Just as there are many things we cannot see in this world, yet know their existence by studying their effect, we can come to know the cause of the universe and the invisible principles behind human life. The study of this gfirst causeh has resulted in various religions over ages and the current chaos in modern civilization dictates the need to return to such study of inner principles. Thus this website is dedicated to exploring the Inner Divine Principles behind the visible world and how they might be applied to recreate oneself and human relationships with others.


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Are We True Muslims?

Introduction to Principle-Islamic Perspective

DP and Islam

"United Visions One God,One Truth,and One Human Family" Abdelmoumin Ahmed. 2009




The special position of human beings in the creation carries with it special blessings and special responsibilities.

As co-creators with God, humans have their own portion of responsibility in seeing that God's original plan for the creation is carried out, specifically their own perfection.


God provides the natural environment for human physical growth, as well as the love and laws needed for spiritual growth., but human effort is key to the fulfillment of God's purpose for human beings. Therefore, the primary concern of human life is the fulfillment of human responsibility. --study--




Give and Take Action 

In human interaction, giving and receiving is the basis for the creation of harmonious relationships. For example, the ideal teacher-student relationship is created when a student responds fully to the education offered by a teacher. Their interaction is initiated by the teacher giving and completed by the student responding. --study--

Duality of Creation
All creation consists of  dual characteristics composed of internal character and external form and a duality of positivity and negativity. The internal character gives a being purpose and direction, while the external form embodies and expresses that character and completes


the unique identity of a being. The secondary type positivity and negativity, enables every being to interact with others. Positivity and negativity are not value-related, but complementary characteristics that make it possible for two or more entities to relate with one another and create a harmonious


Purpose of Life  In life the foundation to obtain True Love is Character Development. Cultivating the heart and conscience are the central tasks of character development. The heart an innate impulse to love and be loved, is the emotional and motivational center of self essence and self awareness; the root of moral motivation and source of


true love. The conscience,as the cognitive center, distinguishes between right and wrong and steers the self accordingly. It stands in tension with self-centered desires; its proper function depends upon taming desires and channeling them towards moral ends. -


Three States of Growth - The three stages are derived from the process of creation itself, in which all things come into being 


through the 3-step development of the four position foundation. Because of their spiritual nature, the growth of human beings differs from that of other beings. As essentially spiritual beings endowed with free will, their growth is the result of interaction between the spirit and body,a process of development controlled by human will, according to God's principles of growth -study-


Principles of Restoration - Complete purification of human love is the ultimate goal of history. True love exists where there is purity; and purification, or restoration, of fallen nature begins in the realm of the results of the fall. Once pure conjugal love is restored, a new lineage can be founded and the complete restoration of fallen humanity accomplished. As foundations for true parents were established in successive providential eras, the standard of man-woman love was raised. The process


of resurrection is accomplished according to the principles of restoration. In particular, there are four laws governing the process of resurrection. First, resurrection takes place through



Returning Resurrection - Dispensation for Restoration expands from the individual level to the levels of the family the nation, and the world. A person who dies without completing his mission must return and cooperate with a person on earth who has the same type of mission and the same spiritual disposition. From this mission-oriented viewpoint, the physical self of the person on earth becomes the physical self for the returning spirit person as well. In this

sense, the person on earth becomes the "second coming" of the returning spirit person . When viewed with spiritual eyes,the person on earth could seem to be the reincarnation of the spirit person who is cooperating with him. Thus we find Jesus on the Sermon -study-




Tribal Messiahship


The Prophet
in the Dispensation for Restoration
Islamic Version

To achieve a dominion of love, the force of love was created stronger than the force of principles, which caused the potential for evil or chaos in

First Blessing "be fruitful"
Mind/Body Unity
The foundation for human happiness and peace is mind and body unity within


Second Blessing "multiply" 
Four Position Foundation 
The purpose of interaction between subjects and objects is creation of mature relationships within the structure of four position foundations.


The structures, functioning, and characteristics of animals,and plants are contained within humans and thus man can love all things and feel joy through the comon base stimulation. 


True Conjugal Love 


Creation of Evil?
The fruit of theTree of Knowledge of Good and Evil symbolized Eve's love. Just as a fruit tree multiplies by the fruit which contains its seed, Eve should have multiplied good rather than evil love. --study--

Signs of the Last Days