Rev. Dr. D. Michael Hentrich, Sr.

Presented by Rev. Dr. Michael Hendrich, Sr.
Transcribed by Airenae Culvy

The Spirit World Video





So, as we know, we have a human spirit and many people may not believe in that. Many people may not have an awareness of their spirit that they're aware of or conscious of and think it's just some nonsense, some wishful thinking. They don't have any sense of it at all. I wonder how many of you in the room have had some kind of spiritual experience. Maybe you will raise your hand. I can't see you right now the way my screen is set.

Probably maybe some of you have had some kind of spiritual exprience (that you're aware of). But, actually, I think probably all of you have had spiritual experiences; because, we are not just a physical person with a spirit. We are spiritual eternal beings with a body for a while, for a short time. And so, we are spiritual. But I think we have become so accustomed to our spiritual experiences that we may not recognize them.

For example, many people may have had the experience that someone is looking at them from behind. You can sense that somebody is looking at me. How many have had that kind of experience? Well, what is that? Is that a tractor beam from Star Trek coming out of somebody's eyeballs and tickling your hair? I believe that that is a spiritual experience.

How many of you have ever had a strong feeling that something wasn't right, or that somebody was thinking about you somewhere or that somebody was in trouble or sick or in danger; and, you contacted that person and found out that that was true in some way. I think we have a lot of spiritual experiences and we don't really recognize them. That doesn't mean that we should become mystical and so spiritually open that we can see spirits and hear voices and leave our body and travel around the universe. I think it's not a good idea to become that kind of spiritually open. Those people who I've met who are like that have very difficult lives. They're living in their own world and, it's very hard for them to relate to other people. I don't recommend it. It's better to close down, I think, because it's very distracting and confusing.

But you can get confirmation of the spiritual world just fine from two or three friends. There are many people who have spiritual experiences, who see the dark fuzzy spirits coming out of your bodies at Cheong Pyeong. They see all these things. They see the white-robed ancestors come into the room duringing the ancestor blessings. They see all these things. There are people who see it. They may not admit it. But if you can find one or two of those people and make them your friends, that's your confirmation. You don't need to become like that. There are enough people like that; but, if you have one or two friends like that, they can confirm to you and give you confidence that this is real. These things are really happening.

But our world and the room you're sitting in is full of invisible waves, invisible things, going through your bodies, your head, your mind all the time, your spirit. There are radio transmissions, there are cell phone transmissions, all kinds of X-rays and gamma-rays and radio transmissions going through. And we don't see them. We don't even see them in the air. But it's there. So, there are a lot of things we don't see that are really there. So, it's not too wise to be too skeptical about it; but, then again we do need to be careful. I'm a very skeptical thinker. I question everything.

You need to know me a little bit. I went to college and my gift, my talent, my passion is product design, industrial design. In other words, we learn the design of anything smaller than a building, the furniture, the silver ware you use, the car you drive, any toys your children play with, a kind of designer. So, the point is that it's a very unique kind of small field. Only a few people trained for that professionally. It's a mixture of art and engineering and marketing and aesthetics and many things. But basically, you're an inventor and a critical thinker.

And so, I'm a kind of a weird person because, if I pick up anything, if I look at anything, a water bottle or a pencil, anything, my mind immediately starts to think, 'Why is it that length, why is it that color, why is it that shape, couldn't it be better.' That's the strange kind of person I am.

And so, as I was sitting in front of Father as He spoke, after thrity seven years, I realized that I was questioning everything, not from a negative point of view, but to understand it. 'Why did Father say that?' Is that what the Bible says? Is that my life experience? Does that make sense? What does science think about that? And I criticised ... I thought analytically questioning everything; but, the good news is because of that, the Principle became my own. I questioned everything and I found out that everything fit, everything fit, everything made sense, everything was correct in my own judgment. And so, it's mine.

And so, if somebody were to burn all the Divine Principle Books in the world, I would have to write my own and put it up on and sell it; because, it's my Principle. It's not just Father's, not just God's, not just somebody's, it's mine. I've confirmed it for myself. And that gives me passion and it gives me ownership.

You know, I don't even trust people who don't question things, people who believe things without questioning it. They're going to believe something else tomorrow. I don't trust those people. You've got to think for yourself. God gave you a brain and a mind to think for yourself. Father questioned everything. That's how He found the Principle. So, we have to understand that ourselves.

SPIRIT - eternal
PHYSICAL - temporary

So, the whole universe is divided into spirit and physical, especially human beings. We have a physical form. It's energy; but, spirit is energy too; but, it's a different wavelength, a different frequency. And the spirit is eternal and the physical is temporary.

Many fervent, faithful, traditional Christian people think that death came into the world because of the Fall. Adam and Eve fell; and, it says that, if you eat the fruit you'll die. So, they think that, if they didn't eat the fruit, then nobody would ever die, that everybody would live forever. Then, people who question that say to them, 'Well, what about all the fossils of the dinasaurs and everything; and, it's unbelievable to me how far people will go to justify what they want to believe. But, the answer they give, seriously, is that God put those fossil bones there to trick us, to fool us. It's just unbelievable ... It's unbelievable (to me); but, people believe what they want to believe and we do too. But ... Gosh ...

Okay, so we have our wonderful diagram here that we always use. Now, I want to make apology for this diagram ... (even though) I like this diagram. I like it. I use it; but, I realize that if you show this diagram to a physics student or a biologist student or a chemistry student or a psychology student or somebody who's seriously invested in research and knowledge, they're going to laugh at this. This is so childish and simplistic. And I understand that; but, it's not made to be scientific. And it's way overly simple, you know. It's like kindergarten. But that's okay. This diagram has a purpose and it has a message and it's valid. So, as long as we explain, 'Bear with me. This is a very simple diagram and don't get too scientific with me about it. It's okay.'

We have a spiritual self and we have a physical self; and, they interact with each other, just like every other pair of things that God created. And they actually nurture each other. The life you lead with your physical self feeds your spiritual self. Your spiritual self feeds your physical self. They work together. They're made to work together. The spiritual self lives in the physical self.

In fact, our spiritual self looks like our physical self; but, not necessarily, not necessarily ... Dae Mo Nim talked to us several times about how ... She said, "You know, if you had scars and pimples and cuts on your face in the mirror, you would be shocked. You would think that, 'Oh I have to do something about this!' But the problem is that you can't see your spiritual body.' She said that if you could see your spiritual body, you would stop living the way you're living and you would do something about it. But you don't understand how damaged you are making yourself by how you live your life.

So, in some sense, our spiritual self doesn't always look like our physical self. One time I was on a bus in a mission city that I was in. And it was late at night. There was only one other person on the bus with me, a man who was sitting in the seat across from me on the bus; and, he had a very unusual face. His cheek bones were very high, his chin was very coming out and his nose was very bulby and forehead, really, really unusual face. And it was so intriguing; but, when I looked over at him a second time, I saw his spirit. I didn't try to or anything. It just happened to me. I've had a few spiritual experiences in my life and this was one of them. But his face was so beautiful. His face was so normal and beautiful and perfect. And I thought, 'Wow, he's not the way he looks. He's got a beautiful spirit, beautiful heart.

So, it's hard to know what someone's spirit looks like. I had another experience like this, even more dramatic. I had an out-of-body experience one time. I was at Barrytown at the UTS Seminary Building. It was Mr. Sudo's hundred and twenty day workshop a long time ago. And I was laying in the top bunk of the bunk bed, a double bed. I was going to take a rest. I wasn't sleeping but I was getting a little halfway. All of a sudden I sat up and looked down. And there I was on the bed. And I thought, 'Wow, this is amazing. Look at that. There I am. This is real. And then I looked over to my right and there was my greatgrandfather whom I had known when I was a little boy, a little Italian man, never heard his voice. He never spoke. He couldn't speak English anyway; but, he always smoked his pipe. And he always had his walking stick. His wife had passed away earlier; so, he just spent time in his garden. That's all he ever did until he died.

And I saw him. He came to me in spirit and I knew who he was but he did look like ... He didn't even look human. He was so shocking. And I had to control myself to be not shocked and not afraid or anything. But he was so undeveloped. He had no social life. He never talked to people. He never had a relationship with people. He was such a quiet little Italian man who just lived by himself in his own little world. And his body looked like a stick. He looked like a stick; but, he was smoking his pipe and he had his walking stick. I knew who he was very clearly. But he didn't look developed at all. He had not developed his spirit. And I reached out to shake his hand and he just disappeared. I guess that was too much. And then I went back into my body and that was the end of my big out-of-body experience. But it was unforgettable.

The point is that your spirit is not going to always look as you do when you look in the mirror. Maybe it's more beautiful, maybe it's not. It depends how you have developed yourself.

Okay so, we have a brain in our physical self and five physical senses, as we know. All this stuff we already know. And we have a mind, the spiritual mind. The mind is not the brain. Scientists and psychologists, psychiatrists, they refuse to see all the abundance of evidence that the mind is not the same as the brain. The mind lives on. We have lots of evidence, people in the operating room in the hospital, they die and they're flatlined, they call it. There's not electrical activity whatsoever in the brain. They can measure it. And they're just a lump of flesh; and then, they bring the person back to life by shocking them. And we have many cases where the person in this situation woke up and then told the doctors and nurses what they were doing and talking about while they were 'flatlined.' There was no brain activity whatsoever. Just because we put needles and chemicals in our brain and affect the electrical activity, they think the brain is the mind. The brain is not the mind. The brain functions...The electrical/chemical processes in the brain are important, but the mind lives on after the brain dies. The brain is just an organ.

So anyway we have those five spiritual senses. We also have aspects of ourself that are, some are given in the environment by God and some are our own responsibility. Now, we're getting down to the purpose of this simplistic, childish little chart (from a scientific, medical point of view).

We need heat ... Well, yeah and we also need light and air. And the spiritual counterpart of that is love, right? We need the warm and fuzzy kind of feeling ... to be around mom or dad ... And the (counterpart to physical light) light of truth, 'I'm enlightened.' 'Oh, I see the light now.' 'It's enlightened.' The light of truth. And the air (spiritual counterpart) is the good atmosphere, good environment. It's hard to grow your spirit if you're in an environment where there's nothing but complaining and blaming and critizing and shouting and screaming and hitting and bullying. How can you grow a deep, profound heart in that type of situation? Don't forget that when we get to Jesus' life story. We're going to touch on that. It's a very big point.

But there are also other things that we're responsible for. We're responsible to go and get our own food and water, right? It doesn't automatically go down your throat. You have to chew it up and eat it and drink that water and whatever you have, those corn chips. And you have to get a little exercise. I'm still thinking about it. My mouse finger is still in very good shape. But we should get real exercise. It makes our body healthy, right? And we should eat good food. Well, that's all common sense, right?

But, here's the purpose of this chart. The whole purpose of this chart is right here. In order to grow a healthy, happy, eternal spirit, we need spiritual food and spiritual exercise. That's the whole point of this chart. So, it's valid. I like to use it.

Spiritual food. Well, there's spiritual junk food and there's spiritual good food. There is spiritual exercise that is positive and there's spiritual exercise that is negative. There's a bright side to this diagram and there's a dark side to this diagram. If you take in spiritual food that's not from God, lies and distortions and self-centered understanding: 'It's my body. I'll do what I want with it.' 'I deserve this.' 'I deserve that.' 'I deserve what you have, so give it to me.' 'And if you don't give it to me, I'll just take it.' We have all kinds of ideas given to us by the dark side that we take in as spiritual food; but, it's poison to our spirit. It damages us, especially if we believe it and act on it. So that's the spiritual exercise. If we do bad things, hurtful things, selfish things, we complain. It's poison to our spirit. It damages our spirit. It degrades our spirit. And if we don't get any good spiritual food, good spiritual exercise, we'll end up looking like a stick, like my great grandfather.

5 physical senses 5 spiritual sens

heat warmth of love
light light of truth
air good atmosphere

food/water spiritual food
exercise spiritual exercise

We need spiritual food and spiritual exercise, just as much or even more so, we need it spiritually. So, if you're not inspired every day to do your Hoon Dok Hae to get your spiritual food or whatever, I understand that; but, it's better to do it even when you don't feel like doing it. But the best thing is to do it with a hunger and a sincerity and really want to do it. Then, you get the most benefit out of it, of course, by far. Doing things out of duty is very dry and doesn't nourish you very much. Doing things because you should is not the way to get vitality and life elements. It's not, if you're doing things because you should. You really need to find the heart to appreciate and long for and like and want all these things.


So, what will happen when you die? Well, everybody talks about the tunnel. There's a light at the end of this long tunnel; and, somebody comes to welcome you and lead you to where you belong. Maybe it's an angel, maybe it's your mother, maybe it's an ancestor, maybe it's somebody who loved you and cared for you. Somebody comes. And you go; and, they say that your whole spiritual life passes before your eyes, right? You re-live your life in a moment; and, so many things happen when you die. And you go where you belong. You go where you're comfortable to go.

Some low spirit people don't like bright places. They where sunglasses all the time. Maybe because they're on drugs or maybe because they don't like bright places. And they don't like it to be too quiet either. They like noise around them. And they like liquor. They like the smell of liquor and cigarettes. They like to be around that kind of environment. It makes them feel comfortable. So, when they go to the spirit world that's where they go; because that's where they want to be, that's where their spirit wants to be. And if they got close to God, they'd be very uncomfortable. 'Oh, I don't want to be here, too bright, too much oxygen here, can't deal with it, gotta get out from here. So, they'll float down.

Dae Mo Nim said (and Father said the same thing ... I have the quote) that, if you lived your life fifty-one percent or more sincerely and genuinely living for the sake of others, caring about others more than yourself, then you will float up to a higher place in the spirit world closer to God. But, if you lived your life fifty-one percent or more for yourself, then you'll float down in the spiritual world. That's how it works.

So, if you lived your life and you became a really high spirited person, perfect or really high spirited person, then when you go to the spirit world, you'll be a good influence on your children and your gandchildren, your descendants or other people. You'll be helping them, guiding them, inspiring them. You might convey to them your gifts and your talents. You might be a singer. You might be a piano player or a violinist; or, you might have a great gift for doing business or theatre or dance, whatever it is. You'll convey those great gifts and talents, virtues, to your descendants, whom you want to hang around. And you'll be an asset to them and they will appreciate you.

But, if you don't grow your spirit so high, you are kind of one of those low spirited people who lived your life pretty much for your self, maybe you lived your providential church life but it was just because you should and you thought you had to; but, it wasn't really your passion or anything, not really what you wanted to do in your life, you did it because you should or you didn't want to offend God and go to hell, well, guess what? It really didn't do much for you and you're probably going to go down to a lower realm anyway; because, you just did it because you should.

Then, when you realize, 'Oh, I need to grow more. I haven't really developed myself enough. I need to keep growing. I need to resurrect myself. I need to grow my heart, my love. I never learned enough. I gotta go and be with my descendants on earth who I can learn more love through by hanging around them and associating with them; but, the problem is that you're going to be a drag on them. Because of your low-spirited nature, you're going to drag them down, just like we all have good and bad ancestors, right? They are either helpful or not helpful, and then they drag us down. That's why we could point to our parents of many of the second generation who don't understand this. They can point to their parents and be critical and complaining and accusing; but hey, everybody is doing the best that they can with what they have to work with.

We didn't choose our life. We didn't choose our ancestors. We didn't choose our family and here we are. We have nothing to complain about. We have to love those ancestors. We have to love them. And we should never feel like a victim. There's no end to that. Whose a victim? Everybody's a victim then, back to Adam and Eve. And that doesn't help anything. We need to stop thinking like that.

And even when we go to Cheong Pyeong. Are we there to kick out evil spirits, kick out bad spirits because they're making trouble for us and making us sick. That's not why people go to Cheong Pyeong; or, that's not why people should go to Cheong Pyeong. I used to teach people that. We're not there for that. We're there to heal, to bring healing to those ancestors and help them, resurrect them, and send them to a hundred-day workshop where they can repent themselves clean.

We're there to help the living and the dead. We're there to help ourselves. We're there to help them. And that's why it's the only place like it in the world. You can go to many faith healers and they'll kick out the evil spirits; but, then what? They're not helping anybody. They'll just drive the evil spirit away; and then, they come back many times and make more trouble. It's not what's going on at Cheong Pyeong at all. We're healing and helping the living and the dead. That's an incredible, miraculous and completely different kind of thing.

Also, when we go to the spirit world, we experience many things. We experience what is like in the movie, 'What Dreams May Come.' If you all haven't seen that, you need to watch that. I'm sure you've seen it many times, as we have. But you know, there are mountains and rivers and streams and there are golf courses and there are birds and animals. I'm sure there are many animals that we've never seen in the physical world, many birds that change colors. I'm told that the music is visible. You can see it somehow and the colors (of the music) are seen.

And, that's where we belong. I mean, we haven't started our life yet. We're still in the womb, don't forget. We start our eternal life when we die in this physical life. Then we go where we belong. Nobody there wants to come back here and live in this mundane restricted, limited, physical dimension. Just like you don't want to go back into your mother's womb. But that is if you can function there well (in the spirit world). That's if you're not handicapped there.

So, there's all kind of beings that you can relate to. You can relate to angels. You can relate to ancestors. You can relate to your parents. Father said that you will not call your father 'father,' but you will call him 'brother'. And your mother, you will not call her 'mother,' but you will call her your 'sister'. Everybody there becomes as they were in the prime of their life. They become like twenty-three years old or something; and so, your grandmother and everybody will be as young as you are.

And everybody (in the spirit world) will live in the form that they feel best living in. There's a really beautiful movie, if you have a chance to watch it. You have to pay very close attention to the words that are spoken at the very end of the movie; otherwise, you'll miss the whole point of it. But, it's a very good movie. It's called, 'Five People You Meet In Heaven.' It's really a neat look at the spirit world. You might find that and watch it.

So, you have all these things you experience in the spiritual world. Now, there's some problem in the spiritual world too. And that is that sometimes, when spirits come back to us from the spirit world to influence us, we can be affected in positive ways (and we can be affected in negative ways). But, we could be a natural-born maestro ... We had one couple come to us years ago, they were traveling with another brother and were traveling in the night. I didn't know they were coming; and, I happened to be at the church when they knocked on the door. And when I opened the door, before this brother even said hello, he said, 'Do you have a piano?' And I said, 'Yeah.' And he said, 'Can I play the piano?' I said, 'Yeah.' And he just sat down to play the piano. He was like addicted to the piano. It was like a cigaurette or something, he couldn't wait to play the piano. And he was playing like Mozart or Beethoven or something. And the friend who was traveling with him said, 'Yeah, he can't even read music. It's just all spiritual. He's never learned how to play the piano. He's just ... It's just unbelievable. He just played like that; so, those things can happen.

But also we can understand things like temporary insanity. That can also be a result of spirit world people coming back to us in the physical. We're talking about resurrection now, returning resurrection, right? I just mix it all together because it's all one topic. And so, sometimes people get very angry for example or they get really obsessed about something. It doesn't have to be a negative emotion really. But then when their emotions get going, maybe they're angry with someone or angry about something, all of a sudden like-minded spirits in the spirit world just come to that person. And they just come and bond to that person like magnets. And all of a sudden the person's emotion gets intensified to the point where they lose control of themselves; and, they kill the person, boom! And they don't even know what they're doing because they just got overwhelmed with the emotion of the spirit world (spirits) that came to affect them.

But, a similar kind of thing can happen in a good way. For example, in prisons in America, there are prison ministries; and, many churches or mosques go to the prisons and get permission to have a Bible study or study the Koran together with the prisoners who want to come to the room and study. And of course, most of the prisoners come there because it's something to do. They have nothing to do all day so why not, but not really interested.

But, once in a while some prisoner gets really interested. He opens the Bible for the first time in his life; and, he's reading Genesis and he thinks, 'Wow! This is amazing. These people were not stupid. And he just gets interested in it. And he starts reading and studying. And after the Bible study, he still reading and he's still interested in it. He has genuine, sincere interest; and, because of that, maybe over a year or two, his spirit world changes. And the icky spirits who put him in prison for whatever he did wrong, killing or steeling or whatever, they leave; because, they're not interested in a Bible study. What the heck. And they don't want to hang around any more; but, his good ancestors come who are interested in that. 'Look, Johnny's reading the Bible. Let's get in on that. We can grow from that too.' And so, his spirit world changes. And when that person walks out of prison, he's really a different person. Really, he is really a different person. So, that's the good news there. It can happen that way.

The same thing in, some schools that we started or any schools. You go to college, and if you emerse yourself in this lifestyle, this training, schooling, your studying, your homework, or you go in the military, same thing. You emerse yourself in this environment and the input and everything, then your spirit world can actually very much change so that your spirits, the ancestors hanging around you will shift and change. And you'll be a different person; and, you can change again. I mean, it's all up to you what you're interested in. You're the one who controls what is around you.

You might say, 'Well, you know, I didn't ask for this invisible group of buddies around me. Why do I have to be burdened by these people making trouble for me in my life. Why do I have these problems when I go to Cheong Pyeong?' You know, the fact is, Dae Mo Nim said that if you perfected your heart, if your heart was perfect, instantly all the evil spirits would immediately leave you. They would be like opposing magnets pushed away. They have no common base. So once she taught us that, I realized that the reason that I have whatever ancestors hanging around me making trouble for me is because I have a common base. There's something in me that's a common base.

So, when I went to Cheong Pyeong for a long time trying to help my daughter who had spiritual problems, I found out that that was connected to my ancestors and some problem that they did, the victims of my ancestors, not even my ancestors, the victims are making trouble in my lineage for generations, the victims, not the ancestors.

But the point is that, in my tears and reflections and repentance at Cheong Pyeong with all this stuff, I realized that I have a common base. I was praying about revenge one time, trying to investigate revenge and understand revenge, and empathize with these revengeful ancestors and trying to liberate them from me and from her. And I realized ... when I thought, 'Well, I don't have a common base with revengefulness. I'm not a revengeful person. Why would they hang around me.

But then, I realized that, actually, I'm not that saintly. I'm not that pure; because, if somebody pushes me too much, and puts me in a corner, and accuses me falsely or whatever it is, what do I start thinking? 'I'll get you. I'll take care of you. You're not going to get away with that. You'll find out.' And I realized, 'Oh, my God, I'm revengeful too. I have that kind of stuff in me.' So, I do have a common base. I need to clean myself up. I didn't realize. We have thousands of generations of ancestors and all this junk. We're not as clean as we think. We don't see it. It's very subtle. It's in there. We have a common base with all this stuff. That's why they come to us because we have a common base.

Sometimes an accident will happen on a straight piece of highway. It's a straight piece of road. There's nothing there; but, accidents happen there every month. Somebody gets killed. Why in the same place? You can talk to the law enforcement, to the police, the highway patrol. They'll tell you, 'Yeah, I don't know why they have accidents there all the time. There's no reason for it.' Well, there is a reason for it. We just don't see it. Somebody got killed there; and, they have some attitude about it and they're hanging around, the spirit person's hanging around. And they're making other people have accidents there too.

How about suicide? Every time I hear somebody talk about having suicidal tendencies, suicidal thoughts, I always ask them, 'Do you have any relatives who had that problem or who committed suicide? (They answer), 'Oh yeah, my cousin, my brother, my uncle or somebody. Every case. I haven't found anybody yet who didn't tell me that they had a relative who committed suicide. So, they're coming back and influencing people. It's not reincarnation. It's association. That's what it is.

And another thing we have to keep in mind is cross-gender influences. This doesn't have to be homosexuality. I mean, I think there's something there to do with that too; but, for example there are so many families in America who have no father and it's just a single parent mom who works all day, or is on welfare and stays home with the kids and tries to raise them. And the point that I'm trying to say is that fathers need to bond with their sons. I'm not saying they should not bond with their daughters. I'm just saying just as mothers need to bond with their daughters in a deep way, which is not to say mother's should not bond with their sons. But I'm saying that, when the fathers and mothers go to the spirit world, especially if they have a strong, influential, dominating personality, like some fathers and mothers do, it's a big problem if the mother is more attached to the son than the father or the father is gone. Maybe the son never knew his father or maybe the father died at a young age. Then if the mother has a big influence in the son's life and the mother has a strong, domineering personality, then she goes to the spirit world and clings to her son whom she loves so much, it can become a problem for him because of that feminine influence.

The same thing with the man. If he's really attached to his daughters in a deep, profound way, that's good; but, if he's a very strong personality and domineering, dominating personality and then goes to the spirit world and is attached to his favority daughter but it's too much, then his influence can become a problem. She can become a real tom boy, a real... She can be influenced to be something that she's not normally created to be... in some sense, some flavor, not totally but just influenced. There can be that pulling influence, that gender related influence that's not necessarily so helpful.

So, I'm just saying, yes, father's need to love (all) their children more than anybody loves them in the fallen world. I understand that; but, I'm just saying that we need to be careful when we go to the spirit world that we don't distort them by clinging to them too much with our strong personalities. We need to give them space to be who they are. It's good for fathers to bond with their sons and mother's to bond with their daughters. It's very healthy and good. It should be that way; but, we've got it all mixed up and it can make a lot of problems if we go too far with it. That's what I'm trying to say. When we go to extremes. That's what I mean.

Father said: "The spirit world is in a different dimension than this limited, earthly world. We cannot move freely within mundane confines but, as the spirit world is a higher, dimensional place, you can do anything there; you can leap across time. If you want something based on love, you can have it anywhere, anytime."
(CSG, original, p. 554)

I read that to you yesterday. Here's another quote: "In the spirit world, there are no such things as one year, two, years, or even a day."

As the Bible says, 'To God one day is as a thousand years, a thousand years as one day.' That's the same kind of sentiment that's being expressed there. (CSG, original)

So, this is a big point. I know there's not a lot in this lecture that's really novel and new for you, probably; but, this point here is something for you to think about. You know, Father said (just as we read there, in many different ways Father said) that if you have love, if you have mature love, then when you go to the spirit world if you want something you can have it, any time anywhere. If you want a new dress. If you want a diamond ring. If you want a big diamond ring, you can have it, a thousand-carot diamond ring, you can have it. You you want gold, if you want a ten-course meal, whatever it is, you can have it, because you have love and you create these things, whatever you want, any time anywhere.

But see, Father was talking about the nice side of it, the positive side of it. He didn't mention about the dark side of it; and, you need to think about the dark side of it. I mean everybody needs to think about the dark side of it. What if you're somebody who has secrets (and this is common). What if you're somebody who has passions that you don't want to tell anybody about because, well, you're not supposed to be that way.

Maybe you're a husband and you've got a nice wife and family and everything, but you still notice those pretty girls, and more than notice. You feel really pulled to them; and, you try really hard not to let your wife see you looking, and drooling ... 'Oh boy ...' You don't let her know that you feel really pulled in your heart. And you don't let her know that you have dreams where you're dreaming that you're with all these other girls and women who are in your life.

The same thing can happen with women. You have some passion that you know you shouldn't have, but you have it. The same thing applies. It's all up here (points to head). That's what Father was trying to tell us. You go to the spiritual world and, guess what? You better look out; because, in the spiritual world we don't have time and space to hide behind. We don't have the physical realm to hide behind. So, when you go to the spirit world and you and your wife are together, your real self is still there. And here come all these women. They're going to show up at your front door. And they're going to be all over you; and, your wife's going to say, 'What!? What's going on with you? What happened to you? What are you doing with all these women hanging all over you? What's wrong with you?'

Well, you had that before; but, you were hiding. You didn't let anybody know; but, it's there and it will come out because you can't hide anything in the spirit world. There's no closets to hide behind. There's nothing to hide behind; and, what if you're into pornography? You don't let anybody know about it; but, you have this hunger. You have this appetite. You have this craving. You have this addiction to porn. And you get on, but nobody knows because you're hiding your tracks. Well, that's real cute, but when you go to the spirit world, there's no place to hide and it's going to come out. And people are going to see it. And it's not going to be comfortable. It's not going to be nice; and, you're going to be wanting to hide somewhere; but, there's nowhere to hide. So, the point is that we gotta wake up here and understand maturely what Father is teaching us. We're going to be an open book when we go to the spirit world. He made that very clear. You are an open book; and, if you've got skeletins in the closet, you'd better get them out and you'd better resolve them, deal with them and do your laundry because there's no place to hide there. You are going to be who you are; and, everybody is going to see that, people you love the most, your parents your spouse, your friends, your kids. They're going to see who you really are. So, we need to deal with that. What kind of dream do you have at night? That's who you really are. You better ... You have to deal , wrestle with and clean up.


Biblical concepts of life and death

'Leave the dead to bury their own dead' Luke 9:60

DEATH - falling under the dominion of Satan (not end of physical life)

LIFE - living in the dominion of God's Love (not maintaining physiological functions)


So, resurrection basically means to come back to life. It means going from being dead to being alive. And too many people think that's physical. And Jesus came back physically. And Adam and Eve died physically because of the Fall. They've got it all messed up. There's no reason to take it that way except that that's what they thought was the right way to take it. But it actually it means spiritually. Jesus said, 'Let the dead bury their own dead.' (Luke 9:60)

He said to one man who said, 'I have to go back and bury my father.' And Jesus said, 'Let the dead bury their own dead, spiritually dead he's talking about (that are to bury the physically dead). That's the 'dead' in that sentence, physically and spiritually dead. You already know all that.


1 John 3:14 He who does not love remains in death.

John 5:24 He who hears my word & believes Him who sent me, has eternal life...has passed from death into life.

Romans 8:6 'To set the mind on the spirit is life and peace.'

Luke 16:19 Lazarus and the rich man

(Jesus is saying that returning from the dead is a spiritual thing)

So, what is resurrection? According to the Bible in 1st John it says that he who does not love remains in death. That has nothing to do with the physical body. He who does not love remains in death. That's what Jesus said. And in John (5:24) 'He who hears my word & believes Him who sent me, has eternal life ... He has passed from death to life.' Woe, that has nothing to do with physical death or life. 'He who hears my word and believes Him who sent me ... has eternal life.' Not only just believe, but you have to live it. 'He has passed from death to life,' Jesus said.

And 'To set the mind on the flesh is death but to set the mind on the spirit is life and peace' Romans 8:6 'To set the mind on the spirit ... (instead of the flesh)' Well, that has nothing to do with physical (life or) death. It seems to be very clear when we're open to it; but because we've been told what to think when we read the Bible, then we think a certain way. This is a big problem, preconceptions, we have so many preconceptions when we read the Bible. We read it and we've already been told what to think it means. This is for generations, two thousand years

Then there's a great story in the Book of Luke about Lazarus and the rich man. (Luke 16:19) It's a whole page in the Bible. It's a fascinating story ... Rev. Kevin McCarthy, a dear brother of mine who (I don't know what he's doing these days) but he wrote a book called, 'The Blood-Stained Voice.' You can't find it anymore. But, I do have the PDF of it; and, he said I could distribute it freely. It's the Bible on how to teach the Christian people the Principle. It really is the Bible. It's an amazing book. But anyway, he points out in his writing that the story about Lazarus and the rich man in the Bible is very profound; because, through this story Jesus is explaining what resurrection means. People just don't get it.

There's this rich man and there's this poor man; and, they both go to the spirit world. The rich man observes that Father Abraham welcomes the poor man and the rich man is kind of shut out. There's this big gulf in between them; and, the rich man can't cross the gulf. He can't go over there. He sees the poor man with Father Abraham; but, he can't go there. And then he wants to warn his brothers on earth what happened to him when he went to the spirit world. And Jesus makes it clear that resurrection has nothing to do with coming back to life physically, nothing to do with that. Jesus ... that's what his story is all about (here) that returning from the dead is a spiritual thing. It's just ... We just miss so many things in the Bible. It's very important.

So, in the Divine Principle Study Bible that I created when I went to seminary last time in Korea, it's a very important resource book for anybody who wants to discuss the Principle with Christian people. You've got to have that reference; because, the Principle book only samples Bible passages. Any section of the Principle, if they refer to the Bible, they use three or four passages, maybe six at the most. But actually, there's many passages that you could be referring to. So, if you want to have a winning, intelligent, confident, successful discussion with a Christian person about the Bible, you've got to know your Bible. You've got to know all the passages that relate to that topic. And that's what this study Bible is. It has a thousand footnotes in it showing how the Principle is expressed in the Bible and how the Bible is expressed in the Principle.

So, when it comes to the physical resurrection of Jesus, for example, everybody, the Catholic Church for example, is totally confident that Jesus came back physically... You know different religions have very different concepts. I talked to a religious priest about the spirit world ... Every religion has a different view of what spirit world is ...(I forgot to mention to you) (and even Communists have an explanation for the spirit world. They think it's a product of the material world, which is rediculous) but if you go to different kinds of Christianity ... I mean the Catholic Church has a view of Christianity and the spirit world. They believe in the visitation of the saints. And they believe in pergatory, that you can help your ancestor go to a higher place in the spirit world by having masses set for them and lighting candles for them and saying rosaries for them. And they understand indemnity. It's very good. But you go to Protestant faiths and, generally, they don't believe in spirit world. At least they say, 'Don't mess with it. It's dangerous. It's bad. Don't have any give and take with the spirit world at all. Don't pray to the saints.

In fact, if you go to The Seventh Day Adventist Church, they'll tell you that they believe there is no spirit world, or that the spirit world is empty. Everybody is laying in the ground in their graves waiting to be raptured and directed out of their graves and turned back into flesh when Jesus comes, if they're lucky, and then they'll be the new world. And I asked one minister one time, I said, 'Well, if there's nobody in the spirit world, why did Jesus warn us not to get too involved with them?' Of course, he didn't like that and he threw me out. Muslims have their view of the spirit world. If you're a good person, you go to the spirit world as a man you get all these virgins to be in your harem. I don't know what (they say) happens to your wife ... If your a Buddhist, you have a different view of the spirit world and you attend the ancestors regularly with rituals.



There's so many view about the spirit world, many, many, many. So, here, how do we believe that Jesus came back physically for two thousand years? If you look at passages in the Bible that relate to that, you find out that there are only three, and really only one or two that seem to be ... you can take it to mean that Jesus came back physically. But we can explain those passages with the Principle. We can explain it.

I mean, the No. 1 passage is where Jesus reached out to doubting Thomas and said, 'Here, feel my wounds.' and when Jacob was wrestling with the angel and so on. But we can explain that. And if you go through your Bible carefully, you'll find that there are 22 verses that clearly indicate that Jesus came back spiritually. Without a doubt, they are very clear and strong (those verses).

So, the overwhelming weight of evidence in the Bible supports the Principled view. Jesus came back spiritually not physically. I mean, the Bible supports the Principle all the time if you know where to find all the evidence. It's solidly on the side of the Principle. It's not on the side of the Christian interpretation of things. It's not. You just ... You have to open your Bible and read it. And most people have never even seen one.

And Israelites and Christians, same thing that I just talked about. And the Jewish people, they were left behind because Jesus came; and, Jesus could only cooperate with Jewish people who became Christian, or even with people who were not religious but became Christian. They could come back and associate with Christians, that is, with those Christian people who are living Jesus' teachings, not just believing in it. Where there are people who are living Jesus' teachings, the people who lived before them who didn't have a chance to know Jesus' teachings, they can come back and they can resurrect through the lives of those people who are living the Gospel, (but they can only resurrect to the level of a 'life spirit').

And then people who lived before us, who never had a chance to meet True Parents because they died before True Parents were born, they can come back and work through us who are living the Principled life and resurrect with us, through us (as we resurrect with the chance to go all the way to be a divine spirit married into the family of the Cheon Il Guk Heavenly King and Queendom of God and True Parents). And we all (can and need to) go together to the divine spirit level (and marry lineages into Heaven).

And even evil spirits can come; and, they can get benefit by helping the providence in some way. Sometimes God needs to let people go through experiences, no so much to test their faith; but to heart-deepen their faith. So, sometimes people need challenges in their life. So, evil spirits are allowed to challenge people (of attendance to Jesus or True Parents) so that, when they overcome the challenge it helps the evil in that way and it helps us to overcome those challenges that we face in our lives.

Sometimes we are born with the challenges. For example, maybe an ancestor who robbed a bank never paid indemnity and never gave back the money; then, maybe we find ourselves sitting in jail when we didn't do anything wrong. And we say, 'Why me? Why do bad things happen to good people?' Father said that everything is fair. You just don't see the spirit world behind you and what's been happening. It's all fair. You just don't know.

Maybe you have child problems, teen-age child problems, marital problems, family problems, social problems. It's all tied to the past. Things happen that we're not indemnified and here we are. We have to deal with it. And we should not complain. We have to help those people; and, sometimes evil spirits help us to indemnify those things. So, they have a purpose.



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