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Chapter One - God's True Love Is the Motivating Force for the Creation

Section 1. True Love is at the Center of God's Desire

God is the great King of truth, goodness, trueness, and love. (301-38, 1999.4.16)

Did He exist from the very beginning, or did He come into being? Even God has grown. We must know this. How can we know it? We can know it from the principle that causes everything that resembles God's original nature to start as a small cell and grow. So what has made God grow? He has grown because of love, an absolute love wherein God is the subject partner of love and human beings are His object partners. (243-278, 1993.1.28)

God created heaven and earth, not just to see human beings, but for the sake of love. God cannot possess love by Himself, nor can He feel it on His own. Certainly, He contains love, but He cannot experience the kind of love that overflows with the joy of being in perfect harmony all by Himself. No matter how beautiful a flower may be, it must give off a fragrance; no matter how sweet its fragrance is, the wind must blow for that fragrance to be spread about. So, as the flower needs the wind, God, too, needs an object partner who will stimulate Him. (210-223, 1990.12.23)

True love is God's fundamental motivating force by which He creates; this is why He likes true love more than anything. He can eat, just as we do. He has eyes and a nose, as well. He has all those things. That is the kind of being He is. However, what He likes is not the lumps of gold that human beings covet. He can make those things anytime He wants. The same is true with knowledge. God is omniscient and almighty. He is the great King of knowledge and ability. (212-295, 1991.1.8)

The depth of true love incorporates everything, going all the way back to the beginning -- when God was born. You have no idea how deep it is! It started at the very origin of His existence. Even after a lifetime, we can never get there, and even after going to the next world, we will continue developing toward that goal for eternity. So it is inconceivable that husbands and wives would fight and separate from each other.

Even God has grown and developed. To the very depth of His beginning, He has had the same origin as true love. At the point of origin, God was not first; love was first. We say God has dual characteristics. Why dual characteristics? Dual characteristics are cherished because of love. (246-286, 1993.4.20)

True love can be a bridge that God can use as He wishes for His travels. When the physical parts of the body are all united in love everything will be okay, and when the inner aspects are united everything will be okay. The result will be the same everywhere, whether in the north, south, east or west, whether in the heavenly world or in the earthly world, or anywhere else. Through love, the members of the body can freely interact and harmonize with one another. Only love has this power. The same is true with organizations. When we absolutely establish a political party on God's behalf and say we will unite, we are saying that we will do so centering on Him. (139-200, 1986.1.31)

Even God absolutely obeys true love. He would even offer up His life for the sake of true love. Why are both men and women willing to sacrifice their lives for true love? The reason is that love precedes life. Why did God begin to exist? He began to exist because of love, and He exists in order to love. Had there been no concept of love, there would not have been a need for God to come into being.

Thus, everything created by God is based on the pair system. For example, in the mineral world cations and anions manifest love -- though on a lower level -- as they intermingle. This is being announced for the first time in history as a result of my coming into this world. I am the first in history to announce that God regards true love as being absolute, and lives in absolute obedience to true love. This is not something conceptual. It is fact. Thus God created the universe in order to launch true love. (203-103, 1990.6.17)

True love cannot exist without God's involvement. Without God, not even the words man, woman, family, truth and love can be called true. All of these are possible only due to God's involvement. He is the great King of truth, goodness, and love. For this reason, nothing good exists anywhere if God is not involved. The same applies to our work: Anything done without God is fraudulent and cannot be trusted. This applies to everything. So, the eternal standard, the standard of trueness, is established only on the basis of God's involvement. (301-38, 1999.4.16)

How, then, can we distinguish between true love and false love? Egoistic love connects us to the devil, and altruistic love connects us to God and the laws of the universe. That is where the dividing line lies. God's love gives, gives, and gives again, and then forgets that it has given. This is true love. A ninety-year-old grandmother tells her seventy-year-old son, "Hey, watch out for the cars when you go out today," and relates to him as if he were still the young boy of many years ago. She has been telling him the same thing every day well into her nineties, but she never tires of saying it. True love is a love that loves endlessly and untiringly. (142-333, 1986.3.14)

True love begins with the willingness to invest even our own lives over and over, giving and giving again, but forgetting that we have given. As it ascends, it can penetrate and enter anything it pleases, a strong mind, heaven and earth, the world of life, and even the world of death. There is nowhere that true love cannot go. It even enters secret rooms. (256-179, 1994.3.13)

True love travels at the highest speed and is a force in harmony with God's creativity. Those possessing it can even call out to God from the ends of the earth, "Please come!" and He will. Even an ugly granddaughter has but to wiggle a finger and her grandfather will go to her. That is how great love is. That is true love. (301-125, 1999.4.25)

Love does not just arise out of thin air. Glory does not arise without going through God's love. When we say a person is blessed with glory, we are not referring to a love in solitude, or to a millionaire sitting on a pile of gold. We are referring to a person who fully possesses the bonds of love and is in an unchanging position of happiness. Glory cannot exist without God's love, either. However, when we receive God's love after fulfilling our individual responsibility and passing through the standard of the perfection stage, glory will come to us automatically. (158-296, 1968.2.4)

True love can be higher than God. That means that even God wants His love partner to be tens of millions of times more wonderful than Himself. In this way, an object of true love is higher than God. It is the same for you as well. True love means you want your partner to be higher than yourself. (274-22, 1995.10.25)

True love is God's love. When you go to the spirit world, you will be able to sense the colors and flavors of true love there. The spirit world is that kind of world. Once we embody true love, it will be possible to relate to any situation. We will be able to sense every situation. If God, the owner of true love, had fine hair on His body, even that fine hair would belong to true love, and all of heaven and earth would immediately sense its slightest movement. Things will be that sensitive. Our emotions will resonate with the emotions of the entire universe. (304-15, 1999.9.5)

Godism teaches how loving human beings can walk a path that confers on them the privilege to ascend to a position even higher than the Creator. Godism is the ideology of true love. It cannot be achieved without first finding the way to sacrifice and invest our fallen lives. This is the reason the Bible taught the paradoxical logic that those who seek to die will live and those who seek to live will die. (268-162, 1995.3.31)

How should a person prepare before seeking the path of love? A person should form a union of love with God, the Parent. Only then can there be true love. This is the center where the will of God can reside, where an individual can unite with that will. (103-132, 1979.2.18) 

Section 2. True Love for the Sake of Attaining Oneness with God and True Parents

Originally, the mind and body were to be indivisible: The human mind was to be God's mind and the human body was to be a receptacle for it. The Fall, however, turned the human body over to the devil, allowing it to become his servant.

The conscience is God's agent within the human mind. It is not self-centered but exists for the sake of God's righteousness. It constantly seeks the direction of goodness. The body rebels against this. It only seeks comfort. It is selfish and instinctively follows carnal desires. The conscience chastises the body, and tries to make it conform to the mind.

Here is where bitter conflict and struggle always takes place within oneself. No one, though, can conquer the body without welcoming God in. Only through the power of God's true love and truth can the mind as subject partner take command of the body as its object partner and realize the ideal of oneness with God. This is the perfect human being that religions speak of. (219-118, 1991.8.28)

From the beginning, God was the Parent, and our first ancestors were His children. In order to manifest true love, we must achieve unity with God; that is the principle. What, then, is the principle for achieving unity? Obedience is the only way. On the day that God becomes one with human beings, all that belongs to God will belong to us. God will dwell in us and we will embody Him. Only true love can make us one with God. (91-220, 1977.2.20)

When people embody true love, they become the cells of God's body. They become the limbs of the holy God and can live forever as one body with Him, breathing and eating love. Such a world is called the Kingdom of Heaven. The Bible does not mention attaining oneness through true love. "I am the way, the truth, and the life..." Love is missing here. (177-149, 1988.5.17)

A true person is someone living with true love. True love will live eternally for the sake of the center. This is God's core essence. True love is God's love. A person who loves God for eternity will become an owner of true love. (123-328, 1983.1.9)

True love relates only to God. It does not relate to oneself, one's country, secular habits, customs and traditions, and so on. It is a love that forms a relationship only with God. Due to the Fall, our love could not become a love that related only to God. A relationship was formed with Satan not only in the family; it expanded also to the tribe, society, nation, world, and cosmos. All of the customs and traditions that exist in the environment into which we were born as fallen human beings have no relation to God. You have no idea how hard it is to renounce these and resolve this situation. (274-195, 1995.11.3)

True love can control even God. Oneness attained through true love gives rise to proprietary rights. Whatever belongs to your beloved will belong to you. We cannot change our love partners at any time or any place. The ownership of love should be absolute. (281-192, 1997.2.13)

True love has the power to unify God's mind and body absolutely. If human beings resemble God, wouldn't He also have a mind and body? What is central to their unity? It is not knowledge, power or money, but true love alone that unifies God's mind and body. (210-132, 1990.12.17)

People are very greedy, but when they enter the realm of God's true love, all their greed disappears. Within that realm is the right of inheritance, and even God, the Subject of love, becomes theirs. It is not just everything pertaining to God that becomes theirs but also His mind and body. They must unite to attain oneness with God. (213-76, 1991.1.14)

True love means belonging to the realm of oneness with God and being ruled by Him. It is not being ruled by Satan. This is not how it is in your fallen realm. You still have the original form of the realm of God's heart that is vertical. But because you inherited the wrong lineage, the horizontal form is not at a 90-degree angle; it may be at 75 or 15 degrees. The degree of difference gives rise to a guilty conscience and the pressure of an inescapable and bitter agony. (183-42, 1988.10.29)

True love is more precious than diamonds. Powerful waves are emitted from its antenna, and people meet, touch and kiss in line with that direction. It is the True Parents' antenna. It is something precious that never changes and never wears out. All the good people in the spirit world try to follow the bright paths of their new selves through the True Parents. (217-264, 1991.6.2)

The most sorrowful thing in this world is to have lost true parents. We need to understand how sad that is. Only then can we know how joyful it is to meet the True Parents. That is why I guide you in every detail. God's true love emerges through the True Parents, so even the angelic world is to be ruled by them, as is the entire creation. Bear in mind that the world is within this realm of love.

The True Parents must come into the difficult position of being despised and opposed by the people of this world, as well as in a position that is more precious than anything in creation. Even if the angelic world opposes them, they must overcome it and move forward. Even if God opposes them, they must overcome that and move forward. Only then will a new ideal emerge. (107-92, 1980.4.6)

True love does not begin with a woman, but comes through God and a man. A man seeks a wife so that he can plant the seed of life within her. In this sense, women are receptacles, unfilled vessels that take on a value equal to that which is placed in them. (259-244, 1994.4.10)

For human beings, false love came to exist alongside true love, but what are false love and true love? False love connects us to Satan, and true love connects us to God. So, do both men and women want true love? Originally, human beings were not meant to want for true love. Because they fell, the need to seek out true love arose. This is the problem. (189-75, 1989.3.19)

Men and women become kings and queens because of true love. If true love did not exist, then kingship would not appear. You find true love at the highest point, where two people meet and connect to God. Marriage is to achieve the pinnacle of masculinity and femininity so as to occupy God. We marry to occupy both masculine and feminine worlds. Men and women by themselves are only halves, so they marry to become complete. True love means to become one with God. (260-154, 1994.5.2)

Where do God and human beings become one? In holy matrimony. They become one centering on God, who is the center of original true love. It means that God enters the heart of Adam and the heart of Eve. The marriage of Adam and Eve is the marriage of God's body. It is His marriage. The external position is the body, and the internal position is the mind. That is why God is directly our Father. His love, life and lineage are ours. (217-196, 1991.5.27)

Are not all husbands and wives brought together from different origins? Our mothers and fathers became parents by giving birth to us, thereby creating that parent-child relationship. Yet one of the horizontal elements in that relationship came from somewhere else. Thus, though husband and wife may separate, the parent-child relationship can never be broken. There is only one vertical relationship. We should understand that the perpendicular position is the only way to inherit the lineage that connects human history centering on the original true love between heaven and earth. Why is the perpendicular position necessary? Once we move into it, our shadow disappears. Don't shadows disappear at noon? At present, God and humanity are not in the perpendicular relationship centering on ideal love.

So what is the way in this universe that will connect human beings and God through the shortest vertical distance by way of true love? It is the parent-child relationship. There is no distance shorter than that along the perpendicular. If it is off by even a little, it is not the perpendicular. The shortest distance is the perpendicular. Based on it, the mother and father are connected by the shortest distance, east and west. Next, siblings are connected by the shortest distance, front and rear. These form 90-degree angles. In terms of faces, there are twenty-four. As the omniscient and omnipotent God has such ideal conceptual ability, He resides at the center of a sphere at the center of the universe formed around a series of 90-degree angles at the intersection of the vertical and horizontal, the intersection of front-rear, left and right. Centering on what does God exist? On true love. If you were to ask Him that, He would say, that is all there is. (198-298, 1990.2.5)

Through true love, we can become absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging. Those who are harmonized in true love can stand in the position of God's partners. Such people enter a realm where they can at any time relate to the unique, absolute, unchanging and eternal God. (304-286, 1999.11.9)

Unification Church members are closer to each other than to their own brothers and sisters. In the future, the worlds of front and rear must become one. Then husbands and wives must become one, and then unify the worlds of left and right. Above and below, front and rear, left and right must all become one. What does this mean? Above and below refer to our filial duties, front and rear refer to our fraternal duties, and left and right refer to our conjugal duties. When people become perfected in this way, they must then ascend to God's position in the spirit world and return to Him. We need to understand that only true love can do this.

A true family is an expansion of the perfected family of Adam that has been trained to this formula standard. So when this is expanded to the global level, it is the same as unifying east with west and man with woman. Conjugal unity must take place with man as the subject partner. Front and rear and above and below must also become one. When this happens, there can be no doubt that the world will be unified with true love, based on these principles. (222-321, 1991.11.6)

The path of God-centered true love leads to the Kingdom of Heaven. The final destination of false love is called hell. Until now, no religion knew this with certainty. They did not know the boundary between heaven and hell. Now it is clear. When we rectify fallen love and make a new start, it is the beginning of heaven. (278-30, 1996.4.28) 

Section 3. The Absolute Object of God's Love Are Our First Ancestors, Adam and Eve

In Eden, God created all things anew, which Adam and Eve were to enjoy in eternal happiness in this world. God established and beheld them with an emotion that was new to Him. Every moment would have been precious for Him. Their every movement would have been profound beyond words. At the same time, His bond with them in each moment would have been indescribably precious.

As Adam and Eve grew, their intellectual and mental faculties developed with each passing day, building their capacity to represent God's original nature. There is no doubt that they were qualified to relate to the world He had newly created -- seeing it, listening to it and touching it as the representatives of His heart.

As God beheld Adam and Eve, His hope was that their movements and the words they spoke would be His, and that whenever they heard, saw, or felt something, it would be as if He had heard, seen, or felt it. There is no doubt that they who existed in the realm of such a relationship with Him were the beings He had pictured in His heart and that they represented the entirety of His existence.

Once God had embraced all the things of creation He had made for Adam and Eve and gone on to create them, what kind of day did He then long to see? By the sixth day, He had completed the act of creation. Yet the fact that He did not create Adam and Eve in perfected form meant that something yet remained to be done between them and Him.

God's hope was not for Adam and Eve to remain as He created them, nor was it just to watch them grow, but it was rather for one particular day that He wanted to bring about through them.

The moment that day arrived, God, Adam and Eve, and all things would have been joyful. Thus, there can be no doubt that all things of creation, human beings, and God, all longed to see this day. (8-267, 1960.2.7)

Our first ancestors, Adam and Eve, grew up in the bosom of God's love and were raised under His holiest and greatest heart of love. However, no matter how adorable they appeared as they grew or how free their environment was, there was something they could not do. What was that? It was not that they weren't permitted to enjoy all the things of creation, nor was it that they did not have servants to do their errands. It was that they were not able to form a bond with God as His son and daughter. That was their sorrow.

God loved Adam and Eve, and it was for this reason that, after establishing a world of hope in which he could experience joy in accordance with the ideal of the infinite creation. He would rejoice in observing them freely utilizing everything in the universe. It was not that God valued their outer form or external circumstances; it was that He had endowed them with His heart and soul, and His bone and flesh were latent within them. His heart flowed toward them so that He could not forget them even if He tried. This is why He bestowed on them the entire creation. You need to understand this.

Through the Fall, however, Adam and Eve abandoned God. They did not abandon the creation, nor did they abandon the blessings that God had bequeathed to them. Instead, they abandoned the one principle that they should never have abandoned. What was that? It was the basis upon which they were to create a bond of heart with Him. They abandoned the foundation of heart. This was the Fall.

Each time God beheld Adam and Eve, a heart of longing burned within Him. As He thought of how they would perfect themselves and live happy lives, a feeling of happiness arose within Him. He hoped that they would take dominion over the creation He had made, enjoy it, and caress it as if they had created it themselves. Such cherished desires in His heart, however, were cut short when they fell. We need to know that it was an unforgivable and most terrible sin that these first ancestors committed.

God, though, cannot abandon fallen people in this state. Why? It is because He created them in accordance with His laws and principles, which have an eternal standard that He cannot ignore.

God had a strong desire to abandon fallen Adam and Eve. To abandon them, though, would mean abandoning the principles of His creation, the process of which He had worked on for the six biblical days. At the same time, He would put Himself in a position where He would be forced to abandon the standard of eternity. Even the existence of God, the Subject of eternity, would be challenged. Knowing these things, He initiated His providence to redeem Adam and Eve. (9-49, 1960.4.10)

Satan entered into a love relationship with Eve. And she went on to cause Adam to fall; that is, she took dominion over him. Consequently, countless women have suffered at the hands of men throughout history until the present day. Women will not like to hear this, but it is a fact.

Why, then, did God create Adam and Eve? The Bible states: "Do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you?" How is it that even fallen people in need of salvation refer to their bodies as God's temples? A temple is a place where God comes and dwells.

Even if a fallen person in need of salvation could become a temple where God can dwell, the unfallen Adam would have been preferable. Would God have entered Adam's heart and dwelt there? There is no reason even to ask, because He would gladly have entered and dwelt there forever.

What, then, were Adam and Eve? If they had been ignorant fools, they would not have been able to exercise dominion over God's creatures; that is to say, without possessing capabilities similar to those of the one who created heaven and earth, they would have been unable to exercise dominion over them. Who, then, gave them the ability to exercise dominion? God did. He would have entered Adam's mind and body and led him in the right way.

From this perspective, Adam, who was to have become God's body, would have become the progenitor of humanity. In other words, he would have been God incarnate. For the invisible God to exercise dominion over the world of substance, He had to have a substantial form, namely a body, through which He would then be able to see and hear; hence, He created Adam to become His embodiment.

Who was Eve, then? She was Adam's wife, the wife of the substantial form. If Adam was to be God incarnate, then Eve was to be the wife of God incarnate. You may dumbfounded by the idea of the holy God taking a wife, but Adam was the body of God incarnate, and Eve was created as the wife of God incarnate.

What were Adam and Eve meant to do? They were to resemble God's inner nature exactly as it was, become one body with each other, and bear the fruit of love. Then their children would not only have been Adam and Eve's children, they would also have been God's children. With true love, they were to create children who would have been theirs as well as God's.

We need to understand that their inability to establish the bonds of love in the regular course of events has resulted in a history of grief for countless generations. It is this tragic fallen history that we are dealing with today. (22-279, 1969.5.4)

If God is the King, then Adam and Eve are His first prince and princess. We need to understand clearly that our first ancestors, Adam and Eve, were God's first prince and princess, and they stood to inherit everything in the cosmos. Heaven is the place where we go after leading a life in harmony with the realm of heart of the royal family. Until now, no believer or person in history knew this.

Yet, the established churches claim that those who believe in Jesus will immediately be saved. This is such a simplistic view. In the realm of heart, the realm of the firstborn, Adam and Eve were the first generation of eldest son and eldest daughter. They were the first generation of true parents and the first generation of central figures in God's Kingdom on earth. If royal descendants from that king were still alive on earth, what would the world be like today? Everything would have been prepared centering on God's ideal, but through the Fall, Satan divided humanity into hundreds and thousands of ethnic groups, and suppressed the monarchies through all the fighting. This is the result of the Fall. (228-169, 1992.3.27)

God, who exists as the invisible Subject of dual characteristics, manifested His internal masculinity to become substantially visible through Adam as His counterpart and manifested His internal femininity substantially through Eve. In other words, the human body represents the investment and substantial embodiment of everything in God's inner nature. (143-80, 1986.3.16)

Eve broke the original ideal for both Adam and herself. For this reason, it was necessary for Mary, who represented the fallen Eve, to bring forth the restored Eve who could become the wife of Jesus, who came as the second Adam. This restoration could not be carried out by Mary alone. Since the archangel assisted God in creating Eve for Adam, an archangelic figure would also be required to assist in the re-creation of Eve after the pattern of the second Adam. This is how Eve could have been restored.

Then Jesus and the restored Eve were to have become one. If servants in the position of the angels and the archangel had created a daughter in the position of Eve, centering on Jesus in the position of Adam, then would this daughter not have been God's daughter, unrelated to the Fall? Mary and Joseph were to have blessed this daughter of God with Jesus. This would have been the union of God's daughter and son.

Since Eve caused the problem of the reversal of dominion, women must bear responsibility for it. Hence, Mary had to restore the archangel, Adam, and also restore Eve back to the position she was in before the Fall. She was to do all this. This is why women have to reverse dominion. Mary's task was not just to restore those three figures but also to recover even God's heart.

In so doing, she would have accomplished God's will and the purpose of humankind. This is where we can find the starting point of the realization of the Kingdom of Heaven, which represented God's will and the desire of humankind over four millennia. Thus, this has been the goal of humankind and of God.

When Adam and Eve connect and perfect their love, this forms the perfect starting point. Hence, the reversal of dominion must definitely be accomplished. (38-70, 1971.1.1)

Had Adam and Eve not fallen, they would have made a family in which God could take joy. At the same time, it would have been the foundation for our first ancestors to experience the greatest happiness. They would not have seen or felt any pain, disappointment or lamentation. Instead, they would have experienced only joy and happiness and held hope for the eternal future. They would have experienced God's sovereignty within the realm of His direct dominion. Yet all this was ruined by their fall.

So this needs to be restored, but it cannot be restored in any old fashion. Restoration must occur in a way consistent with the Principle of Creation. Because this is the rule, you can see that the history of restoration has been the history of re-creation. The archangel, Eve, Adam and God were together in the Garden of Eden. In other words, Eden had its own four-position foundation centered on God. As the Fall occurred in such a place, restoration must occur by means of the principle of re-creation. Thus, people have been responsible for the history of restoration until now. (46-196, 1971.8.15)

Because the Jewish people did not accept Jesus, he alone resolved to sacrifice himself for the sake of the nation and the world. He had to leave his family and lead a lonely life. However, he did receive God's love. In the end, he had to sacrifice himself as the brother who had not fallen for the sake of the salvation of fallen Adam and Eve.

All people were in the position of the fallen Adam and Eve. Jesus sacrificed himself for their sake. He became an offering. He did not curse those who sought to kill him. Instead, he prayed for them and beseeched God to bless them. That is how he was able to stand as the mediator between God and fallen Adam and Eve. Jesus died as the Adam who had not fallen. He went the formula course for the sake of the salvation of all humanity. That is how he became a representative Adam, and whoever followed him could be saved. (52-66, 1971.12.22)

If Adam and Eve had grown to maturity and reached perfection, they would have united in conjugal love. They were to have loved each other not just physically but spiritually as well. In that position, Adam could have established a vertical oneness with God, his Father, and Eve could also have become one with God in her position as His daughter. The position that Adam and Eve longed to reach at that time was that of oneness. There, God and Eve would have become one and longed for Adam.

Horizontally, we have God, Adam and Eve; these three long to be completely united. Where, then, are they going to meet? Will it be up there or down here? No. They would have come together horizontally and become as one. If Adam and Eve had become as one horizontally, what would have become of them? They would have become as one body. Nothing could have pulled them apart.

It is only when this has been achieved that there should come a desire for love. For men and women, this is the only path, the only goal. This is the only place where God and Adam, and God and Eve want to be together, so it is the pinnacle. If God and Adam, and God and Eve, cannot become one, they cannot occupy this pinnacle. In that case, the give and take relationship between Adam and Eve, with God at the center, would start to become more distant.

From this perspective, we see that God is not just creating vertically but horizontally as well. This is the ideal of creation for Adam and Eve, and it is God's ideal. When they each become one with Him, neither can claim to be higher than the other. Higher and lower do not exist. The only thing that exists is perfect oneness. Yet, for a number of reasons, the distance between God and Eve, and between God and Adam, became greater. (52-261, 1972.1.2)

Had Adam and Eve matured and married, they would have been unified within God's realm of direct love. Who is the center here? It is God. When that happens, human beings become the bodies of God, who takes on a substantial form. Had Adam and Eve been thus unified, they would have become God's bodies, the parents of humankind, and the center for God. If God -- however omniscient and omnipotent -- were to start experiencing joy without a partner, we would call Him crazy.

We human beings are relational beings before the absolute God. We must become as one body through absolute love. If God, Adam, and Eve had become as one body, the children born through Adam and Eve would have been theirs and God's simultaneously. If that had happened, then, as God's offspring, they would have established on earth a family, tribe, people, nation and world. As there would be no one to sever their relationship based on God's eternal love, their nation in itself would have become the kingdom on earth founded on His love. (54-64, 1972.3.11)

Had Adam and Eve not fallen, they would have loved each other, but they would have loved each other in place of God. Thereby their daily lives would have manifested that of God. If they had liked something, He, too, would have liked it internally. If they had been sad, He, too, would have felt sadness internally because love would have belonged to Him and them. Being one love, it could only be like this. (95-248, 1977.12.4)

Originally, if there had been no Fall, there would not have been a left wing and a right wing. They would have been unified. There would have been no need for Headwing Thought or Godism, and everyone would have gone directly to heaven. There would be no need for a savior. Starting with Adam and Eve, people would have gone directly before God, and there would be nothing to make them go the other way. Everyone would go directly to heaven. Had Adam and Eve not fallen, people would have gone to heaven as princes and princesses of God's Kingdom. Adam and Eve were to become God's royal heirs, but because they fell they could not.

Who are Adam and Eve? They are God's body. Eve is God's substantial wife. God, being spiritual, is the vertical and perpendicular Father. Your minds possess an original standard that enables you to inherit the lineages of these two sets of parents. Thus, but for the Fall, they would be eternally unchanging.

The Creator, as the vertical Parent, created the horizontal parents as His partners of vertical love. For this reason, Adam and Eve are God's eternal partners in love. They are His partners. He said He is the Alpha and Omega. As their love started from God, when they return to Him, they become His friends. In the end, they need to return to God. (227-274, 1992.2.14)

Who was the center of Adam and Eve's matrimonial life? Was God involved in that? Did they bear children or not? They did. They gave birth to Cain and Abel. Were Cain and Abel born after God said, "Hey, Adam and Eve, I want you to live together and bear children"? Or were they born after Adam and Eve just started living on their own? The latter was the case. If they were doing this on their own, who would be pleased with that? Satan was pleased. Adam and Eve married centering on Satan. This cannot be denied. (234-299, 1992.8.27)

If the Korean peninsula is the Adam nation, Japan is the Eve nation. Why is Korea the Adam nation? In terms of its geography, the Korean peninsula looks just like a man's sexual organ. The Italian peninsula is exactly like that. The Mediterranean Sea corresponds to the woman's sexual organ, and Italy corresponds to the man's. As such, the two must become as one. Civilization can never move away from such a region. Once a particular culture settles there, it cannot leave. That's because its position is the same as standing on the foundation of love. With regard to all the geo-political aspects, Rome and the Mediterranean are similar to the union between man and woman.

We are about to enter an era of integrated civilization that will stand in the place of the father and mother. To the extent that this will be in the position of recovering what was lost when Adam and Eve fell, the surrounding nations are in the position of the three archangels that were lost together with them. They correspond to Adam, Eve and the three archangels. The three archangels centering on Korea were China, Russia, and the United States. The United States was the archangel on the heavenly side, and China and Russia were archangels on the satanic side. The same is true for Taiwan and India. This means that these countries are in those positions.

At the time that Adam and Eve lost their family, they lost themselves, and the three archangels also fell. They need to be restored. Thus, what the Vatican failed to do on the Italian peninsula must be accomplished on the Korean peninsula. The Vatican had a significant role to play in preparing for the returning lord, but it failed. (235-80, 1992.8.29)

Japan is a nation on the side of Satan. The country of Amaterasu-omikami (the sun goddess worshiped in Japan) must be completely turned around to become the heavenly Eve nation. The Japanese second generation must be brought over to God's realm. Korea and Japan are the Adam and Eve nations, so they are one. They must be made as one. When Japan annexed Korea, it attempted to unify the two nations with guns and swords. I will unify them in a free environment with love.

In the Garden of Eden with one female and five males, Adam should not have stupidly allowed his woman to be snatched away. I am restoring Eve by embracing her children. Since I have blessed them, she cannot run away from me. Japan itself should do this work nationally.

Thus, when an Eve nation representing the world appears and the Adam and Eve nations become one, the United States -- an archangel nation -- will also join them and the three nations will be as one. (265-178, 1994.11.20)

In the term Completed Testament Age, "completed testament" implies the re-creation of Adam and Eve and the perfection of their family, that is, that the testament is completed.

In order to return to the original standard of Adam and Eve, the kinfolk of the Fall -- the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, the five billion people of the world, and even the countless ancestors of old who passed to the spirit world -- are all involved. However much people in the past may have been loyal and devoted in loving God, that loyalty and devotion has passed and will not measure up to the Completed Testament Age.

Because God created Adam and then created Eve after the pattern of Adam, He must be responsible for re-creating them. God must re-create, Adam and the earth must re-create Eve. Then, as Eve lost her two sons Cain and Abel, the earth must do what it takes to reestablish these sons. Since the seed was sown, so must it be harvested. Abel and Cain stand respectively to the right and left of their mother in a triangle.

This must be done on earth. How must this be done in order to accomplish liberation? As Cain and Abel were sown individually by Adam and Eve, this must be indemnified globally. (244-233, 1993.2.14)

Who laid the cornerstone of true love: human beings or God? The answer is that God laid it. Before creating human beings, He created minerals, plants, insects and everything else. We read in the Bible that He created human beings at the very end and that the very last being He created was Eve.

So to whom must God be linked ultimately? He must be linked to women. He laid the cornerstone for the purpose that Adam and Eve could become as one on earth. They must become as one. Then, where are they to go and unite based on horizontal plus and minus? Man and woman come together by means of convex and concave.

Being like a mind, God enters the minds of Adam and Eve with his internal nature and external form respectively when they marry. Ultimately, this is the same as when our mind and body become one.

When God and our minds become one, this places us in the same position as when our spirit and flesh become one. Man and woman, each united in spirit and flesh become one with God when they marry. In marriage, one couple is united in one moment of one day. Thus, it is the marriage of Adam and Eve and of God at the same time.

This is origin-division-union action. When what was divided from the origin comes together in union, this does not take place with one person alone. The union begins not just from Adam and Eve but from God. (269-125, 1995.4.9)

The rotation of a horizontal line around a vertical axis generates an area, and Adam and Eve take on an identical appearance internally and externally within that area, centering on God's true love. Thus, through engaging in their first love relationship in the position of the first ancestors, these physical transient beings attain oneness with the eternally living internal God. By inheriting the lineages of God's mind and body, their children receive all the standards of the perfection of God and Adam. Because God lives eternally, people also live eternally. It is from here that the logic of eternal life arises.

As such, without love, people cannot inherit God's external form. God cannot inherit human beings' external form, which is the external form of His body. That is how important love is. Hence, to perfect God's ideal of love, it is absolutely necessary that there be an absolute object partner standing before the absolute Subject Partner. The object partners are Adam and Eve.

Here, what existed as an inner external form was divided into substantial forms and then becomes one again through the love of the perfected Adam and Eve. Ultimately, then, God, who is the mind-like Being in substance enters there internally, and Adam and Eve, who are the bodily substantial beings, are united in love. Here, God comes to take on Adam's external form, and Adam comes to resemble God's inner external form as he settles on the earth. This is the foundation of the family. You should know this. These are the fundamentals of the universe. (294-244, 1998.8.5) 

Section 4. True Family Is the Primary Platform of True Love

God created Adam and Eve in true love. They are substantial beings formed by embodying His internal nature and external form. Through their creation, His invisible internal character and external form was manifested in a substantial form. This is the reason that they must grow up and become one with Him. Had they become perfect, their mind and body would have become one naturally. The Fall, however, brought their mind and body into conflict. People did not know this until now. If Adam and Eve had been perfected in accordance with God's ideal of creation, the mind and body would not be in conflict. The fact that there is a conflict within us is, in itself, a reason for people to be able to deny God's existence. (238-29, 1992.11.19)

No one can bring about true love alone. There must be a partner. Don't you wish that your partner could be better than you? We all want our children to be better than ourselves. This heart comes from God. We need to understand that even God wants His partners of love to be better than Himself. Our desire for our partner of love to be better than ourselves horizontally and vertically originates in God. (203-103, 1990.6.17)

The minds and then the bodies of woman and man come together to attain oneness and become God's external form. When this happens, God is able to reside in the center and settle there eternally. Through the three stages of origin-division-union action, mind and body form the ideal of oneness. The oneness of love brings about the realm of oneness of the ideal world, both vertically and horizontally. Everything is unified within the concept of the mind- body oneness.

The family that settles as God's substantial form on earth and multiplies through the oneness of love becomes His family, His offspring, citizens, and world. When this happens, the mind-body conflict caused by the Fall disappears instantaneously.

Because this family is one with God's internal nature, His love naturally resides in it and any conflict between man and woman disappears. The members of such a family can love each other naturally without conflict. God resides and becomes a mind-like being there. The husband and wife will be His bodily beings, and oneness is achieved. (294-313, 1998.8.9)

A true couple is one formed by a man and woman joined together in true love as the embodiment of true life. Such a couple is a true one. Society must be connected by such relationships. The realms formed by the horizontal expansion of that of fraternal heart are the true society, nation, and world. Everybody wants to be a representative of the universe. As everyone is equal when viewed against the backdrop of true-love relationships, those who go against this will eventually have no place to stand. The lips connect following true love. We are the result of life, love, and lineage. (190-214, 1989.6.19)

The first hometown of true love is a true family. What is a true family? It has a true father, true mother, true husband, true wife and true children. This is the foundation for a family of true love. (215-243, 1991.2. 20)

If parents, motivated by true love, invest in and sacrifice themselves infinitely for their children, those children will feel infinite gratitude for having received this true love and their parents will experience great joy in place of their sacrifice. In this way, the power of sacrificial true love initiates a give and take action that establishes an eternal relationship of joy and peace in the true family and world. It is here that the ideal world of eternal life is manifested.

On the other hand, the family, nation and world that lack such true love are nothing more than an empty shell, and will become the breeding grounds of all manner of distrust, animosity, and immorality.

It is in the true family that our pure, true love grows and is perfected. The true family is the initial stage on which true parental love, true conjugal love, true filial love and true fraternal love are put into practice, and jointly grow to fruition. The true family is the fundamental nucleus of a peaceful world, for it is here that we learn about God's true love through true parental love; it is here that we are trained by means of true fraternal love to acquire true universal love for the true nation and for all people of the true world. Not only that, but the true family is the basic unit of historical connection, for it is through true love being handed down from parent to child that the generations of past, present, and future are connected together in a consistent value system of true love. (288-199, 1997.11.28)

How happy would your grandparents be to give up their lives out of love for your parents? Also, how happy would parents be to love their children even at the risk of their lives? You say that you are willing to die for the sake of love, but true love is actualized when a grandson dies for the sake of his grandfather. We can conclude that a true family is one exemplifying such sacrificial love between grandparents and grandchildren, parents and children, among siblings, and between spouses. (162-140, 1987.4.5)

What would God prefer above all else? He likes true love the most; the level of reciprocity that true love likes the most is the family of Adam and Eve. This family was placed in the ideal position by God. (263-177, 1994. 8.23)

The path of true love that I teach you -- the path that the man and woman of true love, the true family, nation and world must go -- is absolute. There is but one path, not two. The family is the textbook of true love teaching you how to relate to all humankind. (135-158, 1985.11.12)

What should blessed couples do if they fight? They should call their physical children and then their spiritual children to ask their forgiveness because the former represent Abel and the latter represent Cain. Having gone against the tradition that Cain and Abel should follow, they did not make Cain and Abel unite but did the opposite instead, and therefore must repent before them. Such a time will come. We share a common destiny. When the children do something wrong, they must obtain their parents' forgiveness. If the husband, their father, does something wrong, he must beg them, and his wife, for forgiveness. This is the true family with true love at the center. (135-38, 1985.8.20)

The purpose of religion is to seek after God and His teachings. It is not God but human beings who put these teachings into practice. As we seek after a reciprocal love, the question is, where will we make this love settle? Not in the church or in the world; nowhere else but in the family. We must plant the seed of true love within the family for the world to become the expanded form of a true family. In this context, there is no concept of religion. There will be no need even for the Tenchi Seikyo spiritual path. (259-62, 1994.3.27) 

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