Dear Brother,

As you may know we are presently in a situation of great turmoil. Turmoil within the Unification Church which is affecting the situation between North Korea and South Korea. In order for this situation to be rectified, there must arise people who will take heartistic responsibility to repent on behalf of UC's failures and True Family's disunity.

This indemnification must be fulfilled not only by one person but at least twelve people. Who have sincere dispositional hearts of shimjung. And the repentance should take place for 40 days.

People who feel responsible for these situations will go through tremendous hardship and pain...because the UC will not take responsibility to resolve this issue. It is not because the UC brothers and sisters do not care, they do...they are just not confident enough to realize that they have eternal value in this respect. Therefore a Second Generation or Third Generation must rise up to teach the UC their value so that they can take formal responsibility as a whole entity and repent for Korea and the UC at large.

One person cannot represent twelve, there must be twelve. If only one person decides to represent twelve then danger will set in within their physical bodies and cause great harm.

Please take note that this is a time of great upheaval...many brothers and sisters are losing hope and will continue to lose hope until the team of 12 is established for this 40 day repentance prayer condition.

Thank you for your heart of understanding.

Rev. Hyo Won Eu

The Crown of Glory Condition