Presented by Rev. Dr. Michael Hendrich, Sr.
Transcribed by Airenae Culvy


We're going to look at Their Lives from two very different perspectives ...

We're going to pick up from where we left off; and we're going to talk about True Parents.


We're going to take a brief survey just to highlight Their Life; and after that we're going to do something different. So hold on ... It's not the same-old-same-old.

But the reason I want to survey Their Life just a little (I mean, you could spend days and some people do) is that I realized that when somebody comes to the United States for the first time, maybe from Africa or whatever, and they go to Manhattan and they walk around Manhattan. And they're amazed at all the buildings and all the sights and they go back home. And they announce to everybody how they saw America. Well, I came from the midwest; and, they didn't see America. They saw Manhattan.

I don't even like Manhattan. I wouldn't want to live there. I mean, if you want to see America, you've got to see the Grand Canyon and the desert and the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean and the Niagra Falls and , you know, Manhattan is not America. And in the same kind of sense I feel really badly for our young people because they only knew Father when He was really old, an old man. And you know, a lot of us knew Father when He was in His fifties.. And He was roaring like a lion in the jungle. He was tearing up. He was unstoppable. He was the hulk. But they didn't know Him then.

So, I think it's good to go through this survey; but when we're done with it and I go on to the second part of this presentation I want to share that there's some limitations on it too.

1920 - 2012


This amazing young man , Sun Myung Moon. Born right on time in 1920 in the most obscure place, a dirt poor in what is now North Korea. Who would know? Jesus was unknown too pretty much. I mean who knew him in the world during his lifetime? not too many people.

Anyway, this young man was very special. A lot of condition was made for him, a lot of blood was shed so that he could be born. Even Jesus shed his own blood so that he (Sun Myung Moon) could be born victorious on a better foundation (than what Jesus had).

And when he (Sun Myung Moon) grew up he was very special too in how he was asking questions that most people never ask in their life ... how to help mankind. What's wrong with humanity? What can I do? Who is like that when they are 16?


And he (Sun Myung Moon) was praying on a hillside on an Easter Sunday; and Jesus came to him and said, 'You need to finish my mission.' And the young boy said, 'No. I can't do that.' And Jesus came back again and told him again, You need to finish my mission, please.' And he (Sun Myung Moon) said, 'No. I can't do that.' (I mean, I'm not putting the passion into it , you know ? (as it was spoken). Then Jesus came back a third time and the young boy said, 'Yes. I'll do that.'

And the reason he (Sun Myung Moon) said 'no' twice is because he knew ... He knew he would never have a life of his own if he said 'yes,' not even for a minute. And he also knew that there was no turning back if he said 'yes' to that, if he said 'yes' to Jesus. He also knew that failure was not an option, not an option. So it was the most serious decision, far more than about a lifetime, not even a lifetime. But he made it (He made that decision); and for nine years he went wandering in the darkness searching for answers. He needed answers! He was full of questions.

He searched through humanity, society, people's hearts, nature. He went into the spirit world countless times, searching the spirit world to find the answers that he needed. He needed to know why the world's messed up. What happened to humanity? What happened to people? What happened to God? What happened to everything? so he could fix it. It's no game.

And the dark side was there just like with Jesus, fighting him every inch of the way. We heard how he was ... sometimes he was lifted up off the ground and thrown down by the spirit world; sometimes he couldn't breath because the whole evil spirit world was focused on one vortex, one point. When you spread this out among many people then its not the same; but when one person is the target, we can't even imagine.

After his searching, he started going on an incredible course of restoring the past. That's what every (providential) central figure has to do). He ended up going to prison six time for nothing (nothing bad that he did). He never committed a crime. He went to death camps. He spent the same amount of time that Jesus did in his ministry in a death camp, where Satan tried to kill him, working him to death.


Most prisoners died; but he was a model prisoner, doing the work for the ones who were sick. Doing more than his share, sharing his food that they gave him with other people for a while, the little that they gave him, hardly enough to live on..


They had to dig up this fertilizer, caustic stuff, acidic. It burned through the skin killing the men. Most of them died; but not him. He went to other prisons, was strung up with his hands behind his back from beams on the ceiling and hit with wooden timbers until he was so bloody that they thought he was dead. He was thrown out in the snow bank, then discovered ...found, revived and restored by a disciple. It's a miracle story.

One time Father saw the movie Papillon. He cried through the whole thing and said, 'This is the closest thing to my life.' (It's an old movie. You should watch it. It's a long movie.) He was suffering for us, not for himself.


(captioned) The oil lamp used by Rev. Moon in writing the original Divine Principle (1951-2)

When all that was over and World War II was over, he fled to the end of South Korea, built a little shed out of cardboard boxes and started writing a manuscript of God's Truth that he discovered, called the 'Wolli Wonbon,' two manuscripts of it. And his disciple, Won Pil Kim, wrote two other manuscripts by his own hand, with this lamp right here. And here's a picture of one of the manuscripts..


We didn't even have one page of manuscript from Jesus, none of his own hand-written discoveries. We don't even know if Jesus knew how to write.

Here's some of his early followers. Here's Won Pil Kim right there on the bottom in the middle. He wrote those other two manuscripts. Here's that cardboard shack, made out of ration boxes from the army, built next to a sematary, with a little spring shooting water under the plastic sheet on the floor, making it all humid and musty inside. Father Moon said he couldn't even stretch from one corner to the other; and he's not a very tall man. That's where he wrote the Wolli Wonbon.


And who's that American guy standing there" I've always wondered about that looking at this picture. Who's that American guy? Well, they found him. They found him. His name is Clayton Walker. They showed him this picture and said, 'Do you remember this?' And he said, 'No. I don't remember that.' But he probably just came by to get that little hand-painted portrait that Won Pil Kim was making. He was making hand-painted portraits of soldiers so that he could make just a little bit of money to live on. He (the American) probably just came by to get his picture.


Father went through excruciating times of difficulty in prayer, insurmountable. His course was like climbing that cliff you see behind him, almost impossible at times, can't even imagine. We can't even imagine.

This is the Rock of Tears. Many ministers have had visions there of Jesus and Father, all kinds of very special place. And this is the first church they built after that cardboard shack, just a simple wooden house. And this lady here, Mrs. Cam, she's a cute little lady, four feet something. I met her in Cheong Pyeong. She went to the church most Sundays in Surrock, a little town outside of Cheong Pyeong. She was there when I was there, sweetest thing, big smile just like you see in this picture, happy to shake your hand.


She ( Mrs. Cam) heard about this crazy man in this cardboard shack up on the hill. She was a fervent Christian. She climbed that hill just after He finished His manuscript. She went up to witness to Him and bring Him to Jesus. Well, Father told her all about Jesus and converted her to be His disciple.


And here's Father and Mother Moon, Hak Ja Han. He married Her in 1960. (Wedding Photo of Rev. & Mrs. Moon, March 13, 196) She was also born specially, prepared to be Eve (even like John the Baptist's sister (at the time the Bridegroom Jesus came).

And you might wonder why this picture can be so bright and clear and beautiful. Well, They didn't have that kind of photography in those days, not where They were, no; but we have those gowns, those same exact gowns They wore in the glass cases in the museum. So, the photoshop people could make everything just right;. Amazing what we can do.


Mother grew up. She was young (caption: with classmates from art class in Soojeong Girls' Junior High School) , much younger than Father. She went to a Catholic girls' school, nursing school. Here's Her Mother, Dae Mo Nim, right there in the top middle between Father and Mother. She (Hak Ja Han) was a smart girl, very quiet, humble. And the one line that always stuck out to me when I read Father's Autobiography many times was when Father met Mother and He said of Her, 'She never seeks to draw attention to Herself.'


I can never forget that sentence, 'She never seeks to draw attention to Herself.' I felt that Father was talking about the original nature, I mean the original nature of woman, so different than many women you see, right. I can never forget that sentence. And here is Father and Mother with Ye Jin Nim, Their first baby, one of fourteen children, twelve who survived.

And Father realized Jesus' dream. Jesus wanted to go all over the place and give big speeches to thousands of people. He wanted to go to the Roman coliseum and talk to thousands. That's what it was made for, the Roman coliseum. It was made for Jesus to go speak.


And here's Father speaking at Madison Square Garden, thousands of people, standing room only, people lined up outside. You can see the bullet-proof glass screen standing up behind the podium there; because they filled it to capacity and so there are all these people sitting behind Him (Father). It's not a safe situation. And He belted out the Word of God and really stirred the country up.

He (Father Moon) spoke in Korea to a million people. Can you imagine a million people; because North Korea was threatening South Korea. And He went there to this big airport to rally the people of Korea. In the Name of God, we've got to stop these North Koreans from invading our country.


(caption: Holding the 'World Rally for Korean Freedom' - June 7, 1975. At Yoido in Seoul: 1,000 members from 60 countries and 1.2 million people from Korea participated.) Jesus wanted to do things like that.


And I was here, Washington Monument, 1976 (caption: 350,000 (Source: NY Times) attended the largest religious event in America's history.)

The largest religious event in America's history at that time. I don't know how many people were there 350, 000 or whatever; but there were a lot of people as far as you could see. And the buses were as far as you could see, even if you drove ten or fifteen minutes if you could drive, there were still buses as far as you could see. They came from all over the East coast.

But that wasn't the amazing thing, the amazing thing was, you know, when you've got a crowd of people that big, it's usually never quiet. It's usually bustling and people talking to each other and making a fuss and hard to even hear the speaker on the stage, right? I mean that's the way it usually is; but no, when Rev. Moon went to the microphone you could hear a pin drop. I couldn't believe it. Nobody was talking to each other. They were fixated. They were focused on hearing that speech. They couldn't even understand the Korean. They had to hear the translation. Everybody was listening. It was weird. It was unbelievable. It was unusual. It was not even normal.

And after that event; because of that victory, because of that event, He said, 'What used to be a 40-day fast, now you could have the same (indemnity) condition by fasting 7 days, and many other things..'


And the Blessing of 1982, 6,000 people, couples (caption: 10/14/82, 6000 Couples Wedding) This was the kind of thing Jesus wanted to do with his bride, bring the Arabs and the Jews together, melt the cultures, heal the people, make one world under God. Father Moon and Mother Moon are doing it right here.

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