Rev. Dr. D. Michael Hentrich, Sr.


So, they went into Canaan and, unfortunately after they went into Canaan and took it over, they violated what God had in mind for them, big time, second generation did and third generation of the Israelites, the Hebrews. It's the same thing we're doing today. They went in there and they were fascinated by the neon lights and the Hollywood and the rock stars and everything of Canaan, everything they had going on. And they basically married into the rich families of the Canaanite people. And they kind of lost their tradition to some extent.

So, that was bad, bad ...This is bad because tradition is kind of everything. So, here we are. Here we are. This is where I want to work for the rest of this presentation.

In Father's Words and in the Principle Book we can understand that there are four requirements that God needed to put in place before Adam could come, before the new Adam could come, Adam and Eve. The first one, the big one is THE TRADITION. That's what this first timeline is all about here, from Adam to Joseph. It took God millions of years. You need to really get that.

And by the way, you need to really reflect back on that story we just covered of Moses, how much the dark side was involved there, fighting and slugging it out with God, because Lucifer knows what's going on. He knows the game plan. He knows the score. And he knows what God needs to accomplish here. Who do you think was pushing Moses' hot button to get violently angry, you know. It wasn't just an innocent thing that Moses lost his temper and killed the Egyptian. That was the dark side behind him, working through his fallen nature. And the dark side was working through the Hebrew people out in the desert, making them complain all the time up and down, left and right, and making the second and third generation compromise their faith by marrying into the Canaanites and everything.

I mean, the dark side is working overtime, and getting hotter and hotter and more and more concerned; because, time is short. Time is coming. He knows. Lucifer knows the timetable. He knows what God is doing. He knows that He's preparing for the new Adam, and that's bad news for him. If the new Adam is successful, he's out of business. He knows that.

So, here we are. God set up this tradition. He finally slugged it out and created it. It took millions of years, at least ten million years. We don't know, maybe more.

ADAM 1600 YRS - NOAH - 400 YRS -
ABRAHAM 400 YRS (slavery, circumcision, Sabbath, sacrifices) - MOSES 400 YRS (judges) -
120 YRS (40 YRS / 40 YRS / 40 YRS ) -
(70 YRS before RETURN / 120 YRS until MALACHI)
400 YRS until JESUS

Then there's the second timeline. THE EXPANSION OF THE TRADITION. That's the second timeline. And it just so happens to look like the first timeline. Why? Not because it has to ... well, it does have to; but, the reason it looks like the first timeline is because this is how the Principle plays out when people fail their human portion of responsibility. This is how God works in a principled way when people fail their responsibility. This is how it works. So, it looks the same as the one above it; because, it's the same process and the same principle being played out. That's why.

But actually, the second timeline didn't have to happen that way. I mean, the whole thing; because look here, you've got the tradition, right? When you got to Joseph then we've got the tradition, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We've got the tradition. That's what Jewish and Christian people stand on, the tradition Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You've got that with Joseph. Actually, there was one thing that Joseph could have done that he didn't do; but, he didn't know. How could he know?

Father said that every central figure fell short and didn't do everything that God had wanted. And I thought to myself, 'Well, what about Joseph then? because Joseph fixed the mistake of Jacob when he ran away? But actually, Father said that there was one more step that Joseph could have done and he didn't do. But, it's good enough, it's good enough. It's good enough for the providence. But, how could Joseph possibly know. He doesn't know the Principle, right? He doesn't have a Principle Book.

But Father said that Joseph could have done one more step. Guess what that is. Joseph could have reached out to Esau's people, Esau's tribe up there, clan and said, 'Esau, come to Egypt and join us here. And we'll all be together and we'll all be a whole family. Well, anyway it's good enough. We've got the tradition expanded now to Joseph and another four hundred years indemnity in Egypt, with slavery involved in that for a while, and that expanded the people who subscribed to the tradition of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, right?

So, what do we have? could be a million people there. I don't know how many people. It could have been hundreds of thousands of Hebrews living there who believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. So, we've got the people now.
You know, Lucifer knows ... he knows this scoreboard. He knows what God's got here. He knows what's going on. He's got the tradition. God's got the tradition. God's got the people now; and, Lucifer is starting to freak out, 'What in the world?' And now, a nation. Well, we need a nation before Adam ... Adam has to come to a nation, right? because there's so many nations in the world, lots of people. So, we need the foundation of a nation.

Well, that nation came way over here with Saul, David and Solomon, right? But Moses was supposed to be the pharaoh, right? See, if Moses had become the pharaoh, we've got the nation, then we would have gotten the nation already right there in Moses lifetime, not four hundred years later. And the temple. How about the temple. Well, we've got the temple over here with Solomon, right? But Moses would have built the temple, definitely. I mean, that's what they do. That's what Egyptians do. They build temples and monuments to their gods.

So, the whole thing could have been set up for Jesus in Moses lifetime. That's the whole point right there. So, Jesus, when would he have come? He would have come in the time of Saul, 400 years later Jesus would have come. Boom, the end of the timeline. We don't need the rest of it.

That was the short course, should have been, could have been. That's what God was expecting or hoping for; but, because Moses killed that Egyptian, see now we end up stringing this all the way out to the end, all the way out to the maximum of 2,000 years. That's the maximum. That's it.

So, it didn't happen that way. So, there we are; and, after we had the tradition and the people, then (that 400 years could have been back over here in the time of the judges, that preparation for the Messiah, that final preparation for the Messiah, but it wasn't ...) we went through 400 years of judges where we're still arranged in twelve groups. You know, we don't really have a nation yet.

Then, God calls Saul to be the king. Well, Saul turned out to be a really lousy king. God wasn't happy with him at all. He tried to kill David and everything. Ah, not good. It says in the Bible that God was sorry He made Saul the king. That shows you that God doesn't know everything. He was disappointed in Saul.

Disappointed means He expected better. He was sorry He made Saul king. That shows you right there that God didn't know how bad Saul would be. He was bad.

So, after forty years of Saul came King David. David is the one who slayed Goliath with his sling shot, with his rock in his sling and he threw the rock and hit him in the head and killed the giant, right? Wow. And David became the king, the most celebrated king in Jewish history. He was a really popular king; but, he also had an eye for women, right? And he saw Bathsheba bathing on the rooftop of her house. And she was beautiful or whatever; and, he took her and made her his wife. And he sent her husband away to die in battle so that he could have Bathsheba.

Well, God did think that was so good. And He ... It says in the Bible that God wanted David to build the temple; but, He didn't let him build the temple because he had too much innocent blood on his hands. It says that. So, it says that God would have built the temple with David but he was too unprincipled, too dirty in his dealings. So, that's ... right there ... God wants that temple. He didn't think a million years ago that Solomon would build it. He had other plans to get the job done quickly. He's not dragging His Feet (on purpose premeditatedly). God doesn't want to waste one day toward bringing the new Adam.

So then, David gets really old; and, he's going to announce his successor. And his successor probably would be his older son. He had several sons. But, he found out that they were plotting behind his back to take over the kingdom from him even before he announced who was going to be the crown prince. So, he was really angry about that; and, he appointed his youngest son, Solomon, to be the king in a quiet little ceremony somewhere. Then he died and, anyway, Solomon became the king.

And he became the celebrated king, right? He's the one who heard the two women who claimed to have the same baby as their baby. And they brought him to Solomon. And Solomon in this story said, 'Well, give me a sword here. And I'll just cut this baby in half. And we'll give half to each mother.' And one mother screamed and cried and said, 'No! No. No. No. No. You give that baby to that other lady, to her. And Solomon said, 'Well, there's the mother right there.

Anyway, that was a neat story; and, Solomon became the king who built the temple. He built this fantastic temple of the Jews. I mean, it was known throughout the world as the most gorgeous and amazing temple. It was full of gold and special woods and all kinds of ... It was something else. I mean, we don't have any pictures of it; but, that's what we hear about it, we read about it. It was the talk of the world.

So, Solomon also ... Now we have a nation, right? We've got a nation with Saul and now we have a temple with Solomon. And here we are. So, Solomon had a good idea, maybe kinda; but, he decided that he wanted to make peace and harmony with the peoples that lived around Israel, the nations. So, he decided to take in these political wives; and, marry into those other countries. So, he had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

And that really wasn't really the problem, 700 wives and 300 concubines. I mean, you don't even have time to be king anymore. You've got a thousand wives in your harem, almost a whole city. But the biggest problem is that most of those women had different religions. They didn't believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; but, he was fine with that. He said, 'Oh, that's alright. Bring your rituals and your beliefs into our temple here. Bring your incense and bring your candles and bring your ceremonies and do whatever you want to do here in our temple. We'll all be just one big happy family.' Sounds good but it was very bad, very bad. It confused the Hebrew peoples' faith. They decided that they were multi-cultural and, 'Oh, we can adopt this and adopt that from them.' And it was just destroying their faith.

Not even that ... That even wasn't the worst thing he did. He built temples for their gods. And not only that's not even the worst thing he did. He built a temple for one of their gods outside the city walls of Jerusalem on a hill higher than the Jewish temple. I mean ... come on ... You just don't do that. It's so disrespectful. He really ... See, the dark side invaded Solomon, with all his good intentions and he undermined what? What was Satan not liking? Satan is not stupid. Satan is freaking out. God is running for homebase here in the baseball game. He's got the tradition, the people, the nation and the temple. And Satan is freaking out; because, he knows the next step, Jesus is going to come. And he's the new Adam; and, he's (Satan is) out of business if he (Jesus) is successful. He's getting hot here. It is serious, Satan has to do something serious here.

So, when Lucifer went after Eve, he knew where to hit, right? He didn't poke her eye out or break her arm or anything, or break her knee cap. He went for the heart. He went for the juggler vein. He went for Eve's heart. Right here. Lucifer knows where to go. He undermined the tradition that God had worked for millions of years to create. Why? Because, if you lose the tradition, see, if you lose the tradition, then it doesn't matter how many Moonies you've got. If you lose the tradition, it doesn't matter how many people call themselves Moonies. And it doesn't matter how many Cheon Il Guks you've got, how many nations you've got. It doesn't matter. If you've got fifty nations that call themselves Cheon Il Guk, but you lost the tradition, you've got nothing. You've really got nothing.

And the temple... It doesn't matter how many Cheong Pyeongs you've got, or how many palaces you've got. If you don't have the tradition, you've really got nothing. You know what I'm saying? You've got nothing. The tradition is everything. The tradition is what you build the people and the temple and the nation on. So, Satan knew exactly what he was doing. He went after Solomon and pulled the rug out from under the tradition. It was serious, real serious. God had everything in His Hands and now it's going away, it's gone.

So, God has to take drastic measures. So, God does what He did with Adam, right? He separated him into two parts, Cain and Abel. The North of Israel became the ten tribes called 'Israel;' and, the South became the two tribes called Judah. And all these profits that we read about in the Old Testament, they were crying out to the prople in the North, 'Come on. Get back in line with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Get back in line with the Mosaic Law. You know, you're bad. You lost it here. Get back in the faith, in the tradition, Isaiah and Jeremiah and Ezekiel and all these profits crying out to the North.

And God tried this strategy for four hundred years, the period of indemnity, the four-hundred-year period. But, it didn't work. It didn't work. And by the end of the four hundred years, the people of Judah were confused also. So, now we have twelve tribes all confused. They've all lost the tradition. And now God is really agonizing. Satan is having a party. He's taken this train and put it off the tracks, that God had worked millions of years to put on the tracks.

So, God had to do brain surgery here. He had a strategy ... I don't know if you've ever played poka; I haven't but I understand that sometimes you can take all your chips and you're betting the house. You're betting ... It's all or nothing. And this is what God did. It's all of nothing. Either we're going to start over from scratch or we're going to pull this thing

So, what He did was, He had Babylon, a big powerful nation to the northeast, and Asyria ... They were angry at Israel and they came in and they destroyed Jerusalem. They destroyed the city walls, they burned down the temple, they destroyed the schools, the businesses, the houses. They took most of the people out into captivity in Babylon and Asyria, took them out.

So, you can imagine those people marching out of Jerusalem on their way to Babylon, looking back and seeing their temple burning down and thinking, 'What in the world? I thought we were the chosen people. I thought we were God's elect. What's going on?' I mean, Joseph could have said the same thing sitting in prison, right? What in the world is going on? I was being righteous here, and now I'm sitting in jail. And these people are marching off the Babylon; but, God had a plan.

So, in America, in the West where we live, years ago if you read about it, there used to be a gold rush. And people would come out here, to where I live, here in Colorado Rocky Mountains. And they would look for gold. And the way they did it, a popular way they did it was they made a pan out of metal, a steel pan about two feet across. And on the bottom of this pan they put a screen of wire, like a screen on your window, only big wire. And they'd dig up some dirt on the bottom of a mountain stream with the rocks and everything; and, they would shake it in the water. And they would sift out, they were sifting for gold, panning for gold. And they'd catch little chunks that don't go through the screen; and, they're hoping to catch a little gold. And sometimes they did. So, they're panning for gold, shaking this dirt. The dirt falls through the screen and they're looking for a little rock, a little chunk of gold to stick in the screen, right? that doesn't go through (as the dirt does). So, this is what God's doing here.

So, the people were taken into captivity in Babylon and Asyria; and, God is shaking them down. So, they were held there for roughly around seventy years, more or less, until Babylone and Asyria became a different country with different leaders, not the leaders that took them into captivity. And the new leaders said, 'Hey, you know, you Hebrew people, if you want to go back home, you're free. Do what you want to do.' And this is about seventy years.

So, here's God's strategy, see. If He would have waited about forty years; then, most all of them would have gone back to Israel. God didn't want that; because, most of them were not people that God could use. He didn't want that. If He had waited a hundred and fifty years before giving them their freedom to go back home, then nobody would have gone back to Israel. They wouldn't even remember what it was. God didn't want that either; so, He waited about seventy years, the precise period of time, the precise period of time so that a hand full, (as it says in the Bible 'a remnant), a remnant of the Jewish people went back to Jerusalem and re-established life there. A hand full of people, not a lot.

The rest of the people stayed in Babylon or Asyria, they left and went all through Africa and Europe and Asia. They became the wandering, the lost tribes of Israel, the wandering Jews. God bless them. God didn't have any use for those people. They were not on board. They were not living the Tradition. They didn't care about it; and, God couldn't use them. He wanted to filter them out. So, the remnant came back to Israel. Esrah the scribe brought a wagon with the scrolls in it; and, he set up shop in Jerusalem. And he started teaching the Tradition again, teaching the teaching, the laws of Moses. And they rebuilt the walls, and they rebuilt the schools and they rebuilt the temple, and they re-built the homes. And it took them a hundred and some years to re-build. And the population grew slowly, bit by bit.

And when they got re-established with this remnant ... Why did that remnant come back? Because they cared about the Tradition. They cared. That's the people God needed. He doesn't need the rest of them. It was very serious. I mean, if this didn't work out, God is dead in the water, done. And after 400 years, Malachi said, 'The Lord is coming.' And after 400 years Jesus came.

So, my question is here: HOW ARE WE DOING?

How are we doing? We're not doing well, in case you thought otherwise.



We are not doing well. We are doing very badly; but, we don't even realize what we're doing. I mean, I don't know how it is there in the Philippines; but, I know that in America and other places, it's a blood bath. The dark side is ripping and tearing at our tradition in the minds and hearts of the members.

How are we doing here? Let's see ... 'Purity before Marriage.' How's that going. Yeah ... Well, I've heard second gen talking to each other, 'Well, you don't have to be pure ... you know, this chastity stuff ... You can date around. Just get Blessed. That's the key, you've got to get Blessed. It doesn't matter if you're a virgin or not. I hear people saying that. That's a common thought, the idea of being pure before marriage is an unspoken joke in the mind of a lot of second generation. It's a crisis. It's a real crisis. It's got to change. And the biggest problem is, 'What are they going to teach their kids?'

?' It's just real serious stuff.

Marriage and Blessing, how's that going? Well, you know ... huh ... a lot of people my age are telling their kids, 'Well, you go find somebody that you want to marry and, you know, I'll sign the paper.' So, you know, why did Father institute the matching anyway? You know, it's really not just to find a spouse. That's really just a very minor part of it. I mean, you can go on some website and it costs a lot less money and maybe it's a lot quicker that you can find somebody that's good for you. That's not the point at all.

The internal reason why Father started the matching, He explained to us very clearly when He said, 'The purpose of the matching is to REMOVE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE THE ATTITUDE, THE IDEA THAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT ME FROM YOUR ETERNAL BLESSED MARRIAGE.

In other words, if you come into this with your shopping list. You know, 'I want a guy who's tall and dark and handsome and has blue eyes and brown hair and he's got a good job and he's ... ' You know, you've got your shopping list here. Or you guys, you want a girl who's this and this and this and this. Then, if you get that person, you're marriage Blessing is all about you. It's all about you, right? That's ... We missed the whole idea. We're trying to create something on a higher level here. We're trying to have an eternal Blessed marriage that is not just for me. It's for God. It's for the world.

Eternal marriage... How's that going? I mean, how many thousand broken Blessings do we have? I am not going to go through all of these ... I am not going to go through all of these with you. We are not doing well. You know, I can't even sleep when I think about this stuff. And it's very clear what China has in mind. They're building these military installations out in the middle of the South China Sea, or whatever it is, over there right by your guys, right? It's very clear what they have in mind. They want to take over that whole part of the world, including Korea. It's very clear. There's no suspicion about it.

I expect China to push Kim Jong Un to negotiate with the South and push for the unification of North and South Korea. We're already cheering saying, 'Oh isn't it great.' But it won't be ... You know, their idea is not to make Cheon Il Guk. I think China will push North Korea to unite with South Korea because they want the American military to get out. That's the only way that we're going to get out of there is if North and South Korea unite. No longer the need for us to spend the money to keep out military there. And then, five to ten years after we get out of Korea with our miliary, China will come in and take over. You watch.

And that doesn't mean that that is the end of the providence. Rome was occupying Israel when Jesus came; and, God wanted to use Rome to spread His Gospel throughout the world. It's not necessarily the end of the providence; but, what if China comes in there and burns down Cheong Pyeong and the Palace and everything? We're going to say, 'What in the world? I thought we were the chosen people. And I thought that we were the Blessed families. What's going on?'

You know, this is not a game. The tradition is everything. It's everything. You can have a million Blessed couples; but, if they don't have the tradition, it's not worth so much. God doesn't have so much. It's very serious. And if people have already made a mistake and lost their purity, God Bless you. We love you. We embrace you. It's not a problem. We have True Parents. You can get back on your feet and you can be Blessed and you can go on and no problem; but, we can't be having second generation children a hundred and fifty years from now. We've got to have fifth and sixth and eighth and tenth ... you know. We've got to get this train on the tracks.

Satan is desperately ripping and tearing at our Blessed children and our Blessed families and the True Children. He's ripping and tearing. He's desperate to stop this train. And whoever took Lucifer's place in the spirit world, I know that they want to go to True Father int he spirit world and say, 'Rev. Moon, every second generation child has fallen. You failed.' That's what he'll want to say. We can't let that happen. So, who's going to stand up and make this impossible. The ball's in our court.

The tradition is everything. It's everything. And we might say, 'Well, it's all this religious stuff, don't do this and don't do that.' But you know, we need to find the heart. Why did Father say, "Be pure before marriage. " It's not because 'don't do this and don't do that.' Father's trying to create a humanity that's better than it would have been if Adam and Eve didn't fall. If you don't want to buy into that then fine. Go get married somewhere and live your life. Have a good day. Aju. But we're trying to do something different here. We've got to find the heart behind all these traditions.


You might say, 'Oh, Dr. Michael, you're just an old-fashioned, fundamental Moonie. I don't see any war. You're just scarring people, trying to scare people. You're just an old fogy.' Well, I'll tell you, you know, it's like we're laying in the hospital bed with bandages all over with blood up to our eyeballs and we can't see that we've got thousands of Blessed children who've fallen, broken Blessings everywhere. It's like we're up to our neck in casualties in this war and we don't even ... 'What war. I don't see any war.'

Here's what Father said:

"I want to see love in you that is not self-centered love that branches out to embrace your family, society, nation, world and God. As long as we have the right spirit of love it doesn't make any difference whether the World Mission Center, the News World Building and Belvedere are all blown up and nothing remains. WITH THE RIGHT TRADITION WE HAVE EVERYTHING. THIS IS THE ONLY THING WE WANT TO KEEP AND HAND DOWN FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION.

"Host of the future"


So, the remnant came back to Jerusalem. They rebuilt the temple, they rebuilt the wall, the rebuilt the schools, the homes, and Jesus came right on time, right on time. They rebuilt all that stuff before Jesus came.

And it's amazing because historians, even though they are not religious, they are secular historians who right the history books for the classes in the colleges .. . (They don't even teach history here any more. Isn't that something?) Anyway, in the last 600 years before Jesus, they just can't figure out why all these cultures went through some kind of reformation. It's just unbelievable, the Confuscianists, the Buddhists, the Zanes , the Zoro Astrianists ...

Zerathustra was the founder of the Zoro Astrian faith... like the three wise men who came to see Jesus ... They're just amazing if you've researched them. They believed in so many principled things; and, the Jewish people adopted some of those things. They believed in one God, Zoroaster, Zerathustra. And they even believed that there's going to be one language some day, really a lot of Principled ideas. God was really working all over the world, preparing for Jesus. They just can't figure out why all these cultures seem to line up and believe in one God all of a sudden, or come close to that, just to get in shape for Jesus to come and be the Messiah for everybody. It's just amazing. They just can't figure it out. They call it the Axiel Age. And we're the only people who can explain why that happened. You're the only people. It's an amazing thing.

Okay, so tomorrow we will talk about the life of Jesus; and, the war, I can tell you, is going to get burning hot. Satan is goning to be desperate to stop Jesus.


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