to resemble God. There's another big 'R' word that is really the goal of this whole thing. And that 'R' word (if you are a musician, you might pick up on this and figure out what it is) The 'R' word that is really our goal of personal, spiritual development is to Resonate ... Resonance ... We need to resonate with God.

Jesus said, 'When you see Me, You see The Father.' and Father said when He came out of Danbury Prison, He said, "I feel God in every cell of my body." We need to be people who not only resemble God in an arms-length relationship, but resonate with Him. God wants to live in us, right?

So, many people have the idea, even in our own church, that God is out there somewhere. He's got binoculars. He's got a telescope. He's got servants and angels who are watching us like Santa Claus; and, they're trying to see if we're naughty or nice. And if we should go to heaven or hell or not; and, God is watching from that hillside over there. He knows what you are doing.

You know, it's very damaging and detrimental to our spiritual life to put God 'out there' somewhere. That is not the way it is. Father explained that God created human beings to be His Body. He wants to be in us and among us, right? He wants to be intimate in our lives. He's not out there somewhere.

And Father said that when you go to the spirit world and you call, "God," He'll say with a soft voice from somewhere within yourself, from within yourself will come God's Voice saying, "What is my son? What is it my daughter? So, we already have that spirit right now. It is just covered with our physical body.

So, the point is that God wants to live in us, not be out there somewhere. So, the longer you keep this concept about God being out there somewhere watching you, you're damaging your spiritual life. You're a hindrance to Him coming into your life. You're a hindrance to Him. Very bad ... Don't do it.

caption: NOT 'FOR' HIM

So, my point is, 'Stop living for God. Do not live for God. Don't do things for God.' Now you are going to say, "Oh, Dr. Michael, you're just a real heretic now. I'm not coming to any more webinars. That's the end of it. You're crazy." But, my point is this: Instead of doing things 'for' God and living for God, what we really need to be doing is living with Him, doing things with Him...

'Heavenly Father (Heaven Parents), let's go to this restaurant and let's have a meal. Do You like that kimchi stuff over there? That's kinda hot... I don't know, do You like those frog's legs or spaghetti or some suchi ... inviting God. Let's have it. Inviting God to sleep with you. Let's share the blanket tonight... You have this half of the pillow and I'll have that. Let's go paintballing. Let's go gaming. Let's go for a walk in the park. I mean, God wants to have that kind of a relationship with us ... an intimate relationship, not God out there somewhere and close the drapes and close the blinds; and, we don't want Him to see what we're doing. Forget it. It is totally in left field if we don't bring God into our lives and live with Him and not for Him.

So, the question is as my final ... WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

It doesn't matter if you've been on GPA for six years. That's not the point. The point is, "What are 'you' doing?' What are you investing in? I mean, did you see in all the homework we have to do ... I mean, if we want to become like God and resonate with God, we have a lot of things to develop in our self to become like God, right. All those creativities and harmonies and balance and all those aspects that we went over ... This is how we need to develop ourselves to become resonate with God.

So, we have a lot of investing to do. We can't be sitting on the sidelines doing nothing or believing in some religion and going to church ... I mean this can be worthless ... We need to be investing and developing our selves to become God's sons and daughters. That's what we need to be doing; and, it's a marvelous thing. And thank God for the Principle.

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