Rev. Dr. D. Michael Hentrich

Ths session is about the Fall of Man; and of course, we'll talk about things that we need to consider that we may not have thought about enough in the past. So, let's get started.

The Fall - video

So, this is an advanced course in the Fall of Man; so, I won't pretend to have to explain all the story and details to you. You'll have to already know that. I do want to mention that Father did not discover the Fall of Man by reading the Bible twenty five times and then thinking, 'Aha, now I get it. I see what the story is really saying. That's not how He discovered the Fall of Man.

The Fall of Man story was handed down by word of mouth for generations before it was written down; and, Father had the job, the responsibility given by God and Jesus to resolve all the problems of humanity and to restore the world or show us how to restore the world and enable it to be done. So, He had to know for a surety what the original problem was, what caused all this so that we could fix it.

So, Father couldn't trust the moral traditions and the Bible story, whatever. The Bible story is obviously very inaccurate in the timing of things. He couldn't trust those things. So, He had to explore in the spiritual world. He had to go to the spiritual world and confront Adam, and confront Eve. What happened? And all the central figures after that time. He had to trick Lucifer into unknowingly revealing what happened there.

So, Father had to take responsibility. He couldn't be weak. And then, after that double checking His discovery with humanity, with society, human nature. And then, even in the natural world. Then He could see reading the Bible, 'Oh, it's amazing that, somehow, the story is still there. How could the story still be there and Satan still be so (effective in the world). I guess he was confident that nobody could figure it out. He could blind people. It was probably fun for him. And people thought it was an apple. And the story is still a little unclear; but, the key clues are there for us to see.

But Satan can't have everything. God had to have some part. At least one third God has to have. So anyway, here we are. The story has a number of characters in it. There's the tree of life. How many of you have ever seen 'a tree of life'? I mean, the name is a little suspicious, isn't it? It sounds like 'a money tree,' or something. It doesn't sound like a real tree. I mean, 'a tree of life?' Right there is a clue that this is not the kind of story that we might think. And 'the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.' Have you seen one. Doesn't the name sound very suspicious ? 'The tree of the knowledge of good and evil' It doesn't sound like a read tree, right? It's amazing that people just gloss over these things and don't even think. And we Moonies are as guilty as anyone. We don't even think. We just accept things without thinking; and, I don't think it's good.

And then there's the fruit, which was on that tree. And then there was Adam and Eve. They're in the garden. And of course this garden wasn't a literal garden, you know, with a fence around it and a little gate with a sign on top that said, 'Garden of Eden.' No. It's just a place where they lived in nature. And then the last character, of course, was the serpent.

And so, as you know, these characters were symbolic to some degree. We're not talking about trees. We're talking about two people; and, the serpent was not a serpent either. It was an angel. We're talking about a three-way human love affair here with an angel, two humans and an angel. And that was the story. And the clues are very obvious there, right? (as to what happened) And Lucifer took God's Word and twisted it for his own purposes and took advantage of Eve and seduced her sexually. And she took her new-found carnal knowledge and her understanding of love that she gained from the angel, which was very off, and very wrong. And she took it to Adam and he learned love from her. And everything was horrible; and, God was just devastated, devastated. And we're going to learn more about that as we go through this.

And this all took a period of time. It didn't happen over night. Dae Mo Nim told us ... Lucifer seduces ... In her gold-colored book here, called 'The Testimony to God's Word Called The Divine Principle,' she gives a very graphic explanation of the Fall. She really brings it home to help us understand what's going on there. Eve was so naive.

So, this story of the Fall of Man in the Genesis story of the Bible is ... Father's perception that this is a sexual Fall is not unique. He's not the only one to see that. In fact, Muslims believe that the Fall of Man was a sexual Fall. They just don't have the detailed. I mean, we fascinate them when we explain the Fall of Man to them. But they already believe that it was a sexual Fall. They already believe that; so, it's easy to teach Muslims about the Fall. And, that's a billion people right there. But even church fathers in Christianity and in philosophy long ago and students of the Bible, they suspected that the Fall was a sexual Fall. Here's Clement of Alexandria. He lived 150 to 215 a.d. And he wrote:

Clement of Alexandria (150 - 215 a.d.) in the second century. He wrote: "the first man of our race did not wait until the appropriate time, desiring the favor of marriage before the proper hour and he fell into sin by not waiting the time of God's Will. They (Adam and Eve) were compelled to do it before the normal time because they were still young and were persuaded by deception." (On Marriage XIV:94, XVII: 102 - 103)

Well, there you go. And old, ancient rabinical scholars too. The signs are there. People can see if if their original mind is close to the surface.

Theophilis of Antioch (140-184 a.d.) and St. Irenaeus (120-202 a.d.) also considered Adam to be of a premature age when he violated the rule of abstaining from a sexual union with Eve, his future wife. They did not see it as a wrong action, but they thought it was inappropriate for their age.

They saw it. There it is.

The idea that the Fall occurred in a period of immaturity before they achieved perfection was also shared by Peter Lombard (1096-1160 a.d.) Hugo of St. Victory (1096-1141 a.d.), Alexander of Hales (1185-1245 a.d.), St. Bonaventura (1221-1274 a.d.), John Duns Scotus (1266-1308 a.d.) and others in the Franciscan school.

And Peter Lombard, Hugo of St. Victory, Alexander of Hales, St. Bonaventura, John Duns Scotus, they all suspected the same kind of thing. And:

"influenced by some apocryphal books of that period and especially the Book of Enoch, the notion of a carnal relationship between angels and women in the beginning of history was commony accepted. Tertullian (160-200 a.d.) called these fallen angels "Deserters of God and lovers of women."

Tertullian, I mean, if you go to college you might learn about these kind of people, or maybe not. But anyway, they're famous people; and, they all suspected this kind of thing.

Similar interpretations were maintained by Athenagoras (133-190 a.d.), St. Athanasius (296-373 a.d.), St. Ambrose (240-397 a.d.), St. Jerome (347-420 a.d.), St. Justin (115-180 a.s.) and others.

They all had similar suspicions. That's what it was.

And if you're ever confronted by someone about the trees, the tree of life, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, here is the process of logic. If you haven't seen it outlined or diagrammed for you, I thought I'd put it together so that we can see this. We used to put this on the board a long time ago when we taught; but, in the last page of the Bible in the Book of Revelation 22:14, it says,

'Blessed are those who wash their robes that they may have the right to the tree of life and enter the city by the gates.' And we interpret that that is referring to Jesus, that he gives them the right to enter the city by the gates.'

REV. 22:14


And we interpret that that is referring to Jesus, that he gives them the right to enter the city by the gates. Of course, who else would it be. So, we say that that passage talking about Jesus is also talking about the same Jesus in 1st Corinthians 15:45 describing him as the last Adam or the 2nd Adam.

The first Adam brought death into the world. The last Adam brought life, talking about Jesus very clearly. And we really appreciate that passage, the Bible statement of St. Paul; because, it nails Jesus as a new Adam. So, the first Adam and the second Adam, there must be a relationship between the two Adams. And the 1st Adam is, of course, Adam that they were talking about in the Book of Genesis.

And we also have that tree of life there (Gen. 2:9)in the Book of Genesis. So, we're saying that the tree of life in the Book of Genesis is equivalent in meaning to the tree of life in the Book of Revelation, which is talking about Adam, in one case, Adam, and in one case, Jesus, the new Adam. So, that's how we logically come to that. It's good stuff for any Bible study. Bring it to any Christian Bible study. You can have a good time with that.

"If Adam and Eve did not fall, all of their descendants would have become trees of life." Exposition of the Divine Princple, p. 165

Now, I always had a hard time with the fact that Eve was burdened with this label 'the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.' It's so condescending, kind of like it's a stigma on woman, on Eve. She's the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I mean, what about Adam. What if he fell? He's got knowledge of good and evil then too. Why the woman gets this stigma. It always was a little uncomfortable for me. I don't know how you sisters felt about that; but, I notice in the Divine Principle on Page 165 that it mentions that all of their descendants would have been trees of life. So, that means men and women. So, that tells me that, actually, that 'the tree of the knowledge of good and evil' is not the intended title or label for woman, but that all of us should be trees of life. Well, that feels better. I like that. That feels warm and fuzzy. All of us should be trees of life and not woman burdened with this stigma, negative kind of label.

But here's a lot more insight into that, that whole thing:

"But the serpent said to the woman, 'You will not die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.' Genesis 3:4

So, when will Eve know good and evil. When will she have the knowledge of good and evil? When will Eve have the knowledge of good and evil? She will have the knowledge of good and evil when she eats. Well, that kind of means that she doesn't have the knowledge of good and evil when she's growing up. When she's eight years old, ten years old, she doesn't have the knowledge of good and evil. She'll have the knowledge of good and evil when she eats. So, that's interesting.

Now, we don't know that this statement is accurate. It's in the Bible. It's revealed by angels; or, someone in the spirit world revealed it about 600 years before Jesus was born. I mean, that's the first written record of the Genesis story. It wasn't found on cave walls. It was revealed by people in the spirit world in the Babylonian exile period of time. So, if this is the kind of thing that Lucifer said to Eve, if this is true, then she doesn't have the knowledge of good and evil until she eats. So, that's interesting.

And then, Dae Mo Nim said something which was also taught in the OSDP, the OSDP lectures for years, that the commandment from God, 'Do not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for the day that you eat of it, you will die,' that this commandment was given late. See, this was a big revelation to us, late. In other words, God didn't give that commandment to Adam until Lucifer was behaving in unprincipled ways with Eve. God did not expect the Fall. God did not anticipate the Fall. Father said that the Fall was the farthest thing from God's Mind. No thought about it.

So, it's not like God saw this coming and told them when they were two years old, 'Do not eat.' No. She explained that God gave that commandment when Lucifer started acting improperly with Eve. God said to Adam, 'Don't eat of that fruit of that tree.'

And according to the Bible story, that may ot be true. Whatever Father said, of course, is correct. I'm not putting the Bible in front of (as more important than what Father said) at all. But, I mean, if that's true, that means that the timeline for having faith in that commandment is very short. It's not all their life. So, the time period for having faith in God's Word, which is necessary for Adam and Eve to grow properly was not faith in the commandment, it was faith in the three blessings, right? That's the other thing that God said to them, 'Have faith in God's Word.'

Of course, they had to have faith in the commandment; but, that was for a short time. That was when Lucifer started getting wrong ideas about Eve; and, God warned Adam, 'Do not eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.' There was no caviat on that either. There was no condition. You know, we've always thought, 'Well, until they become mature, they shouldn't eat. But, that's not what it said. It said, 'Don't eat, period.' 'Don't eat the fruit from that tree, or you are going to die.'

So, we have to open our minds to think that maybe we have not explained this in quite the right way. It doesn't change the Principle at all; but, maybe we've twisted things up a little bit here.

For example ... Well, here's a little bit about motivation here:

"Lucifer, feeling as though he were receiving less love than he deserved (Remember that? That's very important.) He wanted to grasp the same central position in human society as he enjoyed in the angelic world... Exposition of the Divine Principle, Page 64)

But, the key word here that I'm focusing on here is, 'than he deserved.' Lucifer felt that he deserved it. He deserved the love that he felt that he should have. He deserved it. That's not the best kind of motivation or attitude that he should have, is it. I deserved that. Well, that's what it says in the Divine Principle. So, it's a very important statement there.

And also, here's another point about Lucifer's motivation:

"Lucifer wanted to ... ascend to heaven (according to the prophet Isaiah); above the stars (children) of God. I will set my throne on high: ... I will make myself like the Most High (God). (Isaiah 14:13-14)

So, that was his motivation, his ambition. So, if you put your thinking caps on and think about this, read it a few times, you'll realize what it is saying to us. It is saying some very deep things. In other words, for example, Lucifer was not just looking for a girlfriend. He was not just swept off his feet by the beauty of this first divine, sensient woman and he wanted her for his own and couldn't resist his lustful temptation. No, no. He wanted to become in God's position over human beings. He wanted to take dominion over man and make himself like the most high God. See, this is saying more to us than that.

So, what this is saying to us is that he wasn't looking just for a girlfriend, run away with Eve. He needed, he needed to get Adam to fall; otherwise, he can't accomplish this. He can't accomplish this if Adam doesn't fall. And he can't make Adam fall. He's a man and so is Adam; so, he's not going to fall with Adam. It's in his interest... He needs to get Eve to fall with Adam. Eve needs to fall with Adam; otherwise, Lucifer can't make this happen. He can not realize this ambition that he had.

So, I don't want to speculate too much. I don't want to put words in anybody's mouth; but, I can imagine the situation where Eve is feeling guilt and fear and shame; and, she wants to go to Adam, right? to comfort herself. We already understand that from our teachings; but, now I realize that that is what Lucifer needs to happen too. He might have encouraged her, 'Oh, Eve, maybe you should go with Adam, maybe ... You belong with Adam. You better go to Adam.' I don't know. That really makes him the first pimp in history. He's really the first person to set somebody up to have sex with somebody else for his own purpose. It's really, it's really disgusting.


And there's more to it than that. You know, I think that Lucifer was given the responsibility of taking care of Adam and Eve not because he was perfect in heart, because he wasn't and no angel was; but, I think he was given that responsibility because he was special. And I think he probably was so special because probably I think he was the most responsible angel before God. I think God trusted him as the most responsible of all the angels. That's my suspicion, just my opinion. Father didn't say that. That's my opinion. I think Lucifer was the most responsible angel.

And I think that Lucifer maybe looked down at Adam. Lucifer looked down at Adam. Lucifer definitely looked down at Adam. We understand that from our teachings. And he ...It was hard for him to appreciate Adam; because, Adam had no life experience. And Lucifer had immense life experience. Lucifer helped God create the whole physical universe. I mean, he knew everything; but, Adam didn't know anything. Adam was out discovering butterflies and grasshoppers and naming them; and, Lucifer was not impressed, not impressed with Adam.

And not only that, but Father said that Adam was not taking care of Eve. He was out running around and exploring nature and doing what boys do; but, Eve was sitting around lonely and wanting to talk and wanting to have somebody with her. She was yearning for Adam's company. Father explained that to us.

So, Lucifer saw that situation and he not only disrespected Adam for his lack of life experience and his ignorance and his immaturity; but, here he is not taking responsibility for Eve. I suspect that as being the most responsible angel, that might have agravated him, annoyed him; and, he might have thought to himself, 'Well, I'm going to take responsibility for this situation. Here's this woman. She's wonderful. And Adam's not taking responsibility for her.

These two new sensient beings, the first sensient beings ever created who have an eternal spirit. They're sentient and like the angels, but now they have a physical body. And now they're going to be the lords over the physical creation. Lucifer might have not been comfortable with this whole situation. He might have thought, 'These sentient beings, they're going to mess everything up. I don't trust them. They're so immature. Look at this guy. He doesn't know anything. I know everything.'

And so, for Lucifer, he might have felt, 'I'm going to take responsibility here.' And that's good. That's what he was raised to think for billions of years as God's assistant, to take responsibility. How wonderful. But the big problem here is, 'I will take responsibility.' This big problem here is the word 'I'. How am 'I' going to take responsibility here? That's a big problem, big problem; because, the way Lucifer should have taken responsibility if that was his concern is for him to have gone to Adam and spent time with Adam and tried to help raise him up to be the responsible young man that he needed to be, help Adam become more responsible for Eve. That;s what Lucifer should have done.

But, it seems that instead of taking responsibility that way, that 'I' became translated into 'I' will take responsibility, 'I will take his place. I'll take Adam's place here with this woman. I'll take care of her. She's going to be mine. And I'm just going to take care of this whole thing; because, I don't trust these people.' It could have been something like that. I don't know, that's just my own opinion.

But, we had a brother one time ... I was a state leader in one state; and, we had some centers around the state. And in one center we had this one brother; and, he had some members under him. And he had this one sweet Japanese sister under him in his center. And this sister was struggling her brains out because she was going to be Blessed soon, or she was Blessed and she was going to start family. I don't remember exactly, something like that, they were Blessed or they were matched and they were going to start family.

Anyway, she was very scared of her Blessing and starting family with her husband; because, she didn't know anything about men. She didn't have any brothers. She didn't hang around with guys. She never had a boyfriend and she was afraid of the future. And she was worried about it; and, she was talking of course to her central figure, this church leader, this center leader. And this center leader said, 'Oh, well I'll help you with that. So, they ended up showering together and sleeping together. And they confessed to us later that they almost fell .. I don't know what that means ... It sounds like they already fell to me. But that to me sounds very much like what I'm talking about, 'Oh, I'll help you with that. I'll take responsibility and I'll help you with your fear of men. I'll show you what men are all about.' Oooh ...

Anyway, I can never forget that. So, I just wonder how much of that might apply to the garden situation.


There's more to the story than this. Dae Mo Nim said one time, she said more than once, 'What about the other angels in the garden. There were other angels in the garden, not just Lucifer. Why didn't they say something?' And she didn't answer the question; but, it got me to thinking, 'What in the world? Why wouldn't they speak up?' I mean, Adam and Eve didn't speak up; but, how about the other angels? They didn't speak up either. And it really set me to thinking. What's the answer to her question? Why didn't they speak up?

And I realized, you know ... It really brought me to tears thinking about Eve; because, let's put yourself in a situation. Let's, say you have a fifteen-year-old daughter, and she's walking home from school, and some stranger, some guy, some young guy in a little sports car pulls up along the street next to her. She doesn't know who he is, but! he says, 'Hey, cutie! I'll give you a ride home. Hop in.' Well, maybe it's safe here in the Phillipines, I don't know. But it's not safe here in America. I mean, how would you feel about that? So, I asked people, 'How would you feel about that?' And everybody says, 'No! No. No. I would never allow my daughter to do that.' Why not?

Maybe he's a good guy. Maybe he's the son of God and he wants to help your daughter out. He's being nice to her. He sees that she needs a ride home. 'No. No. We would never let her do that. No.'

How about if some guy comes to you door in the evening; and, you never saw him before. And he says, 'Look, I got trouble. My mother's sick; and, I need to take a bus to go see her in the hospital and get her the care she needs. I need to borrow five hundred dollars. I'll give it back to you a week from Friday. I promise.' So, are you going to give him the cash? I mean, most people say, 'No. I wouldn't do that.' Why not? This guy is the son of God. He needs help. He needs a little cash for a while. He's going to bring it back. He's going to bring it back.

So, my point is, 'Why are we concerned? Why are we skeptical? Why are we cautious ? Why are we afraid of these kinds of situations? The answer is because we have a precedent. We've seen too much. For thousands of years, in history, we have a precedent. Just turn on the news, read the newspaper every day. It's full of horrible stories of people raping and killing somebody that they picked up, a hitchhiker or something. That guy's never going to come back with the money, right? You're never going to see him again. We know this from experience. There's so many experiences and we're on guard, right?

But, I really cried when I thought about Eve in this situation. You know, think about it. There had never, ever in the history of the universe been a situation where anybody had ever done anything unprincipled. Nobody had ever lied. Nobody had ever conned anybody. Nobody had ever tricked anybody. Nobody had ever seduced anybody. Nobody had ever done anything against God's Will. There was no precedent with wrongdoing, evil people, dishonesty, deceit, corruption, nothing.

So, Eve was so vulnerable. She was so vulnerable. She didn't have a chance. Lucifer was her teacher. Lucifer was God's Emissary. Lucifer was God's representative. They trusted him completely. Lucifer may have brought the commandment to them. I don't know. My wife talks about traditional Japanese schools. The kids trust their teachers completely. They bring gifts to them. They keep their picture in their backpack. They just think they're god or something. They don't dare ask questions so much. The teacher said it, that's it.

Eve didn't have a chance. She trusted him. And how about these other angels hanging around the garden. They must have thought, 'Well, he must know what he's doing. Lucifer must know what he's doing.' I mean, nobody ever did anything wrong before. So, nobody said anything. It's so tragic. I can hardly tell the story. It's just horrendous. God must have been just screaming, 'What are you doing?'

"Why could God not eliminate Adam and Eve and create new ones? He is not supposed to create people anew. Love is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. This became the ideal standard. God therefore cannot srike human beings as the object partners of that love. You must understand this." (CSG, 1st ed., 1989.2.26)

What Father is saying here is that God could not delete or annialate Adam and Eve and make a new one to take their place. God cannot eliminate Adam and Eve. God will make a new Adam and Eve. I mean, the new Adam was Jesus. And the new Adam now is Father; and, the new Eve is Mother. So, He's not saying that God cannot create a new Adam and Eve. He will, He must, He has to.

But the problem is, what Father is saying is, that God cannot eliminate the old Adam and Eve. God cannot just nuke them and remove them from existence. They're eternal beings. He created them that way. He's responsible for that. He's not going to change that. They are alive and they are fallen. So, that's it. They need to be restored. But, He will create new ones. When? That's a big question mark. When can He create a new Adam and Eve? So, that's what Father said.

And here's some stuff that you are probably not aware of; and, it's very important to understand this story in a very deep and mature way, what Father is talking about here. He said in the Cheong Seong Gyeong:

"If Adam had not fallen, Eve could have been re-created many times over. (1999.9.9) CSG 1st ed. p. 1595

Now this changes the story a lot from what we've been teaching, the understanding here. The commandment came late, 'Don't eat the fruit of that tree. If you eat the fruit of that tree, you're going to die.' That's what God said, 'You're going to die if you eat that. Do not touch that fruit. Don't even look at it. You have nothing to do with it.' Another words, 'Leave that Eve alone. She's got the knowledge of good and evil. Leave her alone.' And what is Father saying here, 'If Adam had not fallen.' If Adam had not fallen ... You see, if Eve fell but not Adam, God could have made a new Eve for Adam.

And here's another (quote):

"I know that if Adam had been intact from Satanic temptation, restoration would have been possible centered on him. Eve can be recreated or restored by the person of Adam if he is intact ... that is the Principle." (Master Speaks 2-20-1973 2nd 100-Day Training)

"Recreated or restored' ... Adam, if he didn't fall, he could have either fixed Eve or God could have made a new Eve for Adam. Father said, 'Even though the Fall had taken place, if it had occurred through Eve alone, the problem would have been simple. In such a case, God as the Creator could have re-created her." (1969.5.11, CSG 1st ed. p. 514)

And here's Wom Pil Kim:

"If Adam had kept the promise, Eve could have been created again. Can you follow me? Actually, because both Adam and Eve broke the promise, God couldn't recreate them so He started the providence of restoration through indemnity. At that time, if Adam had remained unfallen, God could have created a new Eve. (Wom Pil Kim - Father's Course and Our Life of Faith)

So, there's four quotes there. This gives us a deeper understanding of what's going on here. God needs humanity to start on a pure foundation, a pure Adam and a pure Eve. So, what is this saying here? This is saying that if Lucifer fell with Eve but Eve didn't seduce Adam, God could have created a new Eve, the new Eve could have grown to perfection, Adam grown to perfection (He'd be a little older, but it's not a big deal at all. They live 920 years, so there's a twenty-year difference or whatever. Who cares...) So, Adam grows to perfection, the new Eve grows to perfection, then They stand as The True Parents and They turn around and restore the fallen Eve and the fallen angel and the providence is finished, boom, short course.

That's why Father said that God was far more distraught, more destroyed, more Heart shattered when Adam fell than He was when Eve fell. Because when Adam fell, then the short course wasn't possible anymore. He thought there was a way out; but, when Adam fell there was no way out. Now we have a big problem. Now, when can we bring a new Adam and Eve. It took millions of years. So, God was really devastated when Adam fell. It was bad enough when Eve fell. Worse. Father said it was bad enough when Eve fell but when Adam fell it was worse. We have to understand these things. This is a mature understanding of the Fall. You never heard these things, I'm sure.

So, we say that love, God made love as the strongest force in the universe, right? There's absolutely no question about that. You know people will deny the Principle every time, I've seen it too many times. It just kills me, but ... So, God made love stronger than truth. People will deny the truth for love, any time. I've seen it. So many of the second generation, the young people of our church. They're tempted to fall in love with somebody; and, the Principle is, whshew, gone. Who cares. It's the farthest thing from their mind. It's a terrible thing.

...stronger than God's Word. So, God had to give Adam and Eve protection for that, right? So, He added the element of faith. So, faith plus God's Word, faith in God's Word is stronger than the power of love. That's how He created the safety net. He said to Adam and Eve, 'Do not eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for in the day that you eat of it, you will die.' If he (Adam) had had faith in that, he wouldn't have fallen with Eve and God could have saved the situation one way or another. But, Adam didn't have faith in God's Word. Eve didn't have faith either. Eve knew God's Word, the commandment 'don't eat.' She told Lucifer, 'Don't eat, don't even touch it.' And even she lost faith in it. If she would have had faith she wouldn't have fallen. If he would have had faith he wouldn't have fallen; but, they couldn't keep their faith.




But, my question here is, 'What is God's Word?' How about to us. Well, Father said, 'Maintain your purity before the Blessing.' right? And, people are abusing that a lot these days. It's really horrendous. I'm just sick of it. People are stretching this and twisting it, 'Well, as long as you don't actually have intercourse, you haven't really fallen.' That's not what Father meant at all. He was very clear about that with us, very clear! Man and woman relationships should not be even close to that. We shouldn't even thing in a possessive way about one another. How about, 'This is my body and I'll do what I want with it.' and 'It's just a piece of flesh. I can have an abortion if I want. Let me just kill this baby. God gave me freedom and that's ... I can do whatever I want with it.' And on and on and on and on.

But, the point is, 'What is God's Word?' It's not only don't fall. But we are flooded every day with words and ideas and slogans and sayings and attitudes and beliefs that are not from God.

All day 24/7 we're bombarded with ideas that are not God's viewpoint. And yet we believe those things, we act on those things, and we just go the other way all the time. What's God's Word? We have to have faith in God's Word, God's Viewpoint. If you don't read your Hoon Dok Hae every day (God's direct Word), you'll never know what God's Word is. You can't slump that off. You cannot not read God's Word every day, you cannot stop reading Hoon Dok Hae every day and transform yourself into a son or daughter of God. You cannot do it. How are you going to do that? You will just become like the fallen world. There's no choice. You can't fool yourself. You have to read some of Father's Words every day, some of Mother's Words every day; otherwise, there's no way to transform yourself into a son or daughter of God. There's no way. You have to get God's Word so that you can have faith in it, and try to become it. We have to become it.

So, we talk about freedom, this is a statement from the Principle:






...and what it talks about here in the first point is what I want to focus on: There's no freedom outside the Principle. Well, let's come to an understanding of that statement. I mean, let's put our thinking caps on as we're reading that: There's no freedom outside the Principle. Okay, how can I understand that? I'm half German. I have to have a practical understanding of that that I can apply in my life. There's no freedom outside of the Principle. Well, what's going on then in all these people's lives who are living outside the Principle. They're walking around abusing people, abusing themselves, abusing the environment, breaking every rule they can break, and they have no conscience about it. And we're saying here that there's no freedom outside the Principle. Seems like there's plenty of freedom. People are flaunting their freedom. They're throwing their freedom in God's Face and rubbing His Nose in it, right? They're saying, 'I'm free to do whatever I want. Isn't that what people are doing.

It seems like people have too much freedom. And they've confused license for freedom. There's no responsibility in it and on and on. That's the second point, 'No freedom without responsibilty.' I mean, freedom is being abused everywhere. That's why there was a fall of Adam and Eve, right? They had freedom, free will. That's why Lucifer fell. He had freedom too. So, how can I understand this? 'There's no freedom outside the Principle.' How to understand this? Well, there's two ways to understand this. One is, you put the word 'true' in front of 'freedom.' There's no 'true freedom' outside of the Principle. If you put the word 'true' there. There's no true freedom outside of the Principle. That makes sense.

And the other way you can understand this is, if you exercise your freedom outside of the Principle, then you will suffer. There will be consequences. You have freedom; but, if you exercise it outside the Principle, you do unprincipled things outside the Principle, there will be consequences. You will suffer. and so will other people. That's the only way to understand it. Well, we may come up with another way to understand it; but, we need to understand that statement.

We need to make a footnote under that so that scholars and people who are wise and know what they're reading, that we don't make people choke on that and close the Principle Book and say, 'Well, this is a strange book. I don't know what to make out of this. This doesn't make any sense. Why should we make people choke on that kind of statement. We need to make it clear. What are we saying?


Okay, so because of the fall Adam, we say, is in the midway position, right? So, he has to be divided between Cain and Abel. We'll talk about that tomorrow; but, the midway position, the midway posiiton. What is it? Well, here's the way I've depicted it. You know, we used to just have a stick man with a line down through his head and say, well, God is on this side, the dark side is this side of his head, and they both influence him. That's right; but, on the other hand, when you make good conditions, it's easier and easier to make more good conditions and come closer to God. But, if you make bad conditions, it's easier and easier to make more bad conditions and come closer to the dark side. So, it seems to me that this slippery slope would be a more accurate way to depict this kind of 'midway position'. You're somewhere along this slippery slope in your life.

But, everybody without exception is in the midway position. Not just Adam, right. Not just Adam. Here's what the Principle says: Who's in the midway position? The Principle on Page 71 says:

"Since a fallen person stands in the midway position between God and Satan and relates with both of them, the works of a good spirit may be accompanied by the subtle influences of an evil spirit." (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Page 71)

So, that means every fallen person, right? (is in the midway position)

And here's Page 176:

"Immediately after the fall when Adam and Eve had original sin but had not yet committed any subsequent good or evil deeds, they found themselves in the midway position, a position between God and Satan, where they were relating with both. As a consequence, all their descendants are also in the midway position." (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Page 176)

Well, that means you and me.

"How does God separate fallen people from Satan who stand in the midway position?" (Exp. DP P. 176)

So, that means all fallen people, not just Adam.

"For a fallen person standing in the midway position to be purified, come to God's side and establish the foundation to receive the Messiah, he must fulfill a condition of indemnity." (Exp. DP P. 189)

So, it seems clear that the midway position is any fallen person, every person in history, every human being except Jesus and True Parents are in the midway position, are.



> Failure to see from God's point of view

> Leaving proper position

> Reversing dominion

> Multiplication of evil

So, what are some of the consequences of the Fall? big consequences of the Fall; and, we're going to talk about more than that. We're going to talk about consequences. Very important. There's some serious consequences that we need to talk about. One is the four fallen natures, right, the four aspects of fallen nature? And what's the first one? The first one is 'failure to see from God's point of view'. This is really the basis for all of the other three fallen natures. We're always violating this one first, FAILURE TO SEE FROM GOD'S VIEWPOINT. THIS IS THE FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM OF HUMAN BEINGS.

Second fallen nature, 'leaving our proper position.' That's actually based on the first one. We leave our proper position because we don't see from God's point of view.

Third fallen nature, 'reversing dominion'. We reverse dominion because we don't see from God's viewpoint.

Fourth fallen nature, 'multiplying evil'. We multiply evil because we don't see from God's viewpoint.

So, 'leaving our proper position.' We can explain that as being irresponsible, leaving your wife and kids, abandoning them, divorce, quiting your job or just walking off your job. There's many ways to think of leaving your proper position. But in a more fundamental way, what is our more fundamental position? Our most fundamental position in life is God's son and God's daughter. But how many people walk around every day feeling and thinking and realizing, 'I'm God's son.' 'I'm God's daughter.' We should feel like dinosaurs shaking the earth. As we walk down the street, 'I'm God's son.' 'I'm God's daughter.' You know, you're really significant. You're God's son and daughter. Wow! If we really felt that ... But, we don't. We've already left our most fundamental position, which is God's son and daughter. Wow! If we really felt that ... But, we don't.

We've already left our most fundamental position, which is God's son and daughter. We think ... We don't know what to think. We don't know if there's really a God. Maybe we're just some kind of random, accidental mutation, some evolutionary creature in the chain of life that just happened to evolve by survival of the fittest.

So, let's talk about fallen natures. What fallen natures do we use when we do things like complaining, for example, which is really poisonous to our spirit. What fallen natures do we use? Well, of course, we're using the first one, 'failure to see from God's point of view,' don't we. And if we're complaining we're also leaving our proper position, aren't we? Well, you can tell, certainly we're multiplying evil. Blaming ... How about revenge? If we get revenge on somebody, we're not seeing from God's point of view. We've left our proper position and we're reversing dominion upon them. If we're taking revenge, we're trying to force them to be what we want them to be; and, we're multiplying evil, of course.

So, my point is that many times when we do things, we are not just using one of the fallen natures. We're using two or three of the fallen natures, or maybe all of the fallen natures. Rape, that's all of them. Lying, I'm not going to go through all of these; but, fear... Many times we're using multiply fallen natures or all of the fallen natures at the same time. And we may not have thought about it, may not have realized it. It's a big problem.

Father used to give this famous speech, called 'The Seal Speech'' I wish you could have been there. It was so cute. And Father would ... either He had His big, long fishing pole, or He would pretend to hold it in His Hand. And He would cast the fishing pole, like this (gestures). And He explained that Satan has his hooks on a fishing pole. He's creating this metaphor. It's like Satan has a fishing pole and he has a hook on it. And he's always throwing his hook at you, to hook you. And He said that the problem is that we have pockets. You know, especially guys. We have so many pockets. We have shirt pockets, pants' pockets, some guys pants are full of pockets up and down the legs. And we have hip pockets.

Women don't seem to have so many pockets on their clothes; but, Father's not talking about that. He's talking about holes. You have a hole in your ear. You have a hole in your nose. You have a hole in your ear. And Satan is always throwing his hook at you; and, he's trying to catch a pocket, your points of where he can get into you. Maybe it's your fear. Maybe it's your lust. Maybe it's your addictions, addicted to pornography, you're addicted to junk food, you're addicted to money, you have to have five hundred pairs of shoes in your closet or jewelry all over, you addicted to how you look. Everybody has a pocket, some kind of place where they can be tempted and pulled by Satan. So, the dark side throws a hook and they catch it in your pocket and they pull you. They know what your pockets are.

So, Father said that we have to become ... we have to get rid of those pockets. We have to find them and remove them and be like the baby seal. You have to be like the baby seal. They have no pockets. Look at that, ha ha. They don't even have any ears. There's no place for the hook to catch. Just throw you hook on that little baby seal and it will just slide right off. So cute. And Father said we need to be like that so that there's no place for Satan that hooks that he can catch us and pull us in his direction. So, we have to be like a baby seal. I love that. Such a cute little cutie. I'd love to have one as a pet. Wow!

So, if Adam and Eve had not fallen, we would be living in a beautiful world, right? We would have realized the three blessings and we'd be fruitful and like God in our heart, personality and mind. And we would multiply God's Heart and Personality and Spirit in all that we do everywhere we are and in our families and we would have the loving, divine dominion over creation. And we would be living in a world of peace. A peaceful society, right? And we would be living in a world of love. Everywhere around us we would be surrounded by God's Love and God's Peace. That would be the kind of world we would live in, right?

BE FRUITFUL (perfect our truth relationship individually) >
MULTIPLY > God/Man/Woman/Children >

But instead what have we created?




We've created a fear culture. We're afraid of dying. We're afraid of going to hell. We're afraid of not having enough money. We're afraid of not being loved. We're afraid of not getting enough education or from the right school. We're afraid of losing our job. We're afraid of not being beautiful enough. We're afraid of being the victim of crime. We're afraid of being rejected and that the food and water is not healthy. There's pollution in it. We're afraid of not being happy. We're afraid of being punished. We're afraid of losing control of our lives. We're afraid of war. We're afraid of relationships > We're afraid of commitments > We're afraid of disappointing our parents ... I'm sure you could add a lot more things to it

As a result, we have stress. We have diseases. We have nervous breakdowns. We have aggression (violence). We get depressed. We have cancers. We have heart attacks. And we have more fear.

That's the kind of world we have created. It's so painful. We don't even, I mean we're used to it. That's life. That's the way it is. That's the way life is; but, it's nothing to do with what God had in mind. Father said that if we could catch even one glimpse of the Kingdom (and Queendom) of Heaven, He said that your knees would collapse under you. You couldn't stand up because it's so different than what you know.


And we have four kind of sin. Consequences of the Fall we're talking about here. And there's personal sin, collective sin, ancestral (historical) sin, original sin. Original sin is the big one. That's the heavy lifting one. Nobody can get rid of it except The Messiah. Jesus could have but didn't. True Father did. True Father (and True Mother) paid the price to get rid of original sin. Nobody could do that (but Them).

And so, we depict it like a tree. The roots, that's the original sin. The trunk is ancestral sin. The branches are the collective sin. And the leaves are the personal sin. It's a nice imagery there.

But, here's another area about sin that we have been very poor about. And I feel very bad about it. I'm so grateful that I could grow up as a boy in the Catholic Church; because, they had two thousand years to figure some things out, get some things right. But we're kind of young in our faith culture and we need to figure some things out. They teach about sin better than we do.

Think about it. Maybe you go to Cheong Pyeong and you have your prayer several times a day; and, maybe you think, 'I should go repent. I'll go to the prayer hall; and, part of my prayer there, I want to repent.' Okay, good. Repent for what? 'Well, uh, Heavenly Parent, I didn't fall today. I didn't kill anybody today. I didn't steal anything today; so, I guess I'm okay. Aju.' See, we have not learned well about sin. I think most of you are good people. I don't think you're going around doing bad things in your daily life. I think you're not going out and falling, killing, stealing.


But it's not what we did ... What I learned as a boy in the Catholic Church is very important for us to understand as Moonies. We need to incorporate this understanding because we're missing the boat here. Because there are two types of sins. There are sins of commission. That's the things that you shouldn't do that are bad; but, that not really most of our problem. I don't think that's your problem. I don't think you really have a lot of that to repent for. 'Well, I wasn't really loving enough to my mother.' Okay, there's some of it; but, I don't think that that's really the big thing.

The elephant in the middle of the living room is, we missed it. Because there are sins of omission, sins of omission. That means that my biggest sins are what I'm not, what I didn't do. I'm sitting around and I'm not witnessing to the people sitting next to me in the cafeteriaor I don't even care about them if I'm honest with myself. If I'm honest with You, Heavenly Father, I don't really care about those people. I don't really care about the Providence. I don't have the love.

I mean, here's my prayer. My prayer is, 'I'm not the husband that my wife needs. I'm not the father that my son and daughter need. I'm not the son that God and True Parents need.' That's my prayer. That's my repentence. It's what I'm not, what I'm not doing. It's what I don't understand. It's what I don't get. It's what I'm not saying. It's what I don't do. It's what I'm not being. That's my sin. That's what I need to repent for. Heavenly Father, show me my real self. Show me my fallen nature so that I can deal with it. Show me how I need to change. Open a door for me, so I can ... whatever it is. We really have to ... This is the big one, sins of omission.

Here's the midway position, again. I want to look at this. How does this work? Because of the Fall, we are in the midway position, every fallen person. Every human being is in the midway position. It's not just standing right here in the middle.

For example, this young lady does a good condition. She makes some good condition of prayer or fasting or makes an offering or whatever it is. Then, the influence of God gets stronger in her life and the influence of the dark side gets weaker because she made a good condition. Now, she makes another good condition. The influence of God gets stronger in her life and the influence of the dark side gets weaker. She's still in the midway position. There's a whole spectrum here from left to right. She does another good condition. The influence of God gets stronger in her life and the influence of the dark side gets weaker. Wow! To me, that's how it works, right?

Let look at the other way, the other side of the coin. She makes a bad condition. The influence of the dark side gets stronger in her life and the influence of God gets weaker. She makes another bad condition. The influence of the dark side gets stronger in her life and the influence of God gets weaker. She makes another bad condition. The influence of the dark side gets stronger in her life and the influence of God gets weaker. She's still in the midway position. She can't escape.

However, I was teaching at Sun Myung Moon University one time and one of the students asked a very good question. 'How does that apply to people who have no original sin?' Oh, good question. That doesn't just mean second generation children or third generation children. It means people like you. People like me. When you go through the Blessing and your original sin is removed. So, how does that affect us? Well, here we are, people without original sin. If you don't remember anything else out of this whole presentation, wake up for this; because, this is extremely important. Get this.

People who had their original sin removed, that means that the dark side no longer claim you in terms of ownership. THE DARK SIDE NO LONGER OWNS YOU. They no longer have a title to your life. That's a big one. They no longer have ownership of your life. Only the Messiah can do that for you, remove that handcuff from around your wrist. Mr. Sudo used to say that your right hand is handcuffed to God and your left hand is handcuffed to Satan. And nobody has a key to that handcuff. Only the Messiah can take that handcuff off. That's right. If you had your original sin removed, then you can make good conditions. You can deal with your personal sin, your ancestral sin or whatever and your collective sin. We can deal with those. Father (and Mother) gave us the tool box, God Bless Him (Them). He (They) gave us a tool box to deal with those kinds of sin. We know what to do about that stuff. We can clean ourselves up over time. You and your children and your grandchildren can clean that stuff up.

So, as you make good and better and better conditions without the original sin, you can actually make conditions for getting out of the midway position. People who have no original sin are the first human beings to ever live on the face of the earth besides Jesus and True Parents Who are out of the midway position, (we of no original sin) can be out of the midway position (if we make the doable condition for that). The Pope is in the midway position, famous ministers, the Dali Lama, I don't care who they are, they are in the midway position; but, people who had their original sin removed can completely get out of the midway position. You are the first, we are the first people in history that can do that. That's one of the ways why we are so special, being Blessed children or Blessed people.

That's what is so special about the Blessing. So many Blessed second generation are bitter. They don't feel the love and the joy and the happiness and the warm and fuzzies; so, they go around and complain, 'I don't want to be a Blessed child. Who said I have to be a Blessed child. What does it mean, anyway. Those other people seem to be happier than me. Look at those Mormons. They have beautiful families. What's so special about us. There's nothing special about being Blessed.

Well they (those not Blessed) are in the midway position. They are stuck. And there is no way out; but, you're not stuck if you stop complaining and clean up your personal, ancestral and collective sin. You can be completely one with God and have nothing to do with the dark side. You're the first people in history that could ever do that. But we're caught with our pocket of complaint and dissatisfaction; and, the dark side is pulling on us with their hook. They don't have the original sin to pull you with, so they are pulling on one of your pockets to pull you back into their camp. That's what it is.



So, let's talk about other consequences of the Fall. Let's look at this here, okay?:


Lucifer became Satan, that's a big one, right? Lucifer became Satan. He had all the fallen angels. He had many angels under him. Then there are the four fallen natures. Four fallen natures. We already just talked about those; but, there's another four. There's another four that are the consequences of the Fall. What's that? That's the four types of sin. That's another four, the four great realms of heart, that was damaged. And there's another four that was a consequence of the Fall. We lost the four position foundation. That was kind of lost and not God's original ideal, right?

Now, let's look at the sexual consequences of the Fall.


INCEST - rampant these days; RAPE;
SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES (all these are consequences of the Fall, right?);
CELIBACY - That's the other side of the coin. That means, if you want to be close to God, you should be like a monk or a priest or a nun, no marriage, no family, no sexual life at all. You just gotta be like an angel. You've just gotta be like an individual, if you want to be close to God, you need to have no sexual relationship, just be celebate. That's a consequence of the Fall;
POLIGOMY - many wives ... That's the opposite of that, right? ;
PEDOPHILIA - sex with children;
NECROPHILIA - sex with dead bodies ... Crazy stuff. I mean, we do everything except what God had in mind. We do everything sexual except what God had in mind;
CIRCUMCISION - That's a consequence of the Fall;
DIVORCE - That's a consequence of the Fall;
BEASTEALITY - having sex with animals - Some people ... It's just unbelievable; ABORTION - 60 million babies killed in America so far, since they made it legal in any case, 60 million!;
APATHY - 'I don't care, about anything' Consequence of the Fall;
ARSEN - burning;
BARS - Where you go and you drown your sorrows in a whiskey glass, right? drown your sorrows in a whiskey glass
BORDERS - national borders. This is another consequence of the Fall;
BRIBERY - another consequence of the Fall;
CAPITALISM - all the 'isms,' consequences of the Fall. Capitalism is a good form of government; but, it's not the best;
CHAUVANISM - male chauvanism;
CHILD ABUSE - consequence of the Fall;
CHRISTMAS ' See, it doesn't have to be a bad thing; but, if there was no Fall, we wouldn't have any Christmas, right? wouldn't have any Christmas, wouldn't have any religion either
CHURCHES - We wouldn't have any churches if there was nof Fall. It's a consequence of the Fall,
COERSION - Forcing people to do what you want;
COMMUNISM - another 'ism';
COUPS - You know, government takeover;
COURTS - Father said there wouldn't be any courts, judges or police or lawyers, right?;
CHEONG PYEONG - We wouldn't have any Cheong Pyeong. Woudn't need Cheong Pyeong if we didn't have the Fall; CURRENCIES - We wouldn't have all kinds of money. Maybe one kind of currency;
DARWINISM - We wouldn't have any of that;
DEMOCRACY - Wouldn't have that either;
DISCRIMINATION - Wouldn't have any of that;
See, when I do this live with an audience, I ask them to come up with these things; and, we just write them down on the board as they come up with them. It's fun.
EASTER - We wouldn't have any Easter. Nothing wrong with Easter. It's nice; but, we wouldn't be celebrating Easter if we didn't have the Fall;
ETHNIC CLEANSING - I hate that word, some kind of dressed up, nice word for genecide, if you ask me;
GLUTONY - eat too much;
GUILT - We wouldn't have any Bible or The Koran or The Bagavatgita and the Hindu Scriptures;
HOMELESSNESS - We wouldn't have that;
HUNGER - We wouldn't have any of that. We'd be taking care of each other, right?;
IMPERIALISM - We wouldn't have any 'isms';
INDEMNITY - We wouldn't have any indemnity to pay;
INSURANCES - We would have to bother with that
JUNK FOOD - Well, we might have a little junk food. Dae Mo Nim said that a little junk food is good for our system. It keeps our immune system good; but, we wouldn't be living on it.
LAWYERS We wouldn't have that;
MANY LANGUAGES - We wouldn't have that
NURSING HOMES - There might be a place where you have to go for nursing care. You need medical care. That's not the point. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about a warehouse where you send your old people, your grandparents; because, you don't want to take care of them anymore and mess around with them. So, you throw them in there until they die and get them out of your face. That's what nursing homes ... most of them are;
ORPHANAGES - We wouldn't have orphanages;
PASSPORTS - We wouldn't have any passports;
PLAGARISM - stealing other people's words;
POLICE - We don't need police in the ideal world;
POLITICS - There might be some kind of politics, but not the kind we know;
POLLUTION - wouldn't have that;
POVERTY - nope;
RELIGION - We wouldn't have religions;
SOME FASHION - There's some fashions, you know, (I think I menitoned) the Hispanic culture that I see, they just teach their daughters to show all the flesh that they can show. Then the Muslims are the opposite. You don't show any flesh. Anyway, fashions can be just crazy. It's all over the place. You would have some of that stuff.
SPIRITUAL REDEMPTION - We wouldn't have that;
TAXES - Father said when He opened the Palace in 2006 (I was there), He said that in Cheon Il Guk there will be no taxes. He said that we don't confiscate by force anybody's money. He said that we are not going to take your money by a requirement like that. We just have tything, thirty percent tythe. That's all. And we'll run everything on that. And it's a voluntary tythe. You don't have to give it. Thrity percent tything. And the government will be run on that. We don't have any taxes.;
THEOLOGIES - We don't need that;

We don't need any of these things. All of these are consequences of the Fall, right? So, why did I go through all of this? Why? There's a reason. See, when we finish this seminar, I want you to think about this. You know, the Fall of Man and The Principle is not just a dusty old black book on the shelf over there, some theology, you know. Take your choice in the market place of ideas. This is real. The Fall is everywhere all around us.

When you walk outside of the door of your house, I want you to notice that the Fall is everywhere. You can't get away from it. You can't escape it. The Fall is stained into everything in life; and, hopefully you'll become righteously indignant and feel like, 'Gee whiz, you know. Maybe somebody ought to do something about this. It's real. It's a problem. It's everywhere. We're just used to it. Everybody's sick; so, we just think it's normal to be sick.


So, when Father talked about life, love and lineage, love, life and lineage, we have some idea about what He is talking about, about true love verses false love; lineage, God's Lineage, Satan's lineage


... But, 'life,' "What's He talking about?" That's what He's talking about, what we just saw. We're living Satan's life. We're living the dark side's life. Life has become created (degraded) the way it is because of the dark side, because of Satan. That's why life is so compromised and so ugly and so unhappy and so unfulfilled. Life has become ugly.

See, so Father's not just a preacher/minister or somebody sitting in a chair saying good things. He's very practical. He told us, He said, "You can't building the Kingdom of Heaven just teaching somebody the powerpoints on a whiteboard somewhere. That's not going to do it. He knows that you need to show Cheon Il Guk to people. They need to see it. They need to taste it.

They don't care about Divine Principle. That's why we need a nation. You've gotta have a nation. You've gotta have even a small place, like the Phillipines. You've gotta have a nation somewhere that becomes Cheon Il Guk where people are living a principled life, where we have a principled culture, a principled internet, principled movies, principled magazines, principled families, principle culture, schools, where people live it from birth to death, where we don't have any of those things, those hundren and thirty or forty things I just put up there for you, a place where's there's none of that, you see.

And then, one by one the countries of the world ... Mother knows this. That's why She wants to make one country at least. One by one the countries of the world, they will look at that and say, "Hey, what's going on there in that Cheon Il Guk place. What in the world? How can they have a life, how can they have a culture like that? How in the world? How can we have that? Send us one of those boonbongwons or one of those national messiahs or whatever you call them, send us an emissary to show us how we can have that too."

And one by one, starting with small countries, the world will start to change. They'll become Cheon Il Guk. And Father said that in a hundred and fifty years the whole world will change in a short time; but, they have to see it. It's like market day downtown. People bring out the wracks full of their clothes and shoes and everything, put it on the sidewalks so that people can walk by and they can touch it. There's more chance that they'll buy it if they can feel it, 'Oh, look at that.' Because, they don't go and walk in the store. they don't know what we have. They don't care about that; but, they want the kind of life that we're talking about. We have to show it to them.

Same thing in our marriages, you know. Why would our children want to get Blessed if our marriage is just some marriage of duty and obligation and faith. And we just persevere until we die. Who wants that? I wouldn't stick around either. I'd leave. We've got to show them joy, passion, happiness, romance, a little prosperity. What they want in life is just normal. Our Blessed families should be so beautiful that our children come to us when they're teenagers and say, "Mom and Dad, when can I get Blessed?" That's all it is. But instead of that, they're out there rummaging around in the garbage heap looking for the happiness that they didn't see in their homes sometimes. It's so painful.


So, the Fall. What's so wrong about the Fall. Listen to me. When you go to college or if you don't go to college, whatever, I guaranty you, young ladies, that some tall handsome, smart guy is going to come along in your life and he's going to have money and a nice car and he's gonna have blue eyes, and he's gonna treat you like a princess and you're gonna, 'Ooohh...' 'He's so smart and he's got money and he's got a job ...' And the Principle is going to be gone.

And you guys, I guaranty you some cutie's going to come along and she's going to have a skirt up to her butt and a low-cut T-shirt and she's going to have blond hair and blue eyes and she's gonna treat you like something... And you're gonna be swept off your feet and the Principle is going to be far away. 'Principle, oh well, you know, yeah but, yeah but, yeah but ...' This has to happen. I guaranty you it will happen. It has to happen. It's gonna happen.

And if you don't know what's wrong with the Fall. If you haven't made your mind up, if you haven't decided in your mind why you decided not to live this fallen life, why decided to save yourself for your eternal spouse and give them one hundred percent yourself, if you haven't decided why you want to do that in your life for yourself and what's so wrong about the Fall, then when that someone comes along, it's too late. It is too late! When that guy or girl shows up in your life, it's too late.

You have to figure out now; and, I can't give you the answer. You have to figure out what so wrong about the Fall for you and why you're not going to live that life, why you've decided that is not for me. That's not for me. You have to figure it out. You have to decide; because it's too late when they come along. You're gone. You're gonna be toast. You're gone. I've seen it.

How many times have we seen it; but, we just keep throwing our kids out there in these college campuses. And what is their survival rate. It's almost zero; but, we just keep doing it. That's the definition of insanity, isn't it? You do something that doesn't work and you just keep doing it.

Father said, "Satan accuses God and grips Him firmly in his teeth saying, 'Although I am fallen, don't You have to practice the Principle You established; therefore, as a Being of Principle, You cannot bring Your sons and daughters to the original world without loving the fallen angel. Your plans for the archangels before the Fall do not allow Your children to enter the heavenly kingdom unless they and even You Yourself love me."

"How grieved God was that His enemy deprived Him of His throne. You should should know His history of sorrow not being able to become the God of glory. Although He is the King of the universe, He has been mistreated as if He were dead. He was robbed of His ideal and His loving children and the world has become His enemy's plaything."
(CSG 1st ed., p. 132, 1972.10.21)

Satan said, 'You have to love me, no matter how bad I am.' And God is just caught by that.


So, we have to live a pure life. Father told me one time (and it just blew me away, like He has so many other times) He said, "You know, I want to create a world that's better than it would have been if Adam and Eve had not fallen. I want to create a world that's better than it would have been if Adam and Eve didn't fall." Can you understand? He said, "Because then God can let go of His 'han,' His heartache. And He can think to Himself, "Well, I guess I'm glad it went this way. Now it's better." Who could think such a thing except God's Son?

Be pure and find the joy in it. You know, we should be the happiest people in the world.

Father said, 'What's it worth? Why do this if you don't find joy in it? Even if you're going to the cross, you should be joyful. We should be joyful. We've received so much. We have no complaint whatsoever in our heart.

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