Abel Women UN’ Inauguration Assembly


 MC: Dr. Lan Young Moon, President, WFWP International

Opening Declaration ... MC

Cheon Il Guk Anthem ... All Together

Report Prayer; Dr. Joon Ho Seuk (President, Unification Church, Korea)

Introduction of VIPs & International Representatives ... MC

UN and WFWP: Ms. Carolyn Handschin (Representative, WFWPI, UN Geneva)

Welcoming Remarks: Ms. Tetsuko Kuboki (Vice-President, WFWPI-Japan)

Congratulatory Remarks: ... Dr. Thomas G. Walsh (President, Universal Peace Federation)

True Parents video presentation ... True Parents, King and Queen of Peace

Entrance of True Parents.

Presentation of Bouquets ... Prof. Yeon Ah Choi (Vice President, WFWPI);

Ms. Angelika Selle (Vice President, WFWPI, USA)

Founder’s Keynote Speech ... True Parents

Proclamation of the Establishment of the ‘Abel Women UN’ Ringing the Gong: True Parents

Three Cheers of Mansei....Ms. Mi Hwa Park (President, Central Committee, WFWP)


Closing ... MC