Presented by Rev. Dr. Michael Hendrich, Sr.
Transcribed by Airenae Culvy

I made this one slide and ah, it's ah ... I don't know if anybody's ever done that, put together the bare minimum of what we should focus on in our life of faith to be healthy and growing. There's so many things that we should do, be about, you know. Father said many things; but I ... (This is my own opinion, of course) I put this as a minimum.



Live for the Sake of Others
Read Hoon Dok Hae daily
Blessed Family Life

Receive the Blessing (remove Original Sin)
Liberate Ancestors
Live a life of Vertical Offerings
Live a Life of Cain-Abel relationships (life of service, virtues, see God in others)


Share True Parents and Divine Principle with others and coach them

We need to grow our true love; that was the original plan, right? We need to remove our Original Sin.

And in growing true love we need to at least live for the sake of others, read HDH daily and live a Blessed family life, a happy one full of love.

And in removing our sin, we need to receive the Blessing for Heaven and liberate our ancestors, live a vertical life of vertical and horizontal offerings and then we should live a providential life.

So, the point there is, the top thing is to live for the sake of others. And Jesus ... You know when Jesus came there were 613 Jewish laws. And if you've read anything or gotten to know any Jewish friends, it's like every moment of their life is following the laws (That's what they do) And it's beautiful. I love it; but Jesus said, 'If you just love God with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself, you've done it all.

So, he (Jesus) boiled 613 laws down to two. And Father boiled those two down into one, 'Live for the sake of others.' Well, what does that mean, 'Live for the sake of others'? I mean, we've seen it ... LFSO, right? We have the sacrament, LFSO! We put it on caps and tee shirts and bumper stickers, right? We've got it everywhere and we're living for the sake of others, right?

Well, I had an experience one time on an airplane that I can never forget for my whole life; and it's real to this presentation. I was going to Korea for the long trip; and there was this young lady sitting next to me. She was 27 years old.

So, I wanted to share with her about True Parents and the Principle. I introduced myself and got to know her and said, 'I'm with Rev. Moon and a UTS graduate.' She didn't know much about the church. And she was a recent graduate of a college as a psychologist; and she was a high school counselor.

And she was all excited because in three months she was going to get married. She was planning her marriage ceremony and was all involved in that. And I actually said, 'Wow, I'm so happy for you. That's so wonderful. That's so great.' Because I'm looking for a way to start to talk about True Parents and the Principle, right?

So, I'm looking for a way... 'What can I say?' So, I said, 'You know, in our Unificationist culture with Rev. Moon we have a (This is not completely true what I said to her) but I said, 'In our marriage culture we have a relatively low incidence of divorce.' (It depends on the way you look at it. Some Blessing groups are really good and some not, but overall... But that's my (intro way in true love, for her to be interested to connect). And then she took a nap; and when she woke up she said, 'Why is that? Why is that that you have a relatively low incidence of divorce in your culture?'

And I said, 'Well, Rev. Moon teaches us to live for the sake of others.' And she said, 'Well, that's interesting. That's good. And after she thought about it for a while, she said, 'Our family has not so much divorce in it either because we have learned the importance of sacrifice and compromise.'

And I said, 'Wonderful! Sacrifice and compromise, that's wonderful. But if you really understand what we mean by 'live for the sake of others,' ... (This is the way that I explained it to her) I said, 'What Rev. Moon is saying to us is that if, IF I'm living for the sake of others then what makes me happy is my wife being happy. And if my wife is living for the sake of others, then what makes me happy makes her happy.'

Do you know what this young psychologist said ... She was blown away. She was speechless. She said, 'Whaat? Nobody lives like that. Nobody lives like that.' And from that time on I realized, you know, that sometimes Father says things to us that really just kind of go right over our heads. He's saying something very profound, huge, 'living for the sake of others;' and it kind of just went right over our heads. What does it really mean. I thought about it for a while and I realized that I'm missing something.

I realized that Father didn't say, Live a life of doing public activities' No. He didn't say that. He said, 'Live for the sake of others'. That's a 'why?' statement, 'Why am I living?' So, in other words, living for the sake of others is not an activity. It's not a project. It's not something you do. It's not going to church on Sunday and leading the Sunday school. It's not being on GPA.

It's not reading your Hoon Dok Hae or being the weekend warrior, doing your boyscout thing. It's not an activity. It's not how we live. Living for the sake of others is NOT EXTERNAL, IT'S WHY YOU'RE DOING IT.

Dr. Carlson in Korea, my professor, he said in Chinese philosophy there's a saying, 'The greatest wisdom can be found in chopping wood and carrying water'. The greatest virtue rather. 'The greatest virtue can be found in chopping wood and carrying water.' What does that saying?

What it is saying is, 'Why are you chopping wood?' 'Why are you carrying water?' That is what determines how virtuous it is. In other words, let me give you an example:

Is the only time you clean the house when somebody is going to come over and visit? Then why are you doing it? So people will think you look good; people won't think you're a bad housekeeper? Why? Why are you cutting the grass? So, the neighbors won't complain and the city won't give you a ticket? OR to love your family and creation and return beauty to God?

Why are you doing that? Why are you washing to car? Why are you washing the dishes? Why are you watching me today? Why are you sitting here? It's a very deep, endowed thing He's (Father's) talking about here. Why we exist. Why we live. Why I'm breathing.

Our self centeredness is very deep. We're just soaked with it down to our bone marrow. We're soaked with self-centered thinking; but it's very subtle. We don't see it. We don't even see it any more, how we live for our self.

But why ... Our sisters become mothers and have three or four kids; and it's more and more difficult to live for yourself but still possible. In other words, you can be doing lots of public activities and still not be living for the sake of others. Why? Because you're really doing it for yourself. Why? Because I want to go to Heaven; I don't want to go to hell. 'I want to do what's right. I want to be a good Moonie ...'

I don't know what your reason is; but those are not living for the sake of others. Why should I care about somebody across the street. Why should I give witness to that or why should I help this little old lady out over there who needs a hand with something. There's lots of reasons that could be your reason; BUT THE REAL REASON IS BECAUSE I CARE, BECAUSE I JUST WANT TO, I just want to.

There's not an external reason. There's not a qualification; but people don't live like that, not at all. Maybe we're a new generation; but we need to think deeply about it, not just external, for looking good.

You know, I grew up in a Catholic church and you go to get your Baptism, you get your holy confirmation, you go to confession, you don't eat meat on Friday and you get your last rights and you go to Heaven. It's like a pact, you know. If you do your tricks you get your bone.

That's not a son or daughter of God, if you do your tricks you get your bone; but how many of us are living that way in the Unification Church. It's not do your tricks and you get your bone, right? Even Father's youngest son Hyung Jin Nim said to Father, 'Father, I'm your son and I've done everything you asked me to do. Am I going to Heaven?' And Father said, 'That's not good enough.' It's about transformation. It's about becoming a person who's like God through and through.

Do you know the difference between a tomato and an apple? The apple's red only on the outside and the tomato's red all the way through. So, are we apples or are we Moonie tomatoes? Are we just looking good? We know how to smile and make people think we're happy just when we're not sure why we're even here? A lot of people do (what's very impressive like that). But we need to stop doing that; and we need to live for others in a genuine and sincere way. IT'S ABOUT TRANSFORMING MYSELF.

And there's another thing about living for the sake of others. It's related to it but I like to call it a cancer in our church. This is a cancer in our culture. It's killed so many thousands of my brothers and sisters, young and old. And over the years, I can't tell you how many people it's still killing today. It's a spiritual cancer. And I have a word for it. I coined a word for it.

I don't know if it fits; but the word I call this cancer is public-minded selfishness. And it's very subtle. We're not aware of it. I've seen so many people come and go. They seem like they're leaders and they're so really gong ho Moonies; and then something happens that bruises their ego. And they're gone. Why? They're gone because it was all about their ego.

Oh he's a great lecturer... 'I'm a great lecturer, did you notice?' (pats his chest to draw attention to himself and smiling and audience brother laughs to acknowledge) That is cancer. And it eats you alive. Father said, 'You have to get rid of the self.' The beauty and the magic of the Principle is that, when you get rid of yourself, you grow and you can blossom like a flower. It's when people water and put fertilizer on it.

The self benefits when you forget about it. When you remove the self from your consciousness and you're just really caring about others all the time, you grow and benefit. That's the magic of it all. But the more you think about yourself consciously or even unconsciously in the back of your mind, it stifles that. It poisons that process; and you don't love. That's the magic of it. You get rid of the self and the self comes alive.

Public-minded selfishness. I've seen it so many times. I remember great lecturers who ... something happened, bruised their ego or whatever when they thought they were so good; and the next thing you hear is that they're walking out of the church center with a sister under their arm (and they're looking so happy).

Father said you get up in front of everybody, you need to be totally not there. Your self is gone. How can Heavenly Father use me? I'm your instrument. You reach these people. All I can do is flap my lips and move the air but it's You Who need to touch their hearts. You have to be the instrument for God, the funnel for God to work through and not the public-minded selfishness.

So, in other words, why should you tithe? You know tithing is a very important condition. We didn't make it up. It comes from way back when, I think Abraham ... Way back then we started tithing. See, God and the dark side made a deal, Heavenly Father and the fallen angel, they make deals ... Father made deals with the dark side over the Blessing and so on. But the deal was God said to Lucifer, 'Okay, though people should give me everything because I deserve it. I'm God Who gave them life; but they have to live and they have to prosper; so if they give me ten percent I will bless everything of theirs, the rest of the 90 percent. Is that okay, Lucifer?

And he (Lucifer) signed off on that. He said, 'Okay, I'll go with that.' So, that was the deal they made. So, if you give nine percent of your paycheck or whatever, God can only bless that nine percent. But if you give ten percent, God can bless the whole thing. It works. Lucifer has to back off from it because that's the deal.

But if you go to church (and in the Denver church we have a box in the back of the church. We don't pass it around. Father said He didn't like that) ... We have a box in the back of the church for tithes and donations and so on. So if you walk up there with your tithing envelope and you're like, 'Gees, I could have bought a ... with that check. Huh... Oh well ... Huh.' God doesn't want that money. God doesn't want that money.

I'm not making that up. Father said, 'God doesn't want that money,' because you're not doing it for the right reason. It's all not here (heart) for some reason.

Why do people go to Cheong Pyeong. I spent years in Cheong Pyeong. My wife and I were there for five years. Some people go there to kick out evil spirits, 'I've got to get rid of these evil spirits, kick them out.' No. That's not the reason. That's not the process. That's not what's going on.

It's unique in all the world because we're not just taking out evil spirits, we're actually liberating them. sending them to a workshop in the spirit world where they can be (in a position for restoration) ... repented to be liberated and become 'absolute good spirits.' We're in the job and the business of healing the living and the dead. Wow! Nobody is doing that. Nobody can do that.

It's why we're doing things that's so important. Why are we doing it? Karma. Christian people ... You know, I grew up Catholic. I love the Catholic church. I feel it one of the closest to ours; but why do many, many people who are Catholic ... (Honestly speaking, I know what's in their mind) They want to go to Heaven and they don't want to go to hell. That's what. But that doesn't work. Father said ... You can read it in the Cheong Seong Gyeong. It's got pages on this.

That's totally self centered. 'I don't want to go to hell. I want to go to Heaven. I'm going to be a good Catholic.' It's all about you.

You know, it's time for the matching. 'Okay, mom and dad, here's my shopping list. I want a girl who's blonde with blue eyes and she's this tall and she's not too smart, doesn't talk too much and all these things and she likes to play games and go ding balling ... Here, go find somebody.' (Or she has a list. I could say the same thing). Uhh, then your marriage is all about you.

It's all about you. And if it doesn't work out. Oh, well we'll just find somebody else. And we're no different than anybody else; and Satan's just laughing and having a party because he's got us wrapped around his little finger, totally hoodwinked us. That's not what the matching and Blessing is all about, right? No supposed to be. But we're going there fast. I see a lot of this stuff.

Karma. Same thing. In the Orient, karma. Whatever you do to other people is going to come around back to you; so, you better be nice to them. It's all about you. It's all about me. It's totally self-centered. It's not caring about anybody. You don't necessarily care about them. Many religious people don't care about anybody. We're supposed to be the different people, motivated by the (true-love idea).

So, what happens is that we Moonies can actually become slaves to the Divine Principle, slaves to the truth. This is what's happened in our church; to some degree, if you can see it at home unfortunately. What's happened to us is that my age, my age people, we learned the Divine Principle enough to believe that Father and Mother are The True Parents and The Messiah of the world, The Savior of the world.

We got it enough to believe that, one hundred percent we believe that BUT WE DIDN'T LEARN THE PRINCIPLE DEEPLY ENOUGH TO LIVE A HAPPY LIFE, to apply it to my life to be happy; and so we became slaves, we became captive to the truth and so many people my age infected you, the children with this experience of being slaves to the truth, not happy, unable to find happiness but believing 'I'm doing the right thing'.

It's a pitiful, sad situation. The first thing Father communicated to Dae Mo Nim when he went to the spirit world is He said, 'I want the Blessed families to become happy', the first thing He ... ' What the use if it can't be happy. The purpose of life is what? Joy. Happiness. We should be the most ecstatic people in the world.

You know I am very fond of my precious Christian friends. And I met these little ole Christian ladies and they're just beaming, right? And you say, 'How are you today, m'am?' And she says, do you know what they say? 'I'm blessed.' That's right, 'I'm blessed.' And they just want to tell you about Jesus. And why? Because their dog got healed or something happened in their life one time. And that's all it would take for them to say, 'I want to tell you about Jesus.' And their blessed, you know?

And then I go back home and I think about it; and we Moonies are the only people in the world I've ever met that are Blessed, Blessed but not happy in whatever country. We need to understand the Principle deeply enough so we can live it and experience the joy, the excitement and the passion and the love and be electrified by it. We're not here to be a captive of the slavery of the religion. If it doesn't bring happiness, who in the world needs it?

The purpose is joy and happiness; but somehow we didn't learn it deep enough to apply it. If they or you're not happy, I get that. So then people my age infect their children, You say, 'Oh, this is all about this ... Oh, I guess I'd better tow the line, learn the thing and do it; but I want to be happy but I don't know, maybe I can't be happy all my life because mom and dad weren't.' It's sick. If it's sick, we've got to fix it.

And I know that my age group, we had radical matches. Father matched us for indemnity reasons. My wife and I are worlds apart, in some ways. In some ways, we're very (puts hands together)... We're a perfect match; but we can't always see that. I mean, Father matches us together for a reason. The Children are fantastic ... amazing ... But somehow the children need to ... They're on a totally different plain.

We've already brought these two lineages together. We've done the heavy lifting. Now the children can enjoy the offspring that they are. My son and daughter in law are just like ... (looks up) You know, they have their fights and stuff; but they love each other. It's like 'Wow!' I'm so happy to see that. Some day I'll have that too; but, it's alright that they already have it.

Their children will be on an even better plain than that. "Father said in the third and fourth generation will be geniuses, many geniuses. So, it's a perfection (progression). The world hasnft really seen Godfs children yet. Wefre still working it out. Wefre getting there. Itfs a difficult transitionc.(but it's been made possible).


ENTITY (of dual purposes)

(Internal Nature)

(External Nature)

*In God's Ideal there cannot be any individual purpose that does not support the purpose of the whole, nor can there be any whole purpose that does not guarantee the interests of the individual.

So, God made us for two purposes: the purpose of the whole and the purpose of the individual. That's the way all things are made, right? So, there is a place for the self; but we need to be living for the whole as a primary thing, right?

So, how do we discover this self-centered, subtle nature that we have inside of us? How do we discover that; because all of us are so self-centered; but it's very subtle.

Well, I'll give you one test. You can put yourself in front of the mirror and test yourself (see what you have). Use one ear and one eye and kind of watch your self awareness; and track yourself for a day.

I had this experience in Cheong Pyeong about a year ago. It shocked me. It really shocked me. I realized that when I was out and about, sitting in the lunch room or whatever, I found that I was always annoying people, all the time. People were so annoyed with me. And I thought, 'What in the world is going on? What's so bad about me that I'm just annoying people?'

So, I started listening to myself and watching myself as I interacted with people to be aware of what I'm doing; and I realized for the first time how I'm always thinking and talking about myself. (now I finally found this out for the first time, I didn't see that... Who's interested in that?

So, the point is that if you track yourself, listen to yourself ... try to analyze yourself and see how much you're thinking and feeling and talking about me, myself and my. And for me to be happy, my environment has to conform with me.

In other words, I can be happy if you agree with my opinion, my values, my ideas, my way of doing things, my tastes, my preferences and my understanding of whatever it is. If you agree with me, I can be happy. If you don't agree with me, you just don't understand. The more you might find yourself being like that, the more you need to realize how self-centered, how just totally right (I am) only when self-centered.

For me to be happy, you need to conform to me. And this is the basis for most divorces. Most people get divorced for this reason. You might know somebody in the church who got divorced ... It seems that people cannot get into each other's world.

Now there's a new phenomenon in the marriage world, in the fallen world. You may have seen or heard about it. People get married. They love each other; but they live in separate houses and separate lives. They live a block apart and then they get together for a while for the marriage They can't live together because they can't really embrace the other person's world of life and character.

But they got married. And they date or whatever you want to call it; but they live in their separate homes, separate lives, separate dogs and separate cars, not really embracing the other person and living for the other person.

The point is that the more we demand other people to be like myself, that's something we need to work on. All of us have some of that that we need to see. So, I have a little exercise for you to do, a little home work. If you don't start doing this in the next forty eight hours, you'll probably end up not doing it.

Take a piece of paper and fold it in half like this (folds it long ways). This is a common practice, of many psychologists and other people are doing this. It's very powerful and very popular. It's not just my idea. On the left side of the paper write 'for myself' and on the right side write 'for others.' And for one day from the time you become conscious in the morning until the time you go to sleep at night, jot down every thought and feeling and thing you did on which ever side of the paper it was about, for myself or for others.

And it may be a very shocking revelation. You may see patterns in your life that you never saw before. Write it down. And it may jump out at you and 'Woe, I didn't realize ...' It's a good exercise. I would suggest you do it one time a month for three different months, a good thing to do. Why not?

A lot of our members feel that they're not growing and they're not happy, like I said. And I had a really big awakening with this experience. A thought-provoking thing happened to me one time in the New Yorker Hotel. Anybody been there? (I'm not so fond of city life. I'm a country boy and I was in New York City. Anyway, that's beside the point.) I was in the New Yorker Hotel for some vacation or meeting or gathering or whatever; and I jumped in the elevator. And this one brother saw me and had known me from some previous mission or whatever.

Like I said, 'I was a lone ranger; so I don't even remember the people who were on my MFT team ... so bad, so bad, really bad. I'm just not a people person; but like I said, I'm trying my best to work on that. So anyway, this brother was just so happy to see me and he jumped in the elevator with me to go up to my room. And he looked into my eyes and he said, 'You're not burned out.'

The word 'sacrifice' has a certain meaning, a certain feeling, a certain connotation. You know what I mean? Sacrifice means giving up something that you really don't want to give up. It means you're losing something. You become empty because you sacrificed something, right. You went without eating. And now you're really hungry. You sacrificed your meal so that somebody else can eat.

Now there are times in our church history where sacrifice, bloody sacrifice was needed. You know, there was a time in Korea when the North Koreans were going to come into South Korea over the river and Father had us abandon three years of missionary work and they abandoned their children to their parents. And then the river didn't freeze so that the North Koreans couldn't come in. Now that's sacrifice.

There were times ... But I thought to myself, 'Most of the time Father's not talking about that. For thirty seven years, He wasn't talking about that most of the time. And so I went into my Cheon Sung Gyeong; and I did my own research, homework. And I did a lot of scratching and a lot of searching and found what I was looking for. Father didn't mean that. He didn't mean that most of the time; and yet my generation (your parents) many of us got it wrong.

When Father said sacrifice your lives, sacrifice yourself, sacrifice your college and your family ... We heard it in our English-speaking minds and we interpreted it as 'sacrifice.' Sacrifice something you don't want to give up; and we just became dry, empty, tired people. But that's not what Father had in mind at all.

Unfortunately, the word should have been interpreted to be 'offering' instead of 'sacrifice'. It's a whole different thing. It's a whole different feeling. It's a whole different experience. When I give my tithe at church as an offering, I want to give it. I want to give it; because God has given me so much and loved me so much, that's the least I can do. It's not a problem for me to write a three hundred dollar check. I have not problem with that. It's not a sacrifice.

When Jesus went to the cross and he cried in the Garden of Gethsemane, we often say, 'Jesus sacrificed his life on the cross.' He did not ! HE (JESUS) OFFERED HIS LIFE ON THE CROSS. And he was determined to go that way; and nobody was going to stop him from making that necessary offering that needed to be made because everybody abandoned him.

He needed to go to the cross and he was determined to do it even though Moses and Elijah tried to talk him out of it. But he cried in the Garden of Gethsemane because he WAS sacrificing what? What was he sacrificing? He was giving something he didn't want to give. He was giving up something he didn't want to give up. What was that? HE WAS SACRIFICING HIS FAMILY, HIS LINEAGE, HIS CHILDREN AND HIS MISSION. He didn't want to give those up.

He was crying until blood came out of his forehead because he didn't want to sacrifice those things. But going to the cross, that was his offering. He was offering his life on the cross for us. But what I am trying to say to you is that many people my age and my generation have infected you with this wrong thinking, 'Oh when you become a Moonie it's a life of sacrifice. When you get Blessed and married it's a whole life of sacrifice and don't expect to be happy in your life...' GET RID OF IT! THIS IS NOT GOD'S THINKING! THIS IS NOT WHAT TRUE PARENTS WANT! This is so destructive. It's ripping and tearing and destroying our members ...

We are not here to live a life of sacrifice. We are here to live a life of offering. That means 'I want to do this; because God has loved me so much, because God has worked so hard all through the Providence. It's the least I can do with my life. What else am I going to do with my life? live for myself and watch movies all day and eat popcorn and pay bills and give my money to the grocery store and the land warden and feel good about it?'

In spite of all our controversies and problems; and we have problems. So what? Every family has problems. Every family has problems. So what? They're going to get worked out. I don't care what's going on in the True Family. I know what I'm going to do. I'm teaching the Principle. They haven't worked their stuff out yet, that's not my problem.

If you want to know what's going on in the Unification Church, I'll tell you what's going on. It's the Principle in action. There are consequences for doing unPrincipled things. If there weren't, there's something wrong; and then maybe it's not true. But the way I see it, if you live a Principled life things happen from that which are unity and progress; and if you do unPrincipled things, bad things happen. It's the Principle in action. No surprises.

So, there's a lot of pain in some of your hearts because of the sacrifice thing. You probably heard some of your parents saying things like, 'Well, you know if I had stayed in college instead of joining the church, I would have had a good job, a good car, a good house and I'd have lived a happy life. But nope ...' They still haven't let go of it. They sacrificed it but they're still complaining in their heart. And don't think that hasn't infected you.

We've got to shake it off. It's wrong. It never should have happened. It never should have happened. We were supposed to offer those things, offer our life. If you don't want to offer it, then go do something else. Go do what you want to do.

So, the point of this whole talk is that we need to stop destroying our children with our wrong thinking and with our superficial understanding of the Principle. And we need to know how to apply it. We should be the happiest people in the world and transform ourselves. Otherwise, what's it for?

And the other thing is that we need to become the Principle. That's another way of saying it. The Principle is not a religion or something in a book. Who needs it? You know God never intended for there to be religion, right? That was not the plan. The plan was just happy life where God's living with us and God's happy, we're happy, everybody's happy in a life of love. That's the whole plan.

So, unless we soak everything we do with love and sincerity, then we're doing something wrong. So please some of your friends to get some of this clear. There's a lot of people who are suffering and struggling and half out the door, if they're not already out the door because of this.

Father's not looking for that kind of life. I'll show you a couple of quotes:

"The true love that enables one to invest one's life for others without expecting anything in return and yet still finding joy in offering it, brings man and woman, and parents and children together in unity. In such a family God's love can dwell, and it would become eternally prosperous. This is the core of our teaching, and herein lays immortality." CSG, 1st ed. p. 1553

"If you follow my directions and do everything with joy and excitement you will enter that realm. Although I asked you to do the most difficult or impossible things, if you are determined to do them with more joy than I have, you will immediately enter that realm." CSG, 1st ed. p. 622

"I'm not saying that you should force yourself to lay down your life if you do ot want to. I'm saying that you should joyfully be willing to do that. Would God want you to lay down your life if you are totally miserable doing so, or would He prefer it if, intoxicated with love and not knowing whether you would live or die, you danced with joy while laying down your life? Which would He prefer? CSG, 1st ed. p. 994

So, think about it please. Please think about this food for thought ...



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