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Book 1: True God (English PDF File)

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Chapter 1. The Original Being of God

1) God Is the Incorporeal Subject Partner

2) The Incorporeal God Needs a Body

3) God Is a God of Personality

4) God Is Our Father

5) Godís Omniscience and Omnipotence Remain Within the Law

6) God is Omnipresent Through Love

7) Problems with the Existing Doctrines of God

Chapter 2 - God and the Work of Creation

1) Godís Motivation for Creation is Love

2) Godís Purpose in Creating Human Beings

3) The Ideal of Love Realized Through Adam and Eve

4) The Ideal of Love is Fulfilled in the Family

5) Godís Will in Creating All Things

Chapter 3 - The History of the Providence of Restoration and Changes in Humankindís View of God

1) The God of the Old Testament Age Was an Angel

2) The Identity of Jehovah God

3) Jesus Proclaimed a View of God Based on the Parent-Child Relationship

4) The Completed Testament Age is the Age of the Oneness of God and Humankind

5) God Appears for the First Time after the Creation

Chapter 4 - True Fatherís Insights on God

1) A God of Historical Bitterness, Grief and Pain

2) Godís Grief and Shock at Losing His Son and Daughter

3) A God Confined and Incarcerated

4) The Reason God Cannot Punish Satan

5) Let Us Liberate God

6) The Liberation of God and the Way of the Child of Filial Piety